Make Healthy & Delicious Food For Guests With The Best Raclette Party Grill

Are you planning a party and looking for the perfect way to whip up some quick and tasty food for your guests? Look no further than a raclette grill – it’s perfect for dinner parties. You might have heard this called a ‘party grill’ before, but it’s actually the same thing. With one of these awesome indoor party grills, you can melt some cheese, grill some meat and veggies, and get your party started right.

Best Raclette Party Grills for the Money (2018 – 2019)

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Benefits of Raclette Grilling

Raclette grills have cemented their place as top culinary tools over the years. Today, raclette grilling has found its way into many modern kitchens. However, this does not raise eyebrows given the myriad of benefits raclette grilling offers. Here are some of them.

Raclette grilling is healthy

This depends on the food you are cooking; however, with the wide variety of food that a raclette grill allows you to prepare, you can have yourself a healthy meal.

The social advantage

Today, people are caught up in busy schedules, and carving out some time for family or friends is difficult. Inviting people to a grill, however, is a perfect way have some social time. Raclette grills are characterized by people coming together and having a good time. As such, they are a good conversation starter, allowing you to catch-up with family and friends.

Raclette grills are easy to use

For a raclette grill, all you need to do is read the instructions on how to assemble the raclette. Then preheat the raclette before placing any food on it. Once it is a bit warm, you can fill the trays with cheese and vegetables or anything you want.

Types of Raclettes

A spot check online reveals several types of raclette each lauded to be the best. However, selecting the perfect raclette for your kitchen depends on your usage trends. Here are the types of raclettes on the market today.

The basic model raclette

The basic model raclette constitutes a medium sized cooking area mostly measuring about 30 by 40 centimetres. This type of raclette is perfect if you are looking to host a small group of friends. Also, it is ideal for couples out on a romantic dinner. This model is fairly priced and ideal for small to medium-sized families.

The standard model raclette

Are you looking for the true raclette experience? If yes, you would want to go for one that offers a stone surface for cooking. The standard model offers you a stone-cooking surface. The advantage of a stone-cooking surface is the ability of the stone to maintain an optimal temperature, which keeps the food flavorful. The standard model is ideal for about 4-5 people. It also has additional features, which allow more people to cook together.

The party model

Raclettes have quite a reputation when it comes to parties. When you are hosting more than six people, a party model is recommended. It is more versatile and allows for wider cooking options. In most instances, the party model has more than one cooking space, which allows more people to cook together.

The advanced model

The advanced model allows for a richer culinary experience. This model offers you deeper pans, more flexibility and unique features such as integral fondue attachments. With this model, you can host up to 12 people and still have an awesome experience.

What to Look for While Buying a Raclette

With such a wide variety of raclettes on the market today, it’s vital to know what defines the perfect raclette for your kitchen. Here are some factors you should consider while out shopping for one.


Size is probably one of the most important factors to consider. While at it, keep in mind the intended use of the raclette. If you are shopping for a raclette to use in a romantic setting, go for the smaller basic model raclette. For a larger group consider a party model and if you are looking to host more than 10 people go for the advanced model.


Raclettes are priced differently based on their model types. Various stores price them differently too depending on the margins they hope to make. When comparing prices, it is vital to consider as many options as possible. This allows you to have the average market price of the raclette you wish to purchase.


Raclettes have two types of surfaces; the non-stick surfaces and the granite surfaces. Whereas non-stick surfaces are good for smaller models, granite surfaces afford you a more evenly spread heating surface. Granite surfaces are ideal for keeping food warm for longer periods. However, when you intend to grill raw meat go for the non-stick surface.

Variable heating provision

Being able to adjust a raclette’s heat to your desired temperature enables you to have a better-cooked meal. Traditional raclettes are not well established in this aspect. As such, go for the more recent raclettes for a better cooking experience.


Raclettes are pretty simple to maintain provided you clean them regularly. However, if you have a dishwasher, choose a raclette that has dishwasher friendly trays. If you intend to use a sink, go for one that is easy to disassemble for easier washing.

The Extras

Most raclettes will come with extra cheese trays and spatulas. However, you still have to make sure that your preferred grill has these extras. Also, be sure that the raclette has reversible grills before you purchase. Reversible grills can be flipped to give you a different cooking surface.

Top Raclette Grill Recipe Ideas

For a better cooking experience, it is vital to know some of the top raclette grill recipes. For starters, cheese is good to melt on a raclette; here are other recipes you can try;

Tender vegetables

Tender vegetables such as zucchini and mushrooms are easier to cook. They also are flavorful and cook fast. You can also go for raw vegetables such as diced onions or tomatoes.


Potatoes have been on raclette grill menus for years. They are still a favourite for most raclette enthusiasts. Before getting them on the table, cut them finely, boil them and rinse them with warm water.


With fruits, you can get creative with the varieties you pick. You can go for avocados matched up with apples or strawberries.


Meat is a perfect recipe for your raclette grill. Go for precooked meet such as ham if your grill doesn’t get very hot. If your grill gets too hot, go for well sliced uncooked meat. Make sure the slices are small for easier and faster cooking.


Fish cooks fast making it an ideal recipe for raclette grills. Fatty fish such as salmon is perfect for raclettes as it cooks well. You can also go for shrimps and prawns.

Usage Tips

Raclette grills are perfect for social gatherings. To make the best out of them, it’s necessary to learn some usage tips. Here are some of them:

Safety considerations

For starters, children are not allowed to play around raclette grills to avoid accidents. Also, while you are cleaning the grill, make sure it is unplugged and that the cooking surfaces are cool.

Using a party grill

The first step is to ensure the grill is assembled correctly. Also, the dishes and the spatulas should be clean and dry before using them. For granite surface, raclettes avoid using the non stick cooking spray as it will burn on the surface. The next step is to preheat the stone before placing any ingredients on it for a perfect experience.

Cheese tip

Cheese is usually melted in a special pot for the fondue. However, cheese may take time to melt while on the grill. To counter this melt the cheese on a stove then transfer it to the grill and maintain it at a specific temperature.

Raclette grills are versatile appliances suitable for any occasion, whether a romantic date or a party. They are also a great addition to your kitchen as they offer you a range of options while preparing meals. The above guide should come in handy for you when shopping around for one.

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