Fine Hair, Don’t Care: 5 Ways to Keep Your Mane Luxurious At Home

Fine hair is simply hair in which the shaft is smaller in diameter than other hair types. This means that fine hair presents a unique set of challenges which require the absolute best hair care techniques to main healthy, beautiful strands. This becomes of the greatest importance once you involve other hair challenges, such as dryness, oil, thinness and other hair matters. Whether your hair is straight, tightly coiled or anything in between, if you want to maintain happy, gorgeous locks, follow these tips:

Be Gentle With Your Hair

Fine hair, due to the diameter of the shaft, tends to be weaker than medium and coarse hair. This means that when you’re styling your hair, you have to handle it with some care to avoid excessive damage. Fine hair is more prone to split ends, so it is also good to trim the ends of your hair every 8-10 weeks to maintain the integrity of your hair. Braids, twists and locs should not be done tightly, especially around the nape of your neck and the edges of your hair.

Wash Your Hair Often

Fine hair tends to hold on to oil and product due to the size of the hair shaft. Since each hair follicle has it’s own oil gland, it doesn’t take long for fine hair to begin to look oily and limp. Wash your hair every day or every other day and use shampoos that will make your hair look more voluminous. Dry shampoo is great on fine hair, especially if you use it at night as the dry shampoo will have a chance to fully absorb oils and the additional tossing and turning you do at night will give your hair some added volume.

Completely Dry Your Hair

Giving your hair a full blow drying session will help give your hair extra bounce once you go to brush through it or style it. Letting your hair air dry, even blow drying it 50% of the way will leave your hair limp. If you have straight hair, blow drying your hair from different angles  to maximize the amount of volume in your hair. Sure, you hear sometimes that drying damages the hair, so for good results get yourself the best hair dryer for fine hair that you can find.

Avoid Excessive Product Use…

…especially at the roots. Excessive product use will cause your fine hair to look more limp and lifeless, the exact opposite look that many fine haired women are trying to avoid. Many stylists recommend that you go light on conditioner, a vital component of the hair washing process, for that very reason. If you are going to use products start applying them at the ends of your hair. Use products that will help by adding extra volume,  not extra weight such as volumnizing sprays.

Style Matters

How you cut and style your fine hair will make a huge difference as to the appearance of your hair. Light layers and blunt cuts are must haves for fine hair. Long layers will add movement and volume, while short cuts won’t weigh the hair down. Blunt cuts will give the hair the appearance of fullness. As for the debate on whether women with fine hair should wear bangs- if you absolutely want to have bangs, find someone who knows how to style bangs for fine hair and use dry shampoo to keep them from sticking to your forehead and separating. Finally, ponytails will never steer you wrong.

Fine hair does not have to be difficult. Once you begin to understand your hair, you will be able to main the health and beauty of your hair.

image credit: Pixabay CC0 license

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