Three of The Best Chairs for Sewing Plus Buying Guide

woman sitting at sewing machine

Our Top Three Choices of Sewing Chairs

Stitching your favorite patterns, clothes and even costumes can be a very rewarding pursuit, especially when the final product comes together exactly as planned.  However, sewing can also be a long, arduous and often uncomfortable pursuit, particularly when working with the wrong type of equipment and accessories, such as your sewing chair; the chair upon which you may sit for hours when applying your craft. 

Fortunately, this article, in which we will discuss some of the best chairs for sewing, could very well lead to a more comfortable and productive experience. 

Here we will list and review some of the best types of chairs for sewing on the market today, and highlight some of the benefits and disadvantages associated with each chair. 

We have also included a Sewing Chair Buying Guide, in which we will discuss and illuminate some of the most prominent features and functions you should look for in a high-quality sewing chair.

Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing and Craft Chair

The absolutely ideal seating solution for any sewing room or craft area, the Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing and Craft Chair is a must have for the seamstress or craft aficionado in your home. 

Featuring a bright and colorful pattern with a sewing motif, the durable Riley Blake fabric that covers the chair really stands out against the black painted background that covers the chair’s frame.  Aesthetically, it is one of the most beautiful sewing chairs on the market—a chair that will instantly brighten any room.

The adjustable height features on the Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing and Craft Chair allow you to find your ideal sitting position and the one-push controls and heavily padded cushions are guaranteed to increase your sewing productivity. 

The seat-back cushions provide excellent lumbar support and an increased level of comfort to get you through even the most problematic and complex projects. 

Highly mobile, the Arrow Sewing Chair boasts 5 casters on a star-shaped base for the very best in movement, allowing you to retrieve items from your sewing cabinet and return to your machine without ever leaving the chair.  The frame is very tough and sturdy, made from the finest materials; and the rugged wheels work well on a variety of surfaces. 

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing and Craft Chair is its storage capability.  Under the seat cushions is a well hidden storage compartment that is perfect for storing patterns and other accessories.


  • Great mobility.  Thanks to the 5 caster wheels on the star-shaped base, the Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing and Craft Chair is very mobile indeed.
  • Hidden storage compartment.  The hidden storage compartment, located under the seat cushion of the chair, is perfect for stowing away items you will always need.


  • Loud fabric color.  Although the fabric on the Arrow Adjustable Height Hydraulic Sewing and Craft Chair is quite striking, the colors may be too bright and vivid for some people.

Reliable SewErgo Ergonomic Task Chair with Adjustable Back 

Made in Canada by the Reliable Corporation, the SewErgo Ergonomic Task Chair with Adjustable Back is one of the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit upon.  Equipped with much-needed ergonomic features and functionality, these sewing chairs are certain to support your whole body as you tackle all of your sewing needs and crafts. 

The backrest provides excellent lumbar support and comfort, and the entire chair is covered with a durable fabric you have to feel to believe.

You can glide without a care in the world thanks to the glides that are attached to the base of the chair.  The great things about these glides is that they move effortlessly with very little effort from the user.


  • Fully adjustable.  With three adjustable features, the Reliable SewErgo Ergonomic Task Chair with Adjustable Back enables sewing enthusiasts to complete their work while being comfortably supported.
  • High backrest.  The backrest on this chair is higher than on other like products.


  • Narrow seat cushion.  According to just a few reviewers, the seat cushion on the Reliable SewErgo Ergonomic Task Chair with Adjustable Back is a little too narrow.

HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair

With a very breathable contoured sandwich mesh on the seat back of this chair, your days of perspiring and sticking to the seat back will be gone if your purchase the HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair.  Add to that the two layers of padding on the seat cushion and you have a chair that is comfortable and supportive enough to sit on all day.

The HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair has a lot of great adjustment features, such as height adjustment and the ability to rock and swivel.  This allows seamstresses to effortlessly move from one station to the next smoothly.

