Spiralizer vs Mandolin: What’s The Difference

The Spiralizer and the Mandolin are useful tools for your kitchen. What are the differences between them, and which is more versatile for the home cook?

While both tools are used to slice vegetables, mandolins and spiralizer spiral slicers differ widely with regard to versatility, function and appearance.


The mandolin slicer features a flat, board-like surface that is propped up on one end with a stationary blade that will rest against your counter or other flat surface. It features durable blades that are made of high-grade stainless steel. Some models come with slicing and julienne inserts. The blades are exposed, which can pose a safety hazard for people who are not skilled using them.

The spiralizer spiral slicer features a vertical or horizontal rod that holds the vegetable to be sliced. It also has a hand crank that is located on top of the unit or at one end. The spiral cutter is safe and easy to use, which makes it ideal for both novice and experienced cooks.


The mandolin is used to quickly dice, slice or julienne fruits and vegetables. The slices typically come out very thin. That makes it an attractive option if you would like to make homemade potato chips.

The spiralizer spiral slicer performs most of the same functions as the mandolin. One feature that it has over the mandolin is the ability to create spiral strands, slices or ribbons out of potatoes, carrots, zucchini, beets and cucumbers. The vegetable noodles are low in sugar and low-carb. This is perfect for diabetics and for people who need to watch their cholesterol levels. It is also great for those who enjoy a raw food diet.

Vegetarians and people on a gluten free diet can use the spiralizer spiral slicer to make rice from vegetables when making Asian dishes. They can also cut the wheat from pasta and noodles.

The spiralizer spiral slicers typically feature stainless steel blades that are set in plastic. This prevents cuts on your knuckles and fingers, which can be a problem when you are slicing and dicing with a mandolin.


The spiralizer spiral slicer features a crank that you turn to rotate the vegetable against a small blade. This is what makes attractive vegetable noodles. In contrast, the mandolin requires that you run your vegetable repeatedly over the wide, exposed blades.

The spiralizer spiral slicer typically features anywhere from two to four interchangeable blades for making ribbons out of fruits or vegetables, fat veggie noodles and veggie spaghetti noodles.

This versatile kitchen tool allows you to be creative with vegetarian recipes. You will improve the way you eat because you will replace many high-carb ingredients with raw food alternatives.


Mandolin slicers are great to get small jobs done quickly, and their interchangeable blades makes them versatile. However, the spiralizer spiral slicer offers more functionality because it serves as both a slicer and a vegetable pasta maker. That makes the spiralizer the clear winner.

We highly recommend the Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro for your kitchen’s spiralizer needs.

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