Brother LB6800PRW VS SE400: Am I Seeing Double?

There is a lot of confusion around two Brother embroidery and sewing combo machines: the LB6800PRW and the SE400. We have heard from many people who are wondering what the difference is between these machines.

At a glance, they appear to be similar. Often salespeople will tell you that they are far different or that they are the same which only adds to the confusion. Is it the fancy bag? Different features? Is it the price? What about the grand slam package? Is it worth it? Read on to find out!

The Machines

First, let’s ignore the packages and extras and focus solely on the machines themselves. Both machines are completely computerized for both sewing and embroidery which makes them both perfect for home use and hobby business. The combination machine allows you to have a really versatile item without taking up a whole bunch of space.

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Both machines come with a 4” x 4” embroidery hoop. This is on the small end for embroidery machines but will do just fine for some of the most popular embroidery such as monograms. Both machines are equipped with a back lit LCD screen, an automatic thread cutter, built-in design editing, built-in tutorials, and a simple automatic bobbin winding system.

Additionally, both machines come with 67 built-in sewing stitches, 70 embroidery designs, and seven-point feed dogs. Both machines also come with the same foot attachments, a user manual, and computer connectivity cables.

So, the question is this: what is the difference between these machines? There really isn’t one! The LB6800PRW is branded with the project runway logo and the SE400 is not. That’s the only difference between the machines alone. Even Brother has confirmed that they are the same machine! Where the real difference comes into play is in the packages and price.

The Packages

The SE400 is generally sold as it is packaged. No extra bags or hoops or thread. Amazon does appear to offer the SE400 with a thread pack for an additional price but other than that option, what you see is what you get with the SE400. The price also reflects this. Often, the SE400 is less expensive than the LB6800PRW.

So, are the packages that come with the LB6800PRW worth the increase in price?

That’s for the consumer to decide.

The Simple Package

The LB6800PRW has a couple different options when looking at packages. The first is a very simple package that includes a rolling carry case.

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The case is definitely a plus for those that ever travel with their machine. Sewing circles or community volunteer projects are common amongst crafters nowadays and this little case is perfectly made for this machine which cuts out the guess work when trying to buy a case after the machine has already been purchased.

In true Project Runway style, the case is stylish and compact while being practical. The price increase can sometimes give people pause however. That much? For a case!? Actually, yes. The price difference between the SE400 and the LB6800PRW is around the same price as a reliable after-market rolling carry case for machines. Most of those cases are far less cute and stylish.

Additionally, trying to figure out how well your machine will fit in an after-market bag can be a trying experience. For those that want a cute case without the hassle of trying to buy one afterwards, the simple package might be just the right thing for you.

The Grand Slam Package

Some people see the price of this package as compared to the SE400 and immediately disregard the Grand Slam Package. This is a mistake.

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There’s a lot of value in this package and for someone who is into this machine for the embroidery could find this package to be the perfect starter kit.

As with the Simple Package, the Grand Slam Package also comes with a rolling carry case with the same stylish look.

However, it also comes with a litany of other items:

1. 61 spools of thread– For anyone unfamiliar with thread, it’s expensive. This package comes with 61 spools of Polystar embroidery thread. Each spool has 1,000 meters of thread and you’ll never have to wonder how to match thread to the Brother colors because each spool has the Brother color name and number on the bottom. It also comes with its own thread storage box which is super handy when you are short of storage space or just like to keep everything neatly organized.

2. 144 Pre-wound Bobbins– Any crafter can tell you what a pain it is to stop in the middle of a project to wind a bobbin. With this set, it will be a long time before you will have to wind bobbins again. Each bobbin has 95 meters of polyester bobbin thread wound perfectly so that you don’t have to stop a project just as you were getting on a roll.

3. 15,000 Extra Embroidery Designs– That is not a typo. This package comes with 3 CDs packed full of embroidery designs. Most embroidery designs cost a decent amount so this CD set is definitely one of the more valuable pieces of the package. All you do is place the CD into your computer, plug in the cord and connect it to your machine and go! The LB6800PRW already has all the software needed built-in so there is no additional software requirement. The designs cover a wide range of themes including animals, angels and various other images.

4. Cap Hoop– The cap hoop is really handy for those that want to embroider on baseball caps. Anyone with kids or outdoorsy relatives will definitely find a use for this hoop. It will keep the bill of the cap outside of the embroidery area. The machine can then embroider on the front of the cap. It’s a 4” x 4” hoop so designs can’t be too large.

5. Tear and Wash Stabilizer– Stabilizer is a must when embroidering. It keeps the fabric in place and prevents puckering. Tear and Wash is particularly nice because after the stitching is complete, you tear away what you can, wash the item, and the rest dissolves away. That means there is no scratchy or ugly stabilizer left behind when the project is finished!

6. Stork Embroidery Scissors– The one thing you always need when working with sewing or embroidery is a pair of scissors. These compact scissors are the perfect item to help you trim threads after a project is complete. They have short, sharp blades and are imprinted with a cute bird design. They also come with a nice holding case to keep your scissors in top condition.

7. Thread Converter Pro– Embroidery thread comes in all sorts of colors and no two companies call them the same name. Therefore, when looking for a particular color for a design, it can be really difficult to know what the right color is. Thread Converter Pro is a software tool that lets you cross reference different companies’ threads so you’ll get the right color every time regardless of which thread company you choose to use.

All the items in the Grand Slam package are valued far over the difference in the prices of the packages. So, if you plan on doing a lot of embroidery, the Grand Slam Package might be worth a look.


So, looping back to the original question: What is the difference between the SE400 and the LB6800PRW? Nothing, except the package that it comes with.

Which package is the best? Well, that question is a bit more complicated.

For those on a very tight budget or who don’t travel with their machine and don’t plan on doing a lot of embroidery, the SE400 may be the best bet for you. It has no frills but still offers a quality machine at a reasonable price. If you decide, later on, that you want to do more embroidery, you can pick up the embroidery needs bit by bit and not break the bank.

For those who do travel with their machine but may not be that interested in large amounts of embroidery, the Simple Package may be the perfect match. It offers a quality case that is functional and stylish. It is also, by all accounts, a really well made bag that stands up to some abuse. With that quality case, you also get a solid machine and this package is around what you would pay for a machine and a carrying case anyway.

Now, if you plan on doing a lot of embroidery and have some flexibility with your budget, the Grand Slam is most certainly the way to go. It offers so many extras and benefits that the difference in price becomes a minimal talking point. All of the extras in the Grand Slam are worth the price tag. That’s a lot of value for the price.

Purchasing all of these items separately would cost you more money. It would also cost you a lot of time and research. If you don’t live near an embroidery shop, that can add even more time and expense to your shopping.

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