Top Gifts For Wine Lovers (For Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, And More!)

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life? Perhaps it’s for a birthday, anniversary, valentines or Christmas. Whatever the reason, our list of unique and special ideas will give you the inspiration to pick the best wine gift for any occasion.

1. Wine Subscription Gift

Gifting a monthly wine subscription is the perfect way to ensure your wine lover gets a regular opportunity to taste a variety of different makes and flavors. What makes a wine club unique is you will often receive a wine that is not available to buy at the store. There are many to choose from, with some of the best wine clubs offering sign up incentives.

Best Wine Subscription Service

Our current favorite are the long time established The California Wine Club who have been around since 1990. They have 5 different wine of the month clubs to choose from and cater for all budgets. What we particularly love about this popular subscription are the company’s commitment to use award-winning wine from small family wineries.

There is also no risk of getting tied into anything, you can set the gift up to only run for a month or 2, and then your giftee can decide if they want to continue with the service on a pay as you go basis.

Wine Club Levels

  • Premier Series
  • Signature Series
  • International Series
  • Aged Cabernet Series
  • Pacific Northwest Series

Why Is This Our Favorite? With so many online wine subscriptions to choose from, it’s hard to choose a top one. Each has sometime special to offer any wine lover, but The California Wine Club cater for so many different price points, it makes it the perfect wine club gift for any budget.

Winc are a great alternative monthly wine membership. They help you pick out which wines might suit your taste buds best by walking you through a quick questionnaire when you sign up. But if you are gifting a membership, you can instead order a gift card for the user to activate when they are ready. They also have a selection of wine gift boxes which make great presents. They run like many other subscription services where you can pause your membership on a month by month basis, this is great for making sure you don’t get tied into anything long term if you don’t want to.

Each month Winc will deliver 4 bottles of wine, based on the answers you gave in the questionnaire, with each bottle of wine starting at $13. You also get the option to customise your box each month and Winc will remind you to do this before shipment (oh and shipping is free too!) Winc is serious about wine, starting at only $13 per bottle. Get Started Now.

Winc offer a really nice touch by including a recipe created by a chef that will work well with each bottle of wine. Just think how impressed your dinner guests will be!

Find out more information and purchase a Winc Gift experience – Winc is the #1 personalized wine club. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Get Started Today!

2. Funny Wine Gifts

If you are looking for a more budget friendly wine gift, or an add on to another present, novelty items like socks and t-shirts are a fun idea.

Cute Wine Socks

Socks that have humorous sayings on the bottom are really popular at the moment. Everyone loves a pair of socks, and a wine lover will find the socks that say “If You Can Read This, Bring Me Wine.” There are plenty to choose from, some come just as socks, whereas others come as part of a wine themed gift basket.

These socks are really soft and comfortable with the writing on the bottom doubling up to make them non slip. They come wrapped up in cute cupcake packaging.

Funny Wine T-Shirts

Humorous wine shirts are another great add on to any gift, or as a standalone present. There is a huge choice of fun wine shirts, depending on who you are buying for;

No products found.

3. Unique Wine Gifts

Sometimes you just need something a little different to give your wine loving friend. A wine cork holder is a super fun way to collect wine corks, especially as you can personalise it to the first letter of their name. The letters are 12″ tall and 2″ deep and are finished off in a glossy black. Now you can really keep tabs on how many bottles of wine they are drinking!

4. Wine Decanter

Whether you use a decanter to allow wine to breath, or for aesthetical reasons, buying a wine decanter for a gift is the ideal way to buy something that someone can treasure, and of course think of you every time they use it!

This wine decanter from Le Chateau is made from hand blown, lead-free crystal and will look stylish at any gathering or dinner party. The decanter can hold a standard 750ml bottle, with the widest diameter at the bottom providing enough space for aeration. The top has been cleverly designed to pour from a slanted spout to avoid drips and spillages.

5. Wine Making Kits

If you know someone who not only loves drinking wine, they also love making things, they’ll absolutely love this wine making kit. It is one of the best wine making kits for beginners, with everything they could need to get started with their own wine creations. Like with cooking, there is something satisfying about drinking something you made from scratch.

Everything that is required to make wine is in the kit apart from the wine recipe (unless you are making wine from your own fresh fruit). There is also a really useful instructional DVD to help you through the whole wine making process.

6. Wine Aerator

Just opening a bottle will aerate a wine (allow a wine to breath), but this automatic wine aerator also acts as a decanter, while mixing the right amount of air at the right time, for the best tasting wine.

The Waerator is a simple to use product that easily fits on top of any standard 750ml wine bottle. It helps to keep the wine fresh when it isn’t being drunk and makes wine pouring really mess free.

It comes in a choice of 2 colors (red and black) with replacement 4pk tubes available when required.


7. Corkscrews

Most people that regularly drink wine will usually have a corkscrew already, but that’s not to say they won’t appreciate a corkscrew that’s a little bit more special, one that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. One particular type would be an electric wine opener – they look really cool and of course take all the hard work out of opening a wine bottle!

This electric corkscrew from Uncle Vine is packaged perfectly for a gift. It has a modern stylish look and opens a bottle in under 7 seconds! But it is much more than just a bottle opener, it also comes with an aerator, easy spout pourer, vacuum wine stopper, foil cutter as well as a charger. And the great thing is that one charge will last for 80 bottle openings.

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8. Wine Tasting Kit

This is the perfect wine connoisseur gift. It’s certainly a high end offering that any genuine wine lover will truly appreciate.

This particular product is more than just a wine tasting kit, it’s also an educational board game. It includes 88 wine aromas as well as a manual on how to train your nose to appreciate and understand the different smells to improve wine tasting skills.

It is beautifully presented in a case that even has a lock and key.


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