String Trimmer vs Edger: Which Is Best For Your Yard?

It is important to keep your lawn trimmed and mowed properly to keep your property looking good and increase its value. However, keeping your grass mowed and the edges trimmed also keeps the grass healthy, leaving you with a lush, green lawn most of the year. There are several options available when it comes to edge work. The most popular are string trimmers and edgers. The following information will help you choose the tool that is right for your lawn care needs.

String Trimmer: What It Does & Why You Might Need It

A string trimmer is the best option to use when you are maintaining the edges of your lawn. The string trimmer uses a string to cut the grass and isn’t quite as adept at creating sharp, clear-cut edges. For this reason, you want to use your string trimmer for maintaining edges that have been previously created with another lawn tool. The string trimmer is very versatile and can be used nearly anywhere. Some string trimmers run on electricity, so you will need to purchase the right extension cord if you choose to go this route. Cordless electric string trimmers are an option, but these trimmers are less powerful than their corded counterparts, and don’t do a very good job on cleaning up edges. Other string trimmers run on gasoline power; these lawn care tools come in 2-cycle or 4-cycle models. With a 2-cycle string trimmer, you will need to mix oil and gas in the proper ratio, or you will need to purchase a pre-mixed 2-cycle engine fuel for your trimmer. This fuel should be kept in a separate container and clearly marked so it is not confused with straight gasoline. The 4-cycle trimmer is a bit larger and runs on straight gasoline, so you can use the same fuel for your trimmer as you use in your lawn mower and other yard tools.

Edger: What It Does & Why You Might Need It

An edger is a must-have when you purchase a new property or are changing the shape of your yard. An edger is also helpful when you add landscaping or other features to your yard. An edger creates a very crisp, clean, well-defined line at the edge of your grass. Once you get this edge defined, you can use your string trimmer to maintain the edge after you mow the lawn every week. You should actually edge your lawn once a month to keep a clear separation between your grass and other lawn and landscaping elements. This will cut down on build-up of grass and weeds around the edges of your yard. The edger features a sharp metal blade that easily slices through thick grass and weeds, as well as tough roots and even smaller branches of ground cover. The edger is a lot sturdier and heavier, and is more stable on the ground than a hand-held string trimmer, so it can be easier to operate for some users. An edger is a slightly more expensive investment, but is well worth the cost when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

The edger and the string trimmer each have their own place in caring for a lawn and landscaping elements properly. The string trimmer is a cheaper purchase at the start, but both tools are necessary to keep grass healthy and attractive all year long.

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