Planning The Perfect Home Bar Area For Entertaining

Home bars have become a popular feature in most home designs today, and you can create one for yourself too. A home bar makes it easy for your family members and guests to help themselves with any drink, be it juice boxes, fine wine, espresso, or serious mixology. This post will outline some of the top home bar ideas to help you create an attractive, original, and functional home bar.

create the ideal bar area at home

The first thing you need to consider is where to build your home bar. You can choose to include it in your dining room or kitchen area, but other common placements include basements and living rooms. Moreover, you can consider having an outdoor bar if you stay in an area with favorable weather conditions all year round. Note that you will need to have appliances like a wine cooler, refrigerator, and a sink. You must also set up electricity and water supply in that area.

Now, let’s explore various ideas to help you create a home bar that suits your style in your preferred location.

Create adequate storage

Utilizing large furniture or built-in cabinets can make a home bar look distinguished and showcase your drinkware, liquor, and other bar accessories. Although built-in cabinets tend to be costly, they will give your bar a unique permanent look. However, if a built-in cabinet is a huge task you can’t handle at the moment or you don’t have adequate space, consider using a movable cabinet, buffet table, or bookshelf to incorporate storage in your home bar. Be sure to get some outstanding pieces of furniture to complement the design.

Purchase a free-standing bar

If you have adequate space in your home, a readymade unit is a simple way of adding a bar in your residence. You can get different types of standing bars from local furniture stores or online retailers. These units are usually constructed from composite wood or regular wood. Before buying a free-standing bar, consider the available space, your preferred bar style, and whether you want it to have a water hookup.

Ensure that bar stools match the bar top

Typically, a bar top stands approximately 40 inches from the floor. This means that your bar stools need to stand 30 inches from the floor. In case your bar is about 46 inches tall, the bar stools will have to be approximately 35 inches in height. Make sure you pick bar stools that have a small back to offer support. With so many bar stool designs and style on the market, it shouldn’t be difficult to find seating that works perfectly for your bar. In case you don’t have adequate space, avoid purchasing the stools and make a bar top (with rounded edges) that makes it easy for users to lean against.

Add an island

Consider giving yourself extra counter space for shaking and stirring by getting a built-in island. Islands offer ample space to prepare and serve drinks at a party. By adding bar stools, your guests or family members will be able to sit at the bar with you and socialize. You can also add a sink to help you clean glasses and serve drinks quickly. Note that this could be a bit costly if you haven’t installed a water line nearby.

Incorporate recessed lights and classic pendant lighting

One of the traditional ways of lighting bars is installing a pendant lighting that hangs from the ceiling. Your home bar will look good with a cluster of 3-4 pendant lights centered directly above the bar. Make sure they are high enough so that no one bumps their head on them. Consider getting soft lights and low wattage bulbs to offer your home bar a comforting atmosphere.

You may also consider recessed lighting because your drink preparation area requires good lighting just like your kitchen. With so many ultra-adaptable LED lights in the market today, you can easily install lighting at any place, including under the cabinets, and switch the colors depending on the mood you wish to create.

Ensure your bar is well stocked

Your home bar needs to have all the standard ingredients and equipment you need. Consider getting a bar book that comprises of various recipes for any cocktail. This also means that you have to keep the necessary ingredients for such cocktails. The bar also needs to have ingredients like soda water, bitters, vermouth, triple sec, simple syrup, and so on – include matching gadgets, decanters, and glassware. Again, you will definitely need to stock the bar with a collection of beer, sodas, wine, juices, and spirits.

Create room for guests

The best way to have your guests lingering in your bar area is by providing comfortable couches or traditional bar stools. This will give guests the opportunity to socialize comfortably.

Pick a beautiful and durable bar surface

Never skimp on your bar’s surface because it’s a visible and essential part of your home bar. Marble and granite slabs can be a bit expensive, but they will last longer and offer a top-tier bar appearance. For a warmer look, consider getting dark and beautifully grained wood. You can also use stainless steel, a butcher block, and glass as a bar surface if you want a modern experimental bar. Make sure you avoid surfaces that can peel, get scratched or crack over time.

Move the party outside

Those living in areas with great weather can consider getting an outdoor bar. Usually, such a bar is built close to the main house. You can incorporate the bar in a patio or deck and ensure it gets an adequate shape. If you don’t want to build a permanent structure, purchase a bar on wheels.

Hopefully, these home bar ideas will help you make an informed decision when creating your desirable home bar.

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