What Your Home Says About Your Personality

What Your Home Says About Your Personality

A quick look around your home gives clues into who you are and how you want to be perceived by others. What your home says about your personality is coded in color, décor, and style.

Details Don’t Extend To Sock Drawers

When surveyed about their home habits, detail oriented, meticulous personalities confessed to having messy sock drawers—absolute chaos in there. The theory goes that Type A personalities prioritize organizing more important aspects of their lives. Next time you see your tidy friend, peek at their ankles—they could be wearing mismatched socks!

A Made Bed Means You Like Your Job

Another survey found that people who reported they make their beds like their jobs, and get more exercise. It might be because organization makes people happy, or happy people like organization.

Messiness Indicates Creativity

People come up with great ideas in messy environments. But don’t discount your inner neat-freak. Tidy and well organized rooms inspire generosity.

Your Closet Reveals Your Relationship To the Past

A bulging, bursting closet indicates you may be clinging to the past. While some who have ruthlessly decluttered in response to the movement started by Marie Kondo (get rid of it if it doesn’t “spark joy”), others have regretted tossing cherished items from their past. Experts recommend striking a balance between getting rid of everything you never wear anymore, and choosing to save some pieces that still spark emotional attachment.

Your Front Door Declares Your Level of Sociability

A bright red front door says, “hey, look at me!” Blue says you’re tranquil, and at ease in social situations. Green telegraphs traditionalism, while black indicates a reserved, conservative demeanor.

The color palette you choose for your home provides further insight into your personality. Cool and calm colors may mean you’re steady and imperturbable, or that you need to calm down. Yellow is happy and optimistic, purple bold and confident, and pink joyful and generous.

No one can read your innermost thoughts just by looking at the artwork on your walls, or the designs on your throw pillows. But it’s safe to assume that your home reflects your personality, in the choices you make about how to furnish and decorate it.

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