Best Sous Vide Machine For Home Use (2020)

Cooking steak can be a challenging task, especially for beginner cooks who just can’t seem to perfect the texture and color of their meats. Is there a way to get perfectly cooked meals every time? According to many food experts, there is. And it’s called sous vide.

What is Sous Vide?

Sous vide is a technique of cooking and processing food through vacuum-sealing and controlling temperature. The process typically involves sealing food in a vacuum bag and heated in a pot of water.

Cooking food through sous vide style enables five-star restaurants to perfect each dish according to the exact desire of its customers. With sous vide, you can cook any dish without overcooking. You can retain your meal’s flavor and texture, plus get the most out of the food’s nutrients.

This method is often used by master chefs to create gourmet meals with precision and quality. However, due to recent technological innovations, sous vide cooking can now be tried by home cooks. With the help of advanced cooking equipment, sous vide is now a learnable art which can be tried at home.

What are the Benefits of Sous Vide?

Unlike regular cooking over stove, it’s believed that food cooked through sous vide style are more flavorful and nutritious. This is largely because food is cooked through a vacuum sealed bag and heated on a water bath. And because the dish is sealed it doesn’t lose its own natural juices.

Precise temperature enables chefs to cook food with a controlled heat, this is especially useful when cooking steak and other grilled food. With sous vide, there will be no more overcooked or undercooked meals, your dishes will always be served tender, juicy, and perfect for guests and loved ones.

What Do I Need To Cook Sous Vide?

There are a few essential kitchen tools you need to cook using sous vide style. First, you’ll need a sous vide machine, these devices allow you to cook meals conveniently and with ease while using sous vide style. It can help you control the heat better than using a thermometer. Monitoring levels of heat can help you create perfectly cook food. Sous vide cooking involves a lot of use of zip lock or food savers to serve as vacuum sealer for your dish.

What Can You Sous Vide?

Aside from steak and fish, there are lots of food that can be sous vide. It may come as a surprise but yogurt is also a good dish to sous vide. It can be mixed with your purees or poured over your favorite chicken or lamb dishes. Vegetables like kale, carrots, celery, and potatoes also are good ingredients to sous vide. Experts have always used sous vide to cook the most flavorful broth. This helps them create a rich creamy stock that can be served for fancy dinners.

What Are The Different Sous Vide Machines?

There are different types of sous vide machines used for professional and home cooking. Although they vary in style, they have all one purpose: to cook in a consistent heating temperature. Sous vide machines typically range from 200$ to $1500. The higher the quality, the more quickly a machine can back up temperature to a cold food. If you’re just starting out with sous vide, it makes more sense to buy a cheaper device since they do practically the same. However, if you’re a professional and know all there is to the device, the higher quality and expensive machine is for you. Some sous vide machines are also more high-tech with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features in their units. This enables cooks to do hands-off cooking, so that they can multi-task.

What Sous Vide Packaging Can I Use?

Cooking sous vide often involve packaging the food in plastic, but it’s not always the case. Some foods like yogurt, custard, and liver can be placed in canning jars. You can also use high quality zip-lock bags or vacuum sealers for vegetables.

Best Sous Vide Machines For The Money

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Anova’s Culinary Bluetooth Precision Cooker is a sous vide machine for expert cooking. One of the main features is the Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to monitor your cooking from your mobile device. You can start, stop, and check your food while it cooks – you can leave the kitchen worry free!


No Knife Needed – Using this machine can turn your tough cuts into a delicious melt in your mouth steak dinner.

Free Anova App – This model comes with its own app that features cool recipes you can try sous vide style. You can monitor the status of your meals with its Wi-Fi feature. Through the app you can also increase pump speed and ensure that all your dishes are cooking nicely.

Intuitive Design – Anova’s precision cooker isn’t crowded with useless features. It’s also easy to clean and doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen compared to other precision cookers.

Set and Forget – Using this sous vide machine allows you to plan meals and set it for cooking while you’re away from home.


App Login – Some users don’t like the requirement to login in to the app using a social profile.

Wancle Sous Vide Precision Cooker

The Wancle Precision Cooker is a professional sous vide machine bringing chef-style cooking technology to your home. It can cook a wide range of food and ingredients including meats, eggs, pastas, and deserts. Cooking with Wancle sous vide machine allows you to retain more nutrients and vitamins from food unlike other cooking techniques. Whether you’re trying to perfect a steak or a simple egg dish, this sous vide machine can help by transforming your cooking quality to that of a professional.


No Noise – Experience silent technology work masterfully to cook your dishes. No more annoying hums or vibrations, this model has a quiet pump that is silent.

