Tips On How To Clean Your Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal units are convenient as you can easily get rid of any waste as you create it during the cooking process, keeping your kitchen clean. However over time it can begin to smell as grime, grease and old food particles build up. Bacteria gathers rapidly as owners do not sanitize their units instead running cold water through them to get rid of visible food particles and waste. That just doesn’t cut it so every few weeks you’ll need to do a deep clean to keep bad smells away.

There are so many easy and inexpensive ways you can clean your disposal unit without harsh chemicals in fact all the ingredients and methods below use all natural items you can pick up cheaply at the food store. Natural ingredients are crucial as harsh chemicals like bleach or drain cleaner solution can damage the disposal unit. If you cannot adequately clean and sanitize your unit with natural methods such as the ones we’re going to cover it’s best to get a professional out.

Cleaning the unit

The first and easiest method is to pour a glass of ice down the drain along with rock salt. Then run both the cold water and disposal constantly for ten seconds, this will clear up the grind element of any food particles.

Once you have done that remove any bigger particles that the salt and ice didn’t remove with a pair of tongs (do not use hands in any circumstances) after you’ve turned off the power for safety.

Removing bad odors

After cleaning out the large food particles move onto removing bad odors. One simple method to remove bad aromas that arise from your disposal unit and make your home smell like a garbage truck is citrus fruits.

Begin by slicing up a few lemons or other citrus fruit then removing the seeds. Place these into the unit then run it for ten seconds. The acidity will sanitize the unit while the oils in the fruit’s skin will create a pleasant aroma.

Another quick and easy way to remove disgusting smells from your unit is good ole fashioned vinegar and baking soda. A time tested combination your grandma probably still uses….for everything. Use four to five heaped tablespoons of baking soda followed by a generous amount of white vinegar. The two will react together, clear grime and bacteria and create a nice smell.

Borax has so many uses for around the home and it can come in handy here too if that’s all you have on hand. What matters is using whatever is available, not everyone has the other items in their pantry. Simply follow the instructions on the packet and your disposal unit will be clean and smelling fresh in no time.

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