Tips for Making the Perfect Omelette

An omelette is a breakfast favorite and can be easy to cook with just a few tips and tricks. Omelettes also give you a lot of ways to experiment with flavor and taste in the kitchen.

There is more than one way to make omelettes, and with different ingredients and fillings the possibilities are almost endless. You can even add leftovers from the last night’s dinner. If you are feeling fancy, try adding broccoli, toasted almonds, and Brie cheese.

If you are in a south of the border mood, try adding jalapeños, cheese, chorizo, corn, and salsa. You can even make a sweeter omelette by adding a bit of sugar to the egg mixture and then fill it with preserves, nuts, fruit and then dust with powdered sugar.

What makes an omelette perfect? The perfect omelette is fully golden on the outside and creamy on the inside.  Here’s how to achieve that:

Choose the Right Eggs: You want the eggs you choose to be room temperature before cooking. Once you take the egg out of the refrigerator, keep it aside for a while before making up an omelette. Cold eggs can take longer to set which means that you could be overcooking your omelette.

For the Fluffiness: If you want a fluffy texture, then use a small amount of milk or cream to fluff it up.

Beat the Eggs Correctly: You want to beat the eggs until there are no more flecks of white that can be seen. If you have done it correctly, then the texture will be frothy and light.

Get the Timing Right: Knowing when to pour your egg batter is important. You should melt the butter before adding eggs to the pan. Once the bubbles coming from the heated oil or butter settle down, then it’s time to add the eggs. If you are trying to decide between using butter and oil for the perfect omelette, note that butter will give a richer texture and taste. Toppings should to be added at the perfect time as well. Once the eggs have set in well, it is time to sprinkle in the toppings before folding.

Pay Attention to Color: Cooking eggs is a delicate process. One moment you can have a perfectly fluffy and creamy omelette.  However if you aren’t paying attention, one minute too late could result in an omelette that is charred and brown. The bottom of the omelette should not actually be brown, but instead be a cream color or a light yellowish hue.

Use the Right Pan: A non-stick pan is the best for cooking an omelette. You want to use the right size pan as well. If you choose a pan that is too big, then the omelette will cook too fast. If you choose a pan that is too small, then it will cook on the outside and have a runny center. If you are using a smaller pan, then don’t use more than two eggs for an omelette. No matter what size pan you use, cook the omelette on medium heat.

Be a Pro at Not Breaking It: In order to perfectly plate the omelette without it breaking, shake the pan gently to loosen the filling or egg from the edge and then slide the omelette to the edge of the skillet. Hold the skillet above the plate and tip it so the omelette slides off right onto the plate.

Prepare the Filling First: Omelettes cook fast, so you want to make sure that your filling is ready to go before you start with the eggs. Since you want the eggs at room temperature, take the eggs out before you start preparing your filling, and then by the time you are done, you should be ready to start cooking. If you are using raw foods, make sure they are cooked and refrigerated foods should be heated.

Choose the Right Ingredients: It can be tempting to throw in a lot of ingredients, especially if you are trying to get in your day’s worth of vegetables. However choosing too many ingredients will make the omelet difficult to fold. Popular toppings include cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, sausage, and herbs. No matter what you choose, make sure the pieces are small so that the omelette won’t break. For a two-egg omelette, you will want about 1/3 to ½ cup of ingredients.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of cooking the perfect omelette, it’s time to invite guests over for brunch.  Bon Appetit!

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