Your Guide To Feeding Your Dog with Kidney Disease

Having a dog with kidney disease is a double responsibility as you should follow certain diet rules to help your dog stay healthy. While there are many specific food items available in the vet stores, treating your little friend to a homemade treat is always a good idea. Depending on the stage or severity of …

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Buy a Great Wire Dog Crate for Your Pup

wire dog crates

If you have recently added a new dog to the family, then chances are you’ve been running around trying to find the very best essential products for your new furry companion. One of the things you’re going to need is a dog crate. With all different variations of crates on the market, it can be …

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Best Garage Insulation – 3 Great Options For The Heat And Cold

Garage insulation makes your garage usable year-round Do you find that your garage is always stifling hot during the summer months and absolutely freezing during the winter season? Have you considered garage insulation? Do you know that garage insulation is the best way to even out those temperatures and reclaim your garage as a gathering …

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Who’s Walking Who? Best No Pull Dog Harness Reviews

Dog Walking Leash

Being taken for a walk by your dog can be a real drag. Not to mention embarrassing, and potentially dangerous. If this if you, it might be time for a no pull dog harness. We review the best on the market right now, as well as guide you through the features of each harness. No …

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