Tips for Building a Basement Bedroom

Tips for Building a Basement Bedroom

Whether you’re building it for one of your kids, a family member who’s moving in, or you simply want a nice guest bedroom, bedrooms in the basement require a certain amount of care. However, homeowners building their first basement bedroom might not be aware of some of the factors they should think about during construction. These tips for building a basement bedroom will help you complete this renovation with success.

Warm It up With the Right Color Scheme

Basements are often associated with darkness and cold, even when the rest of the house is warm and welcoming. That’s why one of the first things to do when sprucing up the basement to create a living space such as a basement bedroom, is to add some color—particularly with the help of a warm color palette. A coat of paint and a colorful rug can help you make the area feel cozy and inviting so that, even though it is a basement, it doesn’t feel like your average basement.

Using warm colors like red and orange will also brighten the place up when you follow the second tip on this list, which is to improve the lighting. You can also take advantage of a cool color scheme to create a relaxing, classy atmosphere if that’s what you’d prefer, though we recommend at least considering warm colors for the job.

Brighten It up With Some Good Lighting

As mentioned above, a common trait of residential basements is their darkness, which means you’ll have to incorporate ample lighting. The best way to do this is by adding some fluorescent bulbs to your basement bedroom area—these will provide an energy-efficient and cost-effective source of light.

Although, you should consider adding window wells also. Window wells bring natural light from the outside right into the basement, which can help create that warm, welcoming atmosphere that every bedroom craves. Not only are window wells a beautiful source of light for the basement, but they also play a key role in our next point, taking emergency escapes into account.

Don’t Forget an Emergency Egress

Before beginning the renovation of your basement, research your local building codes to familiarize yourself with the emergency escape regulations that you’ll need to take into account. A great way to match beautiful lighting and emergency escape routes is with the help of window wells. With these in place, if a fire or other emergency requires evacuation, whoever is living in the basement can swiftly escape to a safe location. There are some additional factors you’ll have to consider to ensure the window well is up to code itself, but abiding by those codes is an easy step that will be valuable in the long run.

Using these tips for building a basement bedroom will help you avoid some simple mistakes during this renovation project. When you take the steps above to create a comfortable, warm, safe, and up-to-code living space, you might even find yourself feeling jealous of the person living down there, whether it’s a permanent resident or simply a guest staying for the weekend.

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