Full Control Timer – Control the temperature precisely with its digital control timer with a range of (25-99.9℃) (77°F-211.8°F) and time control(Max 99h59mins).

Simplicity – Wancle offers simple controls and focuses on functionality rather than technology. Unlike it’s Wi-Fi and bluetooth counterparts, Wancle is simple and efficiently designed with single-hand operation for quick use.


Those who prefer extras like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth might see the lack of these features on the Wancle as a negative, but for those who prefer simple the Wancle is the perfect machine.

Chefsteps CS10001 Joule Sous Vide

The Chefsteps Joule Sous Vide Machine is a great option for people who are just getting started with sous vide cooking. This  stainless sous vide cooker stands at 11-inches tall and 1.3 pounds in weight.

It boasts of its fast water heating capability with 1100 watts of heat power and precise temperature control of 0.2 F/ O.1 C. Chefsteps aims to help people cook smarter, and now with their newest sous vide machine, customers are excited to see what it can do.


No Vacuum Sealer Needed – Joules can be used with normal pots and ziplock style freezer bags, you don’t need to buy a vacuum sealer.

Efficient Design – Joule’s design is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It doesn’t include any cumbersome details and showcases a simple and clean look.

Magnetic Base – You don’t have to worry about clamps or clips, the bottom of the device includes a magnetic base that can help prevent accidents while cooking.

Silent – This cooker runs as quiet as a mouse. You don’t have to worry about the noise even when you’re cooking long dishes.


Limited Interface – Without internet or bluetooth connection, Joules is useless. It doesn’t have many controls other than the button for switching off. The device runs dependently through an app which you have to control with your phone.

Limited to One Joule Per Device – You can’t run two Joules with one phone and app. To simultaneously cook with your Joule machines you have to install another app on a different phone or device.

Instant Pot Accu SV800 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Create the best gourmet dishes with Accu SV800 Immersion Circulator, a machine that helps cook food evenly with no risk of overcooking. Food cooked with Accu SV800 is healthier, more flavorful, and tender. Using the Instant Pot Accu helps create perfect cooking results for different kinds of ingredient including seafood, poultry, eggs, vegetables, and fruits.


Trusted Brand – The company have  proved their worth with the quality and highly popular Instant Pot.

Easy To Use – Accu SV800 is made with touch-screen digital controls that are lightweight and made with rubber on the handle. It has clear bright buttons which makes it easy to read and navigate.

Quiet Pump – The device has a silent pump that’s very convenient if you’re cooking your meats overnight.

Flat Base – Design wise this machine is a great buy. Its flat base make it easy to cook in any pot and enables it to sit center of a water bath.

Removable Casing – With its removable casing, the device is easier to manage and clean.


Short Cord – This sous vide cooker has a pretty short cord that reaches up to only 2 feet.

Clamp Not Adjustable – Unlike other sous vide machines, Accu SV800’s clamp isn’t adjustable which means you can operate it in only one position.

Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven

If you want to learn how the pros make quality gourmet meals, invest in this brand new Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven. Sous Vide Supreme is a professional cooker that runs on simple push button controls so that even the traditional home cooks can use it with convenience. It has an efficient time control settings which can help you cook your meals in precise heat. It can hold a total amount of 11.2 liters of water. Sous Vide Supreme is an energy efficient piece of technology, it uses only electricity of around 60W light bulb energy.


Easy meal preparation – You don’t have to hang around your kitchen while you’re cooking. This sous vide cooker will ensure that you won’t risk overcooking a meal again.

Saves Money – You can buy cheap tough cuts of meat and the machine can tenderize it for you in less than a few hours. This will help you save a few bucks.

Better Taste and More Nutritious Meals – Taste all your ingredient’s natural juice and nutrients down to the bone.


Need Vacuum Sealer – Unlike other sous vide machines, you’ll have to buy your own vacuum sealer for this device. You can also go with a food saver, but ziplock bags of low quality are not adequate for this machine.

Bulky – This is a fairly large piece of appliance and will take much more space in your kitchen.

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven

If you want superb cooking results similar to a gourmet cook’s dish, this sous vide machine is made for you. Supreme Demi is a high-quality sous vide cooker that can hold up to 12 pouches of food of around 4 ounces each. It is compactly designed for home use and weighs only around 12.1 pounds.


Push Button Operation – With simple controls, this machine can easily be used by not so tech minded cooks. It’s a plug and play device that doesn’t require any complicated knowledge in high tech.

Perfect Meals – Sous Vide Supreme Demi ensures that your food is cooked at a consistent temperature. This avoids over or under cooking meals.

Energy Efficient – This cooker runs on silent operation which conserves energy.


Slow Heating – If you’re cooking at very high temperatures, it will take a bit of time to heat the water.

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