5 Tips for Transitioning Your Toddler Into a Big Kid Room

Tips for Transitioning Your Toddler Into a Big Kid Room

In the blink of an eye your toddler is walking, talking and outgrowing their nursery room. Around this time they start to develop their own definitive personality, and chances are it doesn’t match the nursery they’ve been in for the last few years. They’ve undoubtedly outgrown the furniture and décor.

The transition from a nursery to a big kid room isn’t as simple as it may seem. Your child feels comfortable in their room and changing their comfortable environment may make them apprehensive about having a “big kid room.” Here are a few tips for transitioning your toddler into a big kid room to make the switch easier on everyone.

From Crib To Big Kid Bed

Your toddler’s crib might be a safe space for them. Getting rid of it can create many sleepless nights if your child isn’t ready. Don’t rush the switch. Work on transforming other parts of the big kid room first to get them more comfortable with the idea.

Letting your child be part of the process when picking out a new bed and bedding can also help them become more excited, or at least more comfortable with the idea of ditching their crib.

Create A Play Space

Another way to get your child more excited about the transition is to create a fun space for them to play in their room. Dedicate a corner or area to toys and fun. This will make your child more excited about the transition and give them something to focus on other than the scary parts of the switch.

Bring Old Elements In

Just because your toddler is transitioning into a big kid room doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything from their nursery. Try to incorporate a few familiar pieces or design elements so the room doesn’t feel completely foreign to your child. You can also let them be part of the decision-making process to ensure the old things sticking around are what they care about most.

Use Unique Paint

Once again, a significant factor in a smooth transition for your toddler is excitement. Consider hiring a professional painting company to paint unique patterns, colors, shapes, or even murals in your kids’ room they’ll be excited to see when the transformation is complete.

Your Words Matter

One of the best tips for transitioning your toddler to a big kid room is to choose your words carefully. Sure, this process can be stressful for you, too, but your child will pick up on it if you show too much stress. Remember to be patient and use positivity around your child.

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