10 Best Tequila Glasses for Sipping

Tequila is arguably one of the best alcoholic beverages on the planet, but I might be a little biased. Whether you agree, or not, this beverage has a rich history—and taste! Let’s dive down to the bottom of the glass, and look into the best tequila glasses for sipping, and what exactly is in the sweet, buttery liquid. 

What you might not know:

Tequila is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant. There’s actually a regional qualification for tequila—the beverage is distilled within 40 miles (65 km) of the city of Tequila, Mexico, which is less than 50 miles from Guadalajara.

Distant cousins?

The tequila you sip might not be a pure tequila. Mezcal, a cousin to tequila, is made from any agave plant, and not just specifically blue agave. Tequila is technically a mezcal, but mezcal is not tequila. Confused? Don’t be. Mezcal is a smoky flavor, compared to the sweet, buttery taste of tequila and can be produced from 28 different types of agave.

Let’s talk about the worm:

You might think tequila and imagine a little worm floating around the bottom of the bottle—but you’d be wrong. The worm is actually never found in tequila, but rather in mezcal! The worm was actually used as a marketing ploy to help boost sales in the United States and Asia, and isn’t even a worm at all. The “worm” at the bottom of a bottle of mezcal is a caterpillar or agave snout weasel larvae that infests the yucca and agave plants.

Sips or shots?

Tequila aficionados don’t actually kick back tequila shots because that’s not the proper way to drink it. Instead, they sip the delicious beverage to taste every bit of the sweet and buttery flavors of the blue agave plant. It’s okay if you like to kick it back in a shot, or sip it slowly, we’ve got the ten best tequila glasses for sipping figured out for you…and we won’t tell if you take it as a shot!

Best Tequila Glasses for Sipping

Historically Modern Designs Tequila Sippers


Claimed as the only glass designed for mezcal, tequila, and whiskey, the Historically Modern Designs Tequila Glasses are sure to be a conversation starter! The elegant, shallow, clear glass was inspired by Mexican Copitas, and is carefully designed to maximize the taste of every tequila and mezcal. The small bowl allows for the aromas of tequila to be right under your nose, creating the perfect sipping experience, coercing you to take a sip, and then another, and another.


  • Shallow bowl brings aroma to your nose
  • Design based off of Mexican Copitas
  • Hand-blown glassware
  • Sturdy glass feels luxurious in your hands
  • Wide rim ensures alcohol vapor is not concentrated


  • Set is only two glasses
  • Glasses are large in your hand

Riedel Vinum Leaded Crystal Tequila Glasses

Savor every sip with the Riedel Vinum Leaded Crystal Tequila Glasses. The long stem design ensures that you enjoy every drop, and the machine blown leaded crystal allows you to do it in style! The specific shape of the Riedel Vinum Leaded Crystal is designed for tequila aficionados who are used to the tasting atmosphere. The Riedel Vinum has been dubbed the official tequila sipping glass by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila and  was designed to enhance Mexico’s finest Reposados, Aejos, and Reservas de Casa Tequilas.


  • Designed specifically for tequila sipping
  • Shape allows tequila vapor to disperse
  • Shatter resistant
  • Dubbed the official tequila tasting glass
  • Enhance aroma and flavor


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not shatter resistant

Novica Beach Cottage Tequila Glasses

Add a splash of sass to your sip with the Novica Beach Cottage Tequila Glasses. The handblown green and blue swirls are reminiscent of the blue agave plant, bringing a little bit of Mexican influence to your drink. Sip away with your mind at ease, because the Novica Tequila Glasses are made with recycled glass, helping the environment, and your taste buds!


  • Hand blown glass
  • Artisan quality products
  • Made from recycled glass
  • Fair trade
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Can only hold 2 oz. at a time
  • Products vary in exact design

Cutehom Tall Tequila Glasses

Share your tequila sips with friends with the Cutehom Tall Tequila Glasses—set of 6. Both shatter and scratch resistant, these glasses are perfect for tequila and mezcal tastings. These glasses are anything but flimsy, and can be used for both sipping and taking shots, and are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.


  • Shatter and scratch resistant
  • Multi-use
  • Dishwasher, freezer, microwave safe
  • 6 inches in diameter to push aroma up and out
  • Thick glass keeps drinks cold


  • Bubbles can appear in the glass
  • Can be heavy to some drinker

Libbey Perfect Tequila Glass

The Libbey Perfect Tequila Glass was designed for the ideal sip every time your lips touch the glass. The heavy based glassed ensure your tequila or mezcal stays upright every time the glass leaves your hand—if you ever put it down! The wide opening covers the nose, allowing for the sweet, buttery notes of tequila to float up into your nose, making your sips hit on two senses.


  • Wide-mouth glass
  • Heavy bottom base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Inward taper
  • 5 oz glasses


  • Heavy base can slip out of hands
  • Large size causes larger pours

Mezcal Glasses

What other way to enjoy your favorite traditional Mexican drink but with a glass specifically made for it? This 4-pc Mezcal glasses are found everywhere in Mexico. They have a cross at the bottom, marking it as Vaso Veladoras or Mezcalistas, which is the original purpose of the glasses – to be used as candle holders in Catholic churches.


  • Wide mouth allows for aroma to circulate better when you take a shot of your Mezcal or Tequila.
  • Eco-Friendly. The glasses come in 100% recyclable packaging. It is great for when giving it as a gift to a fellow Mezcal fan.

Tequila Salt Shooters


Skip the salt with the Tequila Salt Shooters from The Spice Lab. Naturally add the perfect amount of salt, creating the best mix between the sweet, buttery flavors of tequila and the briny Himalayan sea salt shooters. Complete with a patent pending insert that solves the dilemma of too much salt in your tequila.


  • Never need to add salt to your tequila again
  • Anti-bacterial glasses
  • Food-grade pink Himalyan salt
  • Fine plastic liner to make sure you have the perfect amount of salt
  • Great pink color


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Can deteriorate over time

Zodiac Regale Tequila Sippers with Serving Set

Free your hands with the Zodiac Regale Tequila Sippers with Serving Set. Serve and sip with up to six people at once—all on one tray. Take out the removable glass tray to wipe up spills, and carry your tequila or mezcal with ease. Hand wash your 3 inch glasses that are tapered to bring the aroma of sips straight to your nose.


  • Easy carry rustic tray
  • Removable glass tray
  • Tapered glass for better experience
  • Streak free glass
  • Sturdy metal frame


  • Glasses are hand wash only and cannot withstand a dishwasher
  • Only suitable for tastings

Tequila Glasses with Tray

Share your love of tequila with friends by using the Tequila Glasses with Tray! Featuring a ceramic-coated bowl (and bowl slot) for salt, limes, or whatever you might need. The bowl slot can even fit a bottle of tequila! Take a sip out of the strong-based tequila glasses, and shake on some salt with the included salt shaker. Both the tequila glasses and the ceramic-coated porcelain bowl are dishwasher safe.


  • Strong-based glasses
  • Easy-carry rack with glass compartments
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Tapered glasses for better tequila experience
  • Salt shaker and ceramic bowl included


  • Glasses are small and should only be used for tastings
  • Bamboo tray can deteriorate if wet

Diamond Shaped Tequila Glass

The Diamond Shaped Tequila Glass is perfect for sipping tequila, whiskey, scotch, or bourbon. The unique diamond design engages your sight and smell because of the unique viewing experience, as well as the large, tapered, open-mouth design that ensures the buttery aroma of tequila is dispersed. The Diamond Shaped Tequila Glasses hold 10 ounces for sipping of all volumes, from a tasting sample to a full glass.


  • Lead free glass
  • Hand-blown
  • Strong, heavy base
  • Diamond shaped design
  • Durable, sturdy glass


  • Look cheap in direct light
  • Not shatter resistant

Brandy Shaped Tequila Sippers


Sip in style with the Brady Shaped Tequila Sippers—set of four. The wide mouth disperses the delicious aroma of tequila or mezcal, ensuring that your sipping experience covers two senses. Made in Mexico, these Brandy Shaped Tequila Sippers are ideal for swirling and sipping the night away.


  • Made of recycled glass
  • Snifter design
  • Heavy base
  • Comes in a set of four
  • Handmade


  • Sizes can vary because they are handmade
  • Not dishwasher safe

Types of Tequila

Tequila comes in all different classifications, but two specific types. There is pure 100% agave tequila, and a tequila mixto, which is not pure tequila- it has been mixed with flavorings, colorings, and aged to enhance the flavor. Tequila silver (blanco, plata, white, platinum) is tequila in its purest form. Silver is un-aged, and the true, pure flavors of the agave are untouched. Tequila Gold is a mixto, which involves coloring and flavoring added before bottling, making it less expensive, and favored by bars and the younger generations. Tequila Reposado is known as the rested and aged tequila. Aged in wooden barrels for anywhere from two to 11 months, this tequila also takes on a golden hue. Tequila Añejo is an extra aged tequila, now known as an añejo – which is a more flavorful, smoother, richer, and more complex tequila. Finally, Tequila Extra Añejo is an ultra-aged tequila, and the newest classification of tequila- formed in 2006. The extended aging must be over three years in a wooden barrel, and no more than 600 liters per batch. This tequila is a rich mahogany color, and is sometimes confused with other aged spirits. Following the aging process, Tequila Extra Añejo must be cut with distilled water to preserve the rich, complex taste.


Final Thoughts:

Tequila glasses for sipping come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and thicknesses. While various companies claim to have the best tequila glasses for sipping, ultimately, it is up to the tequila aficionado to pick what kind of experience they’d like to have. From glasses made of salt to glasses shaped like bowls, there is no wrong way to sip tequila! Still, we’ve rounded up our top three picks in case you’re stuck.

  1. Historically Modern Designs has a unique tequila sipper that is specifically designed to enhance the tequila sipping experience. With the flat bottom, tapered wide-mouth top, and sturdy base, the Historically Modern Designs Tequila Sippers will change the way you drink tequila, turning it from a quick sip to a slow, sense-mingling experience.
  2. Riedel Vinum Leaded Crystal Tequila Glasses created a perfect glass for sipping tequila. Dubbed as the official tequila sipping glass by the Regulador del Tequila, the leaded crystal and perfectly tailored shape allow the tequila alcohol vapor to disperse, so your nose isn’t clogged with a sharp alcoholic smell while you sip. Swill a tasting around the Riedel Vinum Glasses and turn your tequila sipping into a full-fledged tasting.
  3. The Tequila Salt Shooters are perfect for both sipping and going shots. The unique design is carved from food-grade pink Himalayan rock salt, allowing you to never have to add salt to your shots or sips ever again. The patent pending plastic liner slows the seeping of salt into the tequila, allowing you to sip in peace; remove it and you can do a quick tequila shot without sticking salt on your hand!

Whether you’re sipping from a glass made of salt, or a specifically engineered glass, there is no right or wrong way to sip tequila, as long as you’re sipping! So get to it! You might have to try every single glass to know how you like to drink tequila, and we promise not to judge. Grab a bottle and some friends, sit down, and drink up!

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