Tips For Giving Your Home A Deep Cleaning

There is no better feeling for a homeowner than knowing a visitor can come over and enjoy their time in a spotless house. If this is not your feeling, however, and you desire to keep your house clean in order, you need not to worry. This article walks you through a list of things that you could knock out even over a weekend to deep clean your house.

The kitchen is one of the places that require special attention. Apart from the general cleaning that is done in most houses after supper, deep cleaning requires you to focus on large appliances and the kitchen surfaces as well. For the fridge, it is advisable to switch it off, then starting from the top. Take out all foodstuff to give you room to clean each shelf. If the shelves and the drawers are removable, take them out, clean with warm water, then rinse. The smaller shelves inside the door, the outside body and the handles should be thoroughly cleaned. A similar procedure should be done on the microwave, cleaning all removable trays. For standard ovens, use a cleaner to wipe the surfaces, and then line the bottom with aluminum foil, which will ease the cleaning process the next time you are doing it. For the kitchen counter-tops, shelves, cabinets and drawers, use a damp piece of cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the surfaces. For this kind of activities, you can involve your kids, as most appear to enjoy the duties. And don’t forget to mop the floors.

Once you are satisfied with the kitchen, it is time to tackle the living room. To start off, remove the covers of your pillows and machine-wash them. The pillows too can be washed but most importantly, make sure they are completely dried under low heat; else you will encourage growth of mold. If your curtains are too dirty, take them down and put them in a washer; be careful to follow the care instructions. With the curtains down, you can now easily clean the walls and windows. Brush off all dirt and cobwebs from high corners, then, using a wet cloth, wipe the windowsills, frames and the window tracks. For the glass, use a glass cleaner and a newspaper, other than a fibrous material that will leave strands behind. If you find persistent stains on your walls, use a magic eraser to wipe them off.

In your living room, there are many surfaces that require to be dusted. Clear all books and vases to clean the shelf thoroughly while maintaining the top down paradigm, then, while returning the occupants, dust each one of them.  A dryer sheet will be efficient in wiping off the dust. You can now wipe electronics, doorknobs, light switches and door jams as well as picture frames. The next step is to revitalize your furniture. Remove the cushions from the furniture, vacuum them to suck up all the debris, then, while replacing them, flip to expose a new side. This is helpful as it makes the sides wear evenly, thus lasting longer. For the tables and shelves, use wood polish or a moisture treatment. Before you could clean your floors, make sure your carpet is clean.  You might consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner as they are trained to handle all types of fibers and construction. They will be careful with areas of any spot cleaning and in the end prevent damages that are likely to arise when the job is done less professionally.

With the kitchen and the living room tackled, it is time to deep clean your bathroom. For those who have shower caddies, it is up to you to decide whether you want to clean or replace them. For the showerhead, it is easier to clean with the right equipment. You could improvise by using an old toothbrush, but heavy-duty equipment may be required to deal with mildew stains and soap scum build up. Cleaning the toilet requires you to stream some cleaner, spread it around using the cleaning brush and let it soak for some time to remove any stains. To clean the countertops, declutter them then wipe using a bathroom cleaner. Use an old toothbrush to work on the sinks while paying attention to the dirt that accumulates in the faucets and drains. Finally, wipe the cabinets and drawers with an all-purpose cleaner.

There is no easier room to clean than the bedrooms, especially if you have decluttered them. Wipe all the headboards, footboards and bedposts of the beds, and then clean all the mirrors with a newspaper. The only area that could prove a challenge is clearing all the dust that collects behind furniture. A vacuum cleaner could be of help to reach these spots. Make sure you remove the cobwebs from ceilings and on other surfaces. As in the living room, wash the curtains according to the instructions on the care label.

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