Best Steam Cleaner Buying Guide

best-steam-cleanersSteam cleaners are trending all over the world. This is no surprise – steam cleaners are extremely efficient and capable cleaning machines.

The high temperature in the steam allows ensured sanitization across any surface and removes any oil or grease stains. Many steam cleaners may not even require any detergent and simple water is enough to work perfectly.

In this best steam cleaner buying guide we are going to discuss the considerations which need to be taken to get the optimal steam cleaner for yourself.

We are also going to have a look at the top five steam cleaners on the market right now.

Karcher SC3 All-in-One Steam Cleaner – Editors Choice

Karcher SC3 Steam Cleaner

Main Features

  • Reliable and continuous supply of steam
  • Sanitizes completely, with 99.9% bacteria removal
  • Automatic system for descaling
  • Pressure of up to 3.5 bars to ensure that even the toughest grease / grime is removed
  • Small in size


The powerful motor and a reliable supply of high temperature steam means that the SC3 is fully able to get anything clean, irrespective of whether it is floor, window or upholstery.

Kercher Steam CleanerThe extensive variety of nozzles and attachments are designed ergonomically and give you the flexibility of reaching in to the tightest of corners, without much hassle.

The steam flow can easily be controlled using the switch on the handle, while the heater only takes about thirty seconds to get going.

The tank can be refilled even during the operation of the steam cleaner itself. This means that there is no pause required and you can use the machine continuously for long hours.

There is a protective filter to eliminate lime scale automatically, which means that that you can use both soft and hard water for steam cleaning, without any hiccups in performance.

Moreover, there is no need to use any sort of detergent of cleaner except water, with independent testing confirming that the SC3 can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria on its own.

Lastly, the patented ‘Comfort’ floor cleaner allows you to reach even the toughest of places.

The Karcher SC3 comes with a solid two year warranty, given that the product is only used for domestic use.

This steam cleaner is heavier than some other cleaners.

A powerful cleaner where no chemicals are required. A complete range of accessories are included. This steam cleaner is user friendly.

Check Karcher SC3 on Amazon

BISSELL Vac and Steam 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 2 in 1 vac and steam cleaner

Main Features

  • 2 in 1 (vacuum and steamer)
  • Preinstalled on demand feature for steam supply
  • Special dry tank tech for preventing excess steam moisture
  • Four litre water tank capacity
  • Adjustable steam flow
  • Overheating protection
  • Adjustable handle height
  • 2 washable microfiber pads


Solve two cleaning problems at once with this machine which, uniquely, gives you a chance to vacuum and steam clean at the same time.

During our research, we discovered that the Bissel Vac & Steam was effective in both categories – it’s suction, albeit not as strong as a dedicated vacuum, can easily pick up small bread crumbs and rice grains, while the steam cleaner can wipe up curry stains in no time.

It only takes 30 seconds to start up. After use your floor is dry within minutes. The lightweight machine is simple to operate. The cleaner has been made with user friendliness in mind.

bissell vac and steam

You can choose to just vacuum, just steam, or do both together. The easy digital controls enable you to switch between low steam, high steam and vacuum.

The retractable handle allows you to pick a height that is comfortable for your height, great for reducing the risk of back ache! The dry-tank tech keeps any steam moisture away from the surface as you clean.

The Bissel Vac & Steam has a 2 year warranty that is activated with the purchase of the product.

This steam cleaner can be harder to get into smaller areas but the benefits of it being a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner outweigh this problem.

Remember this model is only for floor use, it has no attachments like the Karcher above for cleaning cookers, sinks and other areas.

This 2 in 1 cleaner is ideal for both light vacuuming and steam cleaning. It is quick to start up and performs effectively in homes with hard floors.


