How To Find The Perfect Apartment For You and Your Pet

Finding the perfect apartment can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. When you add a pet into the mix, it instantly becomes much more overwhelming. Snagging a great place where you and Fido are both happy is not as difficult as it might seem. These 5 tips will help you navigate your way through the process of hunting for an apartment that you and your dog can happily call home.

Search For Properties That Accept Pets

The obvious first step in finding a place where you and your dog can both move is to find out the pet policy of the building. Any apartment that completely bans pets is off the table for you, no matter how much you may love it. Search classified websites to turn up individually owned properties that have less restrictive pet policies. Properties managed by a corporation are typically not open to negotiating their rules regarding pets. So, you can probably cross those off your list.

Check Your Breed

You know that your fur baby is sweet, friendly and incredibly loving, but if he does not have the right pedigree, your living options may be very narrow. Because some breeds have earned an unfair reputation for being aggressive or loud, many places have breed restrictions. Pit bulls are the most commonly restricted breed. Often, this restriction is based on the way your dog looks, so even if he is a mixed breed, he may still be banned. Bans can vary by property, or they may be a law in your area. Be sure to check for local breed bans before you began looking for a new place. Or, if you’re lucky enough to live in Texas, then you can let the people at UMoveFree find a place that will accept your dog’s breed. Back when I was living in Texas and looking for apartments for rent in Plano, TX, I needed a place for me and my sweet pit bull pup Harley and they helped me out.

Look For a Great Outdoor Area

While you may thrive in a concrete jungle, your dog will need a little greenery to stay sane. An apartment building that offers an outdoor area can make a huge difference for you and your pet. If Rover needs to go outside at three in the morning, a lawn area or walking trail means that you won’t have to go far to let him relieve himself. Even if there is a park close by, you will be grateful to have a close outdoor space to walk your dog on freezing winter mornings. Of course, if it’s too cold in the winter, then you can put your pup to work on a doggie treadmill to keep him fit.

Save Up For a Pet Deposit

When a landlord allows a pet to move into one of their units, they are taking a huge financial risk. If your animal turns out to be destructive, they could be out thousands of dollars in repairs. For this reason, it is industry standard to ask for a pet deposit. You should be prepared in advance to shell out at least 200 dollars for each dog. Some landlords may also require you to pay an additional smaller fee with your rent each month. When budgeting for your new apartment, keep these extra costs in mind.

Show You Are Both Responsible

Before you move into a new place, your landlord will want to do a background check to be sure you are a suitable tenant. You can make it easier for them to accept your dog by taking the initiative to provide background information for Spot as well. Compile a list that includes shot records, monthly flea medications, training certifications, references and anything else you think might show that your dog is well behaved and clean. Not only will this prove that your dog is a good neighbor, but you will look organized and responsible.

With a little research and a lot of planning, you can find a place that is close to work and has everything your dog needs to be a happy pooch.

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