The low back chair has center tilt control with both lock and tension control features; and the waterfall-shaped front end of the seat provides support that is ergonomically tailored for stability.


  • Breathable.  With its sandwich mesh seat back, the HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair is extremely breathable.
  • Loaded with functions.  From its center tilt control to tension adjusting functionality, this sewing chair offers more functions than most other chairs in this class.


  • Armless.  Those looking for armrests on their sewing chair will probably pass on the HON ValuTask Low Back Task Chair.

Sewing Chair Buying Guide

If you have decided that a purposed sewing chair would be the perfect addition to your sewing or craft room, there are some considerations you should take into account before making that purchase.  Not all sewing chairs are alike, and each tends to has its own unique set of features and functions. 

To help guide you through the selection and purchasing process, below we have listed and explained some of these vital aspects.

The Style of Chair

Sewing chairs come in a variety of different styles, from those with squared off seats and stationary legs, to those that resemble the traditional office chair to those that rock, swivel and even tilt. 

Each of these styles has its advantages and drawbacks, but what is really important in the “style” of a chair is whether or not “you” like it.  We recommend that you take your time when shopping for a sewing or craft chair. 

Go ahead and try out a number of different chairs for their comfort and functionality.  After all, it is the chair in which you feel the most comfortable that you will be the most productive.

While we are speaking about the style of the chair, it’s important to note that some sewing chairs are equipped with arms, while others are not.  Some even have removable arms allowing you to switch back and forth if you so desire. 

Having arms or no arms on your new sewing chair is really a matter of preference.  Some seamstresses and craft fanatics prefer a chair without arms because those arms can get in the way and limit their freedom of movement.  Others prefer a chair with arms for support. 

Try it both ways and see which style of chair suits you best.

Chair Size

When we speak about the size of the sewing chair we are talking about its height and width.  You need a chair that comfortably fits your bottom and has enough padding to keep you comfortable during the day. 

When it comes to height, you will definitely want an adjustable sewing chair, one that can be moved up and down according to the project on which you are working. 

As for the seat back itself, some people prefer a very high back chair with an ergonomic neck rest, while others prefer a chair that comes to about the middle of their back. 

Keep in mind, that while the size of your new chair is purely a matter of preference, you should always consider the breadth of projects on which you will be working and thus the chair’s functionality as it relates to its size.


While some sewing chairs are completely stationary, there are sewing and craft chairs that can be adjusted.  Personally, we recommend the latter variety.  With a fully adjustable chair you can amend the height to suit you, change your seat back position for comfort and function, and even tilt the seat back in to get a better look at projects. 

Just be sure the adjustment hardware on the chair is sound and durable, or you could quickly lose those adjustment functions.


When shopping for a sewing chair we recommend that you choose one that has been ergonomically designed.  Ergonomically designed chairs will help support your body and prevent repetitive motion injuries. 

Try and select a chair that provides lumbar support for your lower back, and one with an ergonomic seat that helps improve your posture.  In an ergonomic chair you will be able to work much longer without getting tired. 

Most of them allow you to adjust the tilt angle of the seat when working on different projects, and some even have padded seat extensions for resting your neck.


Last but not least we need to talk about the durability of your new sewing chair. Frankly, it can often be difficult to know which sewing chair will be durable and which will not. 

However, there are several things you can check before making your purchase.  First, the frame should be made of a very durable material. 

If you elect to choose a stationary flat-backed chair, make sure the base is made from a durable wood or metal material, such as oak and steel, respectively.  Check the stitching on the seats as well; and read plenty of reviews. 

Try to choose a chair whose manufacturer is a recognized and renowned name in the industry. If you elect to go with an adjustable sewing chair, the frame should be made of a tough metal material and the adjustment devices should also be strong and sturdy. 

Many of the low quality sewing chairs use plastic adjustment mechanisms that can break over time, and have frames that are anything but durable.

If you have tried any of the above mentioned chairs, please let us know your thoughts on the brand, especially in terms of comfort and durability.

Happy Stitching !