Store Your Whiskey in One of These Decanters

Whiskey Decanter Buying Guide:

Whiskey is one of the most appreciated libations by those in the know. It can range in price from $20 (depending on the bottle size) to several hundred dollars for top-of-the-line whiskey—the types of whiskey drank by true connoisseurs of this popular spirit.

How to Choose the Right Decanter

Whiskey decanters are often used by purveyors of good whiskey, scotch and bourbon. A decanter not only preserves the taste and life cycle of the whiskey, but helps to showcase the “good stuff” in a very aesthetically pleasing manner.

To help you select the perfect whiskey decanter for your “drawing room,” bar or man cave, below we have reviewed several of the best and most popular whiskey decanters currently on the market, highlighting the advantages and drawbacks associated with each of the items.

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We have also included a Whiskey Decanter Buying Guide, in which we have highlighted the various factors and characteristics you should most definitely consider when purchasing one of these decanters.

James Scott Lead Free Crystal Whiskey Decanter

The James Scott Lead Free Crystal Whiskey Decanter is an elegant container that gives any bar or sitting room a sophisticated flair.

The uniquely designed crystal decanter is hand cut and deeply faceted, giving it extra sparkle; and its tall design enables it hold a full 750 ml bottle of fine scotch, whiskey or even wine with ease.

The decanter, with its 24 percent lead crystal, requires very delicate handling and is hence not recommended for the dishwasher. Users are recommended to wash one piece of the decanter at a time with a warm, soapy and fairly delicate wash cloth and hand dry it with a chamois or other soft cloth.

When a distinguished and stylish look is what you are after, you cannot go wrong with the James Scott Lead Free Crystal Whiskey Decanter. The decanter is the perfect accent piece for a gentleman’s study or library, and is guaranteed to have guests talking about its one of a kind construction and shine.

Versatile, the James Scott Lead Free Crystal Whiskey Decanter can be used with a variety of beverages, ranging from the finest in scotch, whiskey or bourbon to fine wine and even to hold juices at brunch.

This decanter is 100 percent guaranteed, and the tight-fitting lid is sure to keep all beverages just as fresh as they were in the bottle.


  • Elegantly designed. Crystal says elegance, and the James Scott Lead Free Crystal Whiskey Decanter has elegance in spades.
  • Easy Pouring. The long neck of the James Scott Lead Free Crystal Whiskey Decanter makes it very easy to pour beverages from it.
  • Guaranteed. The James Scott Lead Free Crystal Whiskey Decanter is 100 percent guaranteed against any defects.


  • Delicate to handle. Crystal, by its very nature, is very delicate to handle, and the James Scott Lead Free Crystal Whiskey Decanter is made entirely of crystal.
  • Lacking in capacity. While the James Scott Lead Free Crystal Whiskey Decanter has a capacity of 750 ml, it is not near as large as some of the other whiskey and wine decanters currently on the market.

BarMe 850ml Whiskey Globe Decanter

When the goal is to have your guests buzzing about the look of your new decanter, you simply cannot miss with the BarMe 850ml Whiskey Globe Decanter.

Made to turn spirits and wine into a work of fine art, this desktop decanter is shaped and etched like a globe and features a glass sailing ship inside it. Whether filled with whiskey, scotch, bourbon, gin, vodka, rum, wine or even juice, the decanter always makes an eye-catching statement wherever you happen to put it.

Ideally sized, the BarMe 850ml Whiskey Globe Decanter can hold up to 850 milliliters of fine spirits—large enough to hold the entire contents of a standard liquor or wine bottle and still leave a little room at the top for easy pouring.

The tight-fitting glass stopper on the BarMe 850ml Whiskey Globe Decanter is designed specifically to keep air from getting into the decanter and thus disturbing the freshness of the contents. This stopper helps your spirits and wine remain flavorful and keeps their wonderful aromas intact until you are ready to enjoy them.

This decanter is hand-crafted by artisans, including its delightful wood stand.

The globe-shaped decanter is hand-blown using the techniques of our forefathers and then beautifully etched for a level of quality that has no equal. The bar funnel, which comes complete with the purchase of the BarMe 850ml Whiskey Globe Decanter, facilitates the re-filling process, making sure that every drop of liquor or wine that was meant for the decanter makes it safely inside, with no spills whatsoever.


  • Artistically designed. The artistic design of the BarMe 850ml Whiskey Globe Decanter—a tilted globe on a wood stand—will have all your guests talking about it.
  • Bar funnel included. The bonus bar funnel that comes included with the BarMe 850ml Whiskey Globe
  • Decanter makes the decanter very easy to refill.
  • Sturdy. The wood stand upon which the globe decanter sits makes for a very sturdy and spill-free base.


  • Very Fragile. The hand-blown glass on the BarMe 850ml Whiskey Globe Decanter makes for some very fragile glass.
  • Hard to clean. Due to the shape of the BarMe 850ml Whiskey Globe Decanter it is very hard to clean.

Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter

Standing 12 inches high with a narrow neck for easy pouring, the two piece Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter is crafted from genuine 24 percent lead crystal.

This design and construction lends itself to a heavy and fairly durable construction and a brilliant shine that has to be seen to be appreciated. The traditional Irish design of this decanter combines a sparkling wedge and diamond cuts for a true old world feel. The decanter is the perfect addition to any room—a library, study, sitting room or bar—and it can also be combined with the serveware and accessories that also bear the Godinger name.

It is recommended that users wash the Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter by hand for best results, as the decanter has pieces that may be too delicate for the dishwasher.

This decanter makes the perfect gift, and its budget-friendly price is definitely a major draw.


  • Long neck. The long neck on the Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter makes for easy pouring without any spills.
  • Budget-friendly. Compared to other similar products, the imported Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter is fairly friendly to the average budget.
  • Classic design. The classic and traditional Irish design of the Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter, with sparkling wedge and diamond cuts, makes the decanter look a lot older than it actually is.
  • Combines with serveware and accessories. The whiskey decanter combines nicely with the classic Godinger serveware and accessories.


  • Requires delicate handling. As with any largely crystal product, the Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter requires very delicate handling and is not dishwasher safe.
  • Only two pieces. The Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter comes with the decanter and stopper, but not with matching glasses.

Buying a Whiskey Decanter?  What to Look For:

When shopping for the very best whiskey decanter in which to display your finest spirits and wines, there are many things you should look for to ensure you are getting just the right decanter for your needs and preferences. Below we have listed several of those factors to help you with the buying process.


What type of design are you looking for with your next whiskey decanter? These types of decanters, which can be used to hold spirits of all types, wines and even juices at a fancy brunch, come in a variety of designs ranging from the very simple to the very elaborate.

Some whiskey decanters are long and slender, while others are shorter and much wider at the bottom. Some are even made into artistic pieces, such as the globe decanter we reviewed above, which is hand-blown and etched by artisans.

Once you decide on a basic whiskey decanter design you can severely narrow the field.


The capacity of your new whiskey decanter is simply a measure of how much whiskey, scotch, wine, etc. the decanter can hold. Try to look for a decanter with a capacity of at least 750 ml—this is the standard size of a bottle of liquor or a wine bottle. Some decanters will have capacities slightly larger than this—850 ml, 900 ml, etc—which is a good feature, allowing you to fill the decanter completely while still leaving a little room at the top to facilitate the first pour.


There are many materials from which a whiskey decanter can be made. Traditionally, many decanters were made of ceramic, but those are not very popular and they certainly do not make a great eye-catching accent piece. Glass decanters look great and are fairly affordable, but for a decanter that is truly top-of-the-line you can’t go wrong with crystal, which adds an element of shine, brilliance and elegance to any room.

Stopper Quality

Whether you go with a glass, crystal or even a ceramic whiskey decanter, the most important piece for the integrity of the contents that will go inside is the stopper. You want a stopper that fits very tightly but it is still fairly easy to remove when it’s time to pour. A tight-fitting stopper will help to preserve the taste and aroma of your beverages so that every pour is just as fresh-tasting as the last.

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