Work With Us

Are you a brand looking to reach a new audience? Here at Modern Home Pulse, we love working with businesses like yours and we have several opportunities for you to work with us.

Product Reviews

Do you have a product that you think would be a good fit with our audience? We’re happy to test out your product and write up a review here to share with our readers. We just ask that you contact us first so that we can confirm that your product is a good fit for us. Send your requests to Shawna at

Please note that we do not let free products bias our reviews and the review will clearly label that the product was sent to us. Additionally, all products sent in for review will be donated to Goodwill once the review period has ended.

Guest Posts

Are you a blogger trying to reach a new audience? We do allow non-commercial guest posts for no fee. However, we only accept the highest quality for publication.

Guest post guidelines:

  • Minimum content length: 1,000 words
  • One in-content link to your website, only non-commercial links and your site must be a high quality site
  • High quality content written by a native English speaker (this means no edits required)
  • Images not required, but if you have unique images we can post them with a credit to back to you
  • Under no circumstances are you to build links back to your guest post or it will be removed

Sponsored Posts

Let our in-house writers help to craft your brand’s message to our readers with a sponsored article here on Modern Home Pulse. We offer this type of advertisement to brands and sites of all sizes.

Sponsored post details:

  • Our in-house writers create 100% of the content for sponsored posts
  • You give us your website/anchor text and we create the content for you
  • Your article will stay available to our audience indefinitely, continuing to drive traffic, unless you at some point want to take it down
  • We allow one in-content link to your URL of choice in the article (we reserve the right to reject any site for advertisement space on Modern Home Pulse)
  • Under no circumstances are you to build links back to your sponsored post or it will be removed and we don’t offer refunds for violating this policy
  • Zero refunds offered once the post goes live
  • These posts are clearly marked as a sponsored post
  • Current turnaround time: two weeks
  • Cost: $199

Want to work with our team? Contact Shawna at with your request.