Max Productivity: Tips for Designing the Perfect Home Office

Max Productivity: Tips for Designing the Perfect Home Office

The process of working from home can be incredibly difficult when you don’t have a dedicated space for it. From energetic children to chores threatening to pile up, there is an infinite number of distractions that could keep us from focusing on work. Fortunately, home office spaces can mitigate these issues by providing you with an area to hone in on all your professional tasks. Use these tips for designing the perfect home office to ensure this workspace meets all of your needs.

Every year, thousand of new home office are being created. In fact 2020 saw the largest increase of people working from home. Here we listed a few tips to make your home office a place of creativity and serenity.

Incorporate Natural Lighting

To begin, make sure you choose a room that has ample access to natural light. While task lighting is also necessary to help you effectively tackle projects, exposure to natural sunlight causes the body to produce more energy. This will contribute to your focus and keep you motivated enough to push through those final things on your to-do list.

Paint With the Right Colors

It’s also important that your color scheme is well-suited for productivity. Some colors can help you relax after a long day, and others can help you maintain a productive state of mind. This can make all the difference on days where you’re feeling sluggish and you’re struggling to get started. The best paint colors for office productivity include yellows, light grays, and pinks.

Prioritize Ergonomics

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your office during the day. It’s crucial that you purchase office furniture with comfort and ergonomics in mind. Otherwise, you risk not only developing issues with your posture, but also experiencing pain. Take some time to research your options and even try out some furniture to find the pieces that are right for you.

Eliminate Distractions

Another vital tip for designing the perfect home office is to remove all potential distractions from this space. As previously mentioned, the smallest thing can ruin your concentration and keep you from being as productive as you need to be. Be sure to relocate anything that could draw your attention away from your work.

Keep The Clutter Away

Once you identify where the sources of clutter are coming from, you’re halfway there.  There are some common clutter causing situations that you can identify and correct in your home office fairly easily:

  • Old bills and paperwork
  • Piles of clothing
  • Old to-do lists and post-it notes
  • Old unused media such as cds, video tapes and photographs
  • Years-old greeting cards
  • Appliances and their accessory parts
  • Spare electronic devices and their chargers
  • Miscellaneous household items
  • Random knick knacks and other decorative items no longer in use

When identifying the source of the problem, this will help you formulate a valuable solution. For instance, If your problem is too many stacks of paperwork, then your solution could be as simple as creating a filing system.

If you have piles of clothing staring you in the face, then perhaps they can be donated, hung up or placed in drawers.

If you have a bazillion power cords for your various devices, then you can invest in a cool charging console/large power strip that includes a USB charging feature.

What other tips can you think of that would improve the work from home experience that would enhance your home office?


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