4 Delicious Desserts You Can Make In A Pizza Oven

Especially in the winter months, it only makes sense to take advantage of the oven for baking delicious foods. Baking is a healthy way to prepare food, and nothing smells as good as a treat which is baking fresh in the oven.

A pizza oven especially is perfect for preparing desserts, because it is designed to keep the heat in and spread it evenly over the area of the cooking food. Here are some amazing desserts which can be made in a pizza oven. You can actually cook a lot of things in a pizza oven, and you won’t regret taking advantage of it to make extra special desserts.

1. Banana Chocolate Pizza

Here’s a dessert which can’t go wrong. Chocolate and banana is one of the most delectable combinations anyone put together. This destination easy to make, too, and won’t take long.

Start out with real pizza dough and brush it thoroughly with butter. Sprinkle a whole tablespoon if sugar over it, then just a little cinnamon, about half a teaspoon. Cook it in the pizza oven at the regular pizza settings, by just pushing the start/cancel button to get it started.

Once it’s baked to perfection, cover it with sliced bananas and sprinkle it liberally with chocolate drizzle. For extra deliciousness, serve it with vanilla or strawberry ice cream.

2. Caramelized Pears and Walnuts Pizza

Start out with pizza dough again and brush it carefully with butter. Sprinkle an entire tablespoon all around the pie, and them cook it at the default pizza setting by pushing the start/cancel button to get your dessert cooking.

Once your pie is baked to a delicious golden brown, take it out of the oven and spread a full half cup of mascarpone cheese all over. The best kind of cheese for this dessert pie us one which has already been sweetened with honey.

Then cover the pizza pie with carmelized pears, and sprinkle toasted walnuts all over it. To make it extra special, you can drizzle chocolate over the finished concoction. This particular dessert seems classy enough that you could servitude at almost any party.

3. Pizza Oven S’mores

A dessert that is not only delicious but nostalgic, s”mores is a great dessert that can be baked in a pizza oven. Get your ingredients together, and make sure you have enough for everyone. This is the kind of treat you can have at the end of the day as a community event.

Make a fudge sauce first, by combining about a quarter stick of butter, a couple of cups of cream, about 3/4 of a cup of regular and brown sugar, and a little over a cup of cocoa powder.

Combine the ingredients for the fudge I’m a medium sized sauce pot and place it into your oven at a medium hot temperature. Bring the concoct to a simmer, making sure to stir it often enough to keep the consistency perfect. Once you have the right thickness, refrigerate it and save it for later when you have the party. Doing this will save time and it will give you a spread which is just right, not too thick or runny.

You can also substitute Nutella, which works just as well. Once you’re ready, stick some marshmallows on skewers and toast them in the pizza oven so they’re perfect and brown. Drizzle a graham cracker with your spread, and make a sandwich by adding another graham cracker. If you try this, it will be a new tradition.

4. Fruit Nutella Pizza

Start out with pizza dough again, but this time use a rolling pin to stretch out your dough and them cut your dough into squares. Once you have squares, fill the middle with Nutella and cover them with sliced fruit.

The best kinds of fruit to use are whatever your favorite is, but strawberries, bananas, blueberries and blackberries work really well. Fold the dough in half now with the ingredients in the middle, and pinch the edges all the way around to make sure the seal is complete.

Now place all your little desserts om a cookie tray and put them into the oven, and you will probably only have to bake them for about two to three minutes. Keep a close eye on them because they’re small and could burn quickly.

Once they have cooked on the sheet for a few minutes, take them off and put them directly on the hearth to finish baking. You still only need a couple of more minutes, and you will know they are done when they are a perfect golden brown.

Cooking in the pizza oven is fun and creates unique, wonderful treats. Once you start using your pizza oven for desserts, you will discover how easy it is to come up with amazing new ideas of your own.

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