What Can You Cook In An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

You’ll likely be able to make a full oven of food using less than three pounds of wood. Thin crust pizza requires cooking at about 500 degrees, requiring a bit more wood. Some pizza oven chefs like to reuse old boxes for firewood, but this may affect the flavor, making the source of fire a personal choice. Smaller pieces of wood burn faster and allow for the oven to heat up faster.

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What many people may not consider about outdoor pizza ovens is how fast you can make your food. If you are the type of person who likes to eat on the go or have your meals prepared quickly, you’ll benefit from cooking with a pizza oven. This device cooks food evenly, quickly, and lends it a unique, savory taste.

A wood fired pizza oven cooks your food by first absorbing the heat within the oven itself, then radiating the absorbed heat into the oven and into the food. You can use the oven in phases since it heats up and then slowly cools over time. This allows you to more easily make different foods at different temperatures.

For example, if you cook a pizza during the evening for dinner, the early morning heat can be used for breakfast. Of course, you can always add more wood to increase the heat. You can also move the food closer to or further away from the fire to adjust the way the food cooks. Use a thermometer when cooking meats so that you can easily tell the state of the food without wasting precious time, just a few minutes can make the difference between perfection and burnt, dry meat.

Breakfast of champions

Have you ever considered visiting your wood fired oven in the early morning to enjoy a unique breakfast. If you’ve eaten campfire eggs, you’ll certainly enjoy the variety of morning foods you can create.You can easily talk them eggs into a cast iron skillet and place them in the oven for sunny side up eggs. Of course you can also scramble them first to achieve an omelet type of texture. After you cook your eggs to your liking, remove them a little bit early from the oven because they will continue to cook while inside the cast iron pan.

In a separate pan, you can make bacon or sausage. Let the sausage brown on all sides as it would in a stovetop pan. You can check your food by using a metal tipped tool like a rake to push and pull hot cast iron pans in the oven.It may sound like cooking your breakfast at 500 degrees Fahrenheit or above is a bit excessive, but you can cook an excellent breakfast at this temperature and it won’t take very long at all. Another breakfast idea is to make a breakfast pizza containing sausage, eggs, and veggies.

Surf and turf

Steak may not be the first food that comes to mind when talking about pizza ovens, but you won’t be disappointed once you’ve tried steak this way. You won’t retrieve the steaks from the oven and find them dry. The oven cooks the steaks evenly and retains flavor and juiciness. You can cook the steak at room temperature or frozen. Whether you enjoy your steak medium well or well done, a pizza oven helps you cook the perfect steak. Get a cast iron griddle that fits inside the oven to cook your steak. When the oven has been heated to 500 degrees, it’s ready to cook cuts of beef.

An outdoor wood-fired pizza oven has the versatility to cook fish as well. Fish lovers can enjoy a nice ahi tuna steak alone or as a part of a sushi meal. Sear the tuna steak on both sides for no more than 45 seconds. You’ll want to leave the metal of the tuna on the raw side. The fish will remain very moist when cooking in this fashion. You don’t have to stop at Just Fish either. You can make an entire dinner in your oven by adding Mediterranean vegetables such as squash, peppers, tomatoes. You can make this entire healthy meal in about 12 minutes. Cooking the same food indoors will take at least twice as long.

Desserts galore

Would you ever imagine that you can make delicious treats in an outdoor oven. It’s not only easy to do, it gives your baked goods a one-of-a-kind taste and texture. You can use a wood fired pizza oven to make rock cakes, scones, and cookies. Wood-fired desserts have a unique taste and will help prevent your wonderful pizza oven from collecting cobwebs when you’re not using it.

You can even use leftover pizza dough to make cinnamon rolls. Scones can be made easily from mixing flour, butter, and baking powder into a chunky mixture and baking it. Using milk powder rather than liquid milk will prove beneficial when making scones by helping avoid burning. You can get creative by putting a spin on the traditional scone recipe by adding sharp, savory cheese rather than sweet ingredients.

Some items like breads and pizzas can be baked directly on the floor of the oven. If you want to achieve a crispy bread crust, spritz water into the center area of the dome oven or place a couple of ice cubes in a heatproof tray and close the door. In other cases you may find a cast iron griddle more appropriate because of its ability to capture liquids and oils. If you choose to use a griddle or skillet, make sure you allow it to heat up to the temperature of the oven rather than attempting to cook with a skillet that’s not hot.

You’ll be surprised at the variety of foods that you can make with an outdoor pizza oven. Some people may tell you that it’s unwise to make anything but pizza in this type of oven but it’s simply not true. There are a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods that can be made easily. Not only that, but this super hot oven cooks food quickly, making cooking a brief ordeal instead of taking hours.

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