Fun Pool Party Games for Adults and Kids

Having fun in the pool is a great way to enjoy time together with your family and friends. There are many great games that adults and kids can play together, so take the opportunity to get involved with each other to create lasting memories.

1. Tunnel Swimmer

For this game, the adults spread out around the pool and stand with their legs spread apart. The objective is for the kids to swim through each adult’s legs as quickly as possible. An adult tells the first tunnel swimmer when to go, and everyone else counts the time out loud. This continues until everyone has swam through the tunnels.

2. Flag Football

In this game, you will simply need to put a towel or a flag in the top of the child’s pants. You will need some sort of a ball. This is a two-on-two game of football in the water. The offense tries to get to the other end of the pool without having the defense pull the offensive teams flag. You can do this with the adult doing the blocking or with the adult running the ball. Each team gets two downs to get a touchdown, and you can only run or swim with the ball. There is no passing in this game. The first team to score three times is the winner.

3. The Diving Duo

This is like synchronized swimming except that the teammates have to do the same jump into the pool at the same time. This works best if you have a deck to jump off of, but it can be done with only a ladder. The teammates plan out the dive they are going to do, and the rest of the people are the judges. They get up to three points per dive. They should be judged on uniqueness, how in-sync they are, and the splash. Each time does three dives and the amounts are then added together for a final score. The team with the most points wins the contest.

4. Ping Pong Prowess

This game requires as many ping pong balls as you can get, and a bucket for each player. Each person grabs onto the edge of the pool, and someone dumps all the ping pong balls into the middle. On “Go”, each player rushes to the middle of the pool to get a ping pong ball and return it to his or her bucket. This is similar to the board game “Hungry, Hungry Hippos.” The person with the most at the end of the game is the winner. For an additional twist, you can color half of the balls and then make a rule that each person must alternate between a colored and a white ball.

5. Noodle Rider

This game requires at least one noodle. This is just like a bucking bronco event. The player gets onto the middle of the noodle in the middle of the pool. There is also a player holding onto each end of the noodle, so there are three people total. Once the player is on the noodle, he or she has to try and stay above water on the noodle for eight seconds. The two players holding the noodle have to move it around any way they can to get the rider off before the eight seconds.

6. Whack-A-Swimmer

This game even gets the non-swimmers involved. Two people are on the outside of the pool and have water balls. The rest of the players pick a spot in the pool. The players in the pool have to go in and out of the water like the moles in “Whack-A-Mole” go in holes. The players on the outside have to try and knock them out by hitting them with the balls. This is a fun game for everyone.

Use these games to liven up a party and get everyone loving life by the pool. And then, once the party is over you have easy clean up with your robotic pool cleaner!

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