9 Reasons Guinea Pigs Make Good Pets for Your Kids

kid holding guinea pig

Pets are a great way for kids to learn compassion and responsibility, but a larger animal with more needs may not be the best kind of pet for everyone. Guinea pigs are great pets, though, and have a lot of advantages over other kinds of pets. Especially if this is the first family pet, a …

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8 Fun Ways To Exercise Your Dog

Adding a dog to the family is a huge commitment. If you already own one, you’ll know that exercise is a large part of taking care of your fur baby. You’ll also know that when they don’t get enough physical activity they can become quite naughty, and sometimes destructive. They can also become overweight, which …

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Best Hands Free Dog Leash For Running

Running With Dog

If you enjoy to run and are also a dog owner, you might like the idea of combining the two; running with your dog. Whereas you can easily run with your dog on a regular leash, that is, holding the leash in your hand, it’s not ideal. Why You Should Consider A Hands Free Dog …

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Save Your Arms With An Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Automatic Dog Launcher

Chasing a ball is often a dog’s favorite game. The first throws of the ball are fun and effortless. But then, as your arm begins to ache, you realise your dog still has plenty more energy to keep on chasing. And that is where the fantastic invention of the automatic dog ball launcher will come …

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