Grass Seed Vs Sod: Which Is Best For Your Lawn?

Your lawn is a direct reflection of your home and the first thing passers by and visitors see and gain their first impression from. A well kept lawn in good condition will help increase your confidence and pride as a home owner and transform a house into a home for your family. When establishing a new lawn for your home the first thing to consider is whether you want to pick between seed or sod. Both methods have their own pros and cons which we’ll discuss below but first what do they entail?

Seed: This involves growing grass from scratch and can be done by yourself at home or outsourced to a professional.

Sod: This involves transplanting turf that has been already grown and professionally cared for to your lawn which can be easily rolled out similar to a rug and installed by a professional or yourself if you know what you’re doing.

The best way to decide is first assessing your unique situation: how big is the space, what is your ideal budget, how much time do you have to complete this project, what’s your end goal, can you complete the job yourself or will you get a professional in? Once you’ve answered all these questions you’ll be closer to choosing the correct option for you.


You have to germinate and grow grass from seed therefore it takes longer. Also seeding times are limited from summer to fall, the climate where you live may prevent seeding from being a adequate choice.

Firstly there are more grass species to choose from so you can adjust that based on several factors and find the ideal species for your situation. Secondly it’s more cost effective than soding but you must have the adequate knowledge for the grass to grow evenly. Last but certainly not least the grass is growing in the area it will live and therefore will adapt to the specific environment and ultimately be slightly better quality overall.

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows though there are some downsides. The number one disadvantage to seeding is the time it takes, unlike soding which is pretty much instant and like rolling out a carpet straight onto your lawn.


Let’s move onto soding, this involves transporting already grown grass into your lawn. First of all it’s quicker to gain a full lawn than seeding as you don’t have to grow grass from scratch and essentially have an ‘instant lawn’. Another key benefit to soding is it can be installed year round, no waiting around.

Lastly soded lawns are professionally cared for before being transplanting to your lawn and are therefore weed free (in most cases) if you go the seeding route your lawn may not grow as anticipated but with soding you completely avoid that possibility.

One con to soding you should be aware of is price. It’s understandable that having professional care ups the price aswell as professional installation but the benefits more than make up for this.

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