Light Weight

Quick Start Up

Easy To Store

Removable Mop Base

Perfume Tab


Difficult To Get Into Small Areas

Suction Not Very Strong

Filter Needs Regular Washing

Check BISSELL Vac and Steam 2-in-1 on Amazon


Vax S7 Total Home Master Multifunction Steam Mop (Best Budget)

vax steam cleaner

Main Features

  • Multi-Function
  • Quick Conversion To Handheld Mode
  • Nozzle With Precise Control
  • Ergonomically Designed Accessories To Reach Even The Tightest And Most Awkward Areas
  • 16 Piece Accessories Set


This low priced machine is incredible for a light spot cleaning. It is a multi-function steam mop.  We thought that it was anything but difficult to switch amongst handheld and upright modes; and in spite of the fact that the steam pressure isn’t as capable as some – you just get 15 minutes’ steam time – it’s useful for wiping clean surfaces. The surface area dries rapidly as well. It only takes 20 seconds to heat up and produce steam. The steam mop comes with an extensive catalogue of sixteen piece accessories and nozzles. This will help in tackling any cleaning problem, be it dirt, grime or grease stains. There is also a dedicated window cleaning tool included. The body and parts have been designed with ease of use in mind.

You can purchase this product with an ease of mind as Vax gives a 2 year performance guarantee for it.


Great price

Easy to use

Compact design


Not easy to assemble/disassemble

Check Vax S7 Total Home Master Multifunction Steam Mop on Amazon


Morphy Richards 720025 Total Clean Pets Steam Cleaner

Morphy Richards 720025

Main Features

  • It is an upright steamer with a detachable handheld feature
  • Comes with an absorbent cloth for quick wiping
  • Special triangular floor-head to reach in and clean all the corners of the house without making any awkward postures
  • Can clean all and any type of flooring including sealed hard floors, tiles and laminates and refreshing carpets and rugs
  • Easy to carry and light weight, meaning that you can work with it for long hours without tiring


The Morphy Richards 720025 steam cleaner is a great choice for domestic usage. It will provide cleaning from the top to the bottom, taking care of all the things in between.

It is a super versatile tool that can be used both as upright and handheld. The conversion requires only a pressing of button and involves no complications.

morphy-richards-steam-cleaner-handheldThe handheld version allows for greater precision, while the upright version gives a better reach. The steam cleaner has been designed to give an all-round performance. The flexibility of usage (supported by a five meter long cable) and the ability to clean as good as a vacuum cleaner makes it a top model in the market.  The machine heats up within half a minute and is good for operation thereafter. Refilling is pretty simple as well and the current water tank capacity lasts for up to 14 minutes at full steam power.

This product comes with a 2 year guarantee.



Light Weight

Simple To Move Into Corners And Clean Little Spaces

Nozzles And Attachments Are So Easy To Use

Works Truly Well And Everything Comes Out Truly Spotless

Simple To Store Cable With The Hooks On The Casing

Helpful Storage Bag With Every One Of The Connections

A Large Number Of Attachments

Simple To Change Over Into A Handheld Steamer


Takes longer to get started compared to other top models

There are a few dead angles at which the device pauses and needs to restart the steam production

Check Morphy Richards 720025 Total Clean Pets Steam Cleaner on Amazon


Dirt Devil 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner

Dirt Devil 5 in 1

Main Features

  • A Total Water Tank Capacity Of 0.33 Litres
  • 5-In-1 Steam Tools For Greater Versatility And Efficiency
  • Easy To Use And Effective Cleaning
  • Light In Weight
  • Washable And Long Lasting Pads


This is one of the earliest products included in the Dirt Devil steam cleaners line up. With a modest price tag, the 5-in-1 steam cleaner looks very promising and claims to be the only steam cleaner which you would ever need. It is an easy to use and easy to maintain machine.

The cleaner features an easy to release handheld version and also comes with an extension hose capability. This means that you can reach those tight spaces without any hassle. You can go through even the toughest grease and grime and wipe it off. If you find a really persistent grease stain, put on the concentrate nozzle and clear it off. Now the kitchen oven grills will look new forever! steam cleaner for oven

While researching, we found out that the Dirt Devil 5-in-1 can be put flat under furniture and super quiet while operating. This is in contrast to many other top models mentioned above. All the parts can be disassembled and the cleaner can be stored in a cupboard.

Given that it is a budget product, it only comes with a one year limited warranty for manufacturing faults.


Great Budget Buy

Cleans Sealed Hard Floors

Quick Switch Usability

Grime Busting

5-In-1 Versatility

Water Tank Has An Easy Grip Plug

Multiple Power Levels


Water Chamber Knob Is Not A Screw Fitting Type

Steam Pressure At Top Setting Is