How To Mow Your Lawn In Stripes

You can tell a lot about a home by the state of its front and back lawns, a well groomed lawn is a good indication the home owner keeps their home in tip top condition. Things can often get competitive in the neighbourhood when it comes to lawn upkeep and one easy way to stand out is by mowing your lawn in stripes.

You may be wondering why anyone would want to mow their lawn in stripes, what purpose does it have? Well aside from being aesthetically pleasing to the eye thanks to how the light bounces off the different shades of grass it stands out so your garden is unique and also gives a professional finish that you may be familiar with from baseball fields you see on television. Bring a touch of luxury closer to home.

Not only that if you want to bring a certain segment of your garden to everyone’s attention and create a unique focal point this is great way to go about it. It’ll also divert attention from other inconsistencies like weeds. Hence why it’s so important to map out your objectives before beginning to get the best end result.

The way patterns are created is due to what direction the grass is bent and facing from the viewer, if the grass is bent toward you it appears lighter. Therefore you need to weight down your lawn mower so it bends certain segments of the grass in a different direction and creates a visible contrast.

Before we even begin (once you’ve decided your end goal) preliminary lawn care is important, the grass needs to be as green as you can get it. The longer the better too as longer grass bends more noticeably and will create a pronounced finish.

The first step is creating weights, some people recommend using dumbbells but in this instance we recommended using threaded steel pipes. Fill them up with gravel to give it added weight, screw on caps to either end then move onto the next step. Slot the threaded pipe into the rock guard compartment that all lawn mowers have and secure it in place with a few zip ties.

Now it’s a matter of driving your lawn mower from one end to another making sure to go one way as straight as possible and once you reach the end come back the other way and so on. Go the same direction twice side by side to creating larger stripes or only once if your lawn is smaller in size.

Also create more defined stripes by going over them again in the same direction. The great thing about this technique is that mistakes can be easily rectified as many times as you need. Once that is finished go around the perimeter to create a border and clear everything up.

Now you have the lawn of your dreams and one that’ll have all your neighbours enquiring how you did it!

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