Foods You Can Make With A Waffle Iron (That Aren’t Waffles)

We all enjoy our convenient appliances in the kitchen. Whether you have a toaster oven, roaster, Panini grill, electric grill, they all have a function that could fit your lifestyle. However, what if you have a shoestring budget and the only appliance that you seem to have stored in the back of the cabinet, is an old waffle iron that your mom gave you when you went to college. You dragged that thing to your new place and haven’t even considered it. Well, you may be surprised to find that that old relic can do some of the same things that the aforementioned appliances can – but with texture.

Yes, the waffle iron. It can make more than just waffles and if you find yourself without the use of an oven, it can help you be more creative in the kitchen. If you’re stumped than go ahead and make your waffle batter but start mixing some items in with it, like cheese, some savory seasonings and perhaps a little precooked ham. That’s if you are playing it safe. Why not step out of your comfort zone though?

The Adventure Begins

Who doesn’t want a sandwich? It’s one of the simplest things to make. Your waffle iron can make it Panini like but it will have some square texture to it. That won’t interfere with the taste. Try the same items that you would when you order in a restaurant. Again, cheese, ham, turkey beef, tomato avocado. The list is limitless.

Hot Dogs
Another simple food if you’re testing the waffle iron “waters”. You can leave the lid open while the hot dog cooks and close it when it’s about done. It will have those squares but just embrace them like you would grill marks.

Hash Browns
Yes. Grate your potatoes finely and oil your waffle iron. Leaving the potatoes to fry with the lid open and then crisp them just a tad with the lid closed.

Do you want them over easy or scrambled?

It couldn’t get any simpler. If you’re entertaining, you’ll get some attention and some complements depending upon what you put inside those tortillas. The kids will like the new look to them with just the cheese inside.

Now you’re thinking, “I could have thought of that.” Yes, bacon just like on the grill but you can put the lid down for that special impression.

French Toast
By now, you’re getting the hang of it. Batters work well in a waffle iron.

Why not?

Make a graham cracker tasting batter and make your waffles first. Then mash your marshmallows and chocolate between them.

Well, the fun shouldn’t stop there but you get the idea now. You’re likely to come up with your own culinary specialties in no time. Where there is batter, there’s potential.

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