Ways To Prevent Mold from Growing In Your Home

Ways To Keep Mold Out of Your Home

At least once in your life, you’ve gone into the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich only to find that a disgusting expanse of mold had colonized the bread. Your meal was spoiled in more ways than one.  Humans have a visceral reaction to mold: we know how likely it is to make us sick, so it’s something we don’t want to see. But not all mold appears right in front of our eyes as we’re making lunch. It can hide in dark corners, like on your shower curtains, or even in the air you breathe. These few tips on how to keep mold from growing your home should help the keep those pesky symptoms of mold allergies at bay.

Look for Mold-Resistant Shower Curtains

Your shower or bathtub is a natural location for mold to take hold. Mold thrives in the heat and humidity of a bathroom, particularly along the bottom of your shower curtain. Over time, the curtain can grow black with mold just out of sight—if you’re not looking for it, it can really sneak up on you. If the situation is this bad, it’s time to replace your curtain, but you can also take steps to make your next one last longer.

There are quite a few mold-resistant shower curtains on the market these days.  An ideal shower curtain is smooth, without those nooks and crannies in which mold and mildew can develop. Keep your wet shower curtain from bunching up or getting stuck along the side of the tub.

Switch Out Basement Carpeting

Your home’s basement can be a great recreation space. But when you finish your basement to make it a more welcoming space, take care not to make it a little too welcoming. Wall-to-wall carpeting, especially with a deep pile, is ill-suited to the damp conditions of a subterranean floor, where seepage can take hold even in well-built homes.

Carpeting and the padding beneath it are prime locations for mold to grow. Instead, consider laminate flooring or tile with some well-placed area rugs, which will be easier to clean regularly.

Replace Air Filters More Frequently

A problem that starts in your basement could wind up in your bedroom. Your HVAC system could pick up mold spores and circulate them throughout the home along with the warm air, triggering breathing problems in any room of your house.

Fortunately, your furnace’s air filter can catch mold spores and other unwanted particles, but it stops being effective when it reaches its maximum capacity. Regularly replacing your furnace’s air filter is your first line of defense among the ways to keep mold out of your home. This will also defend against dust, dirt, mites, and smoke—and a clean filter keeps your furnace from overworking, too.

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