Retrofitting Bathroom for Seniors: Best Bathtub Lifts and a DIY Walk-In Bathtub


We all love our homes.  However, there may come a time when it becomes necessary to change, update and/or retrofit our castles to compensate for age and a lack of mobility. With scores of seniors living longer while remaining independent, it’s important to keep up with the times. So if you are among the new-age … Read more

Upgrade Your Bathroom With A Good Bidet Toilet For A Cleaner Bum

bidet seat

If you’re looking for a bidet toilet seat to help get you much cleaner after using the restroom you will quickly discover that these seats come in many different varieties, with a wealth of different functions. Here we have reviewed several of the most popular and hottest selling bidet toilet seats currently on the market, … Read more

Fine Hair, Don’t Care: 5 Ways to Keep Your Mane Luxurious At Home

Fine hair is simply hair in which the shaft is smaller in diameter than other hair types. This means that fine hair presents a unique set of challenges which require the absolute best hair care techniques to main healthy, beautiful strands. This becomes of the greatest importance once you involve other hair challenges, such as … Read more

A Brush That Straightens Hair – The Best Hair Straightening Brush For All Hair Types

AsaVea Straightening Brush

The hair straightening brush has become as popular as flat irons when it comes to getting straight hair. Whether you are trying to tame unruly locks, or you prefer poker straight hair, a brush that straightens hair is now an affordable reality. Check out our straightening brush reviews to help you pick the best brush … Read more