About Me

How It All Began

When I moved in 2015, I became a home owner for the first time. This was very exciting for me because it meant that I finally get to customize a home to my tastes. However, has also been a bit of a learning experience for me as I deal with things like hard water, broken refrigerators and more. So, I started this site to document all of the things that I am learning along the way.

After moving to Las Vegas and experiencing hard water in my home for the first time, I set out to learn as much about this type of water as possible. What I learned is that you definitely do not want to leave your hard water untreated.

As a result of learning that fact, I began to research all the different types of water softeners and water filters on the market. I got so much information that I started compiling it here on this site.

Why I’m Sharing

I want to share everything that I know about hard water and water softeners with other homeowners and renters who may be experiencing the same problems that I did when I first moved into my new home in Las Vegas.  And you’ll also find other home related products and information that I am picking up as I live in my new house, as well as tips from our other contributors.

All of the reviews that you see here are the result of the countless hours that I have spent researching and comparing these things to find something that works. I only share with you what I believe to be the very best products available, but I do want to remind you that these reviews are just one person’s opinions.

For that reason, I always offer you a link to an online retailer so that you can read other reviews to get a more complete view of the product that you are considering purchasing.

Hopefully, you will find everything that you need to get to a better environment in your home from this site. If not, you can always contact us and I’ll see if one of us can help you out.

Here’s to better living and enjoyment of your home!
-Alex Williams

Our Contributors

Here at Modern Home Pulse we welcome contributors from all walks of life to give you a more well-rounded approach to home tips and resources. Learn more about who writes the content here and their qualifications below.

  • Alex Williams – A self-taught DIYer around the home, Alex lives in Las Vegas and is in tune with all the unique challenges homeowners experience living in a desert climate.
  • Ashley Keogh – Our only millennial, Ashley brings the unique perspective of someone who is new to the home owning scene.
  • Kate Hendricks – A mom to three boys, Kate is our #1 source of home tips for parents and pet owners.
  • Moana Sanchez – A Jill-of-all trades, Moana is interested in everything from home decor to home gyms.
  • Tracy Colby – A self-described crafting addict, Tracy loves making things on her own.
  • Jay Hughes – An electrical engineer by trade, but an all around handyman who prides himself in learning the nuts and bolts on how literally everything works! Jay is a diamond in the rough for sure!

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