KOHLER K-10282-AK-CP Forte Single-Function Katalyst Showerhead Review

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Looking for a good fixed showerhead that offers a reliable amount of water coverage? If so, you should consider the Kohler Forte Katalyst showerhead. It is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles from their shower.

So, if you are looking for a dependable fixed showerhead that gives you a great shower each and every time, then we think that this is a great choice for the money. This affixed line of quality showerheads from Kohler are great for families of all sizes.

Top Features Of The Kohler Forte Katalyst Shower Head

Forte Single Function Katalyst Shower Head sprayfaceAs previously mentioned, you don’t get a lot of extras with this Forte model from Kohler. But what it does offer, really blows away the competition on the market and definitely makes it worth the cost. Here are some of the top features that we think are worth pointing out for your comparison shopping:

  • Flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute
  • 66 nozzles on the sprayface that give you optimal coverage for those large water droplets
  • Katalyst air-induction technology that delivers an even, powerful flow of water
  • Designed for optimal performance when rinsing hair and cleaning body
  • Reduction in overspray due to design of sprayface
  • Available in six different finishes (brushed chrome, polished chrome, brushed bronze, brushed nickel, French gold, and polished  brass)

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What We Really Like About The Kohler Forte Katalyst Showerhead

  • It is super easy to clean – all you have to do is wipe it off with your preferred shower cleaner
  • Comes with the standard Kohler limited lifetime warranty
  • The six different finish options means that it will look great in any bathroom
  • Optimal shower experience due to the design of the sprayface and constant, powerful flow of water that is designed with efficiency in mind
  • It has a simple, sophisticated and luxuty look to it that impresses
  • High quality bathroom fixure from a well-known brand in the industry

Kohler Forte Single Function Katalyst Shower Head features

What We Don’t Like About The Kohler Forte Katalyst Showerhead

  • It doesn’t come with a showerarm and flange – this is normal for most showerheads, but it would still be nice if it did come with them for people with a new home that doesn’t yet have these fixtures
  • It has a flow restrictor in it – yes, you can remove it yourself if you have soft water
  • It seems louder than a normal showerhead, likely due to the air induction technology – this is a minor quibble, but noticeable to some people

This Fixed Shower Head Is Best For

  • Kohler Forte Single Function Katalyst Shower Head sprayPeople looking for an elegant and affordable option that looks like a higher priced luxury fixture
  • People who prefer a fixed showerhead to a handheld or rain showerhead

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This Fixed Shower Head Is Not So Great For

  • People who need features like massaging or rain shower
  • People who need a handheld arm due to disability or other reasons

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, we love this fixed showerhead, and we think that the Kohler Forte Katalyst Shower Head is a good value for the money if you need a quality fixed shower head. It is definitely a step up from those stock showerheads that you experience in most apartments. And the coverage really does give you the optimal shower. Additionally, when you consider all of the finish options that are available, it truly is a great option for pretty much anyone who wants a simply, luxury fixed shower head in their bathroom. Plus, it’s made by a brand that has a great reputation when it comes to home plumbing fixtures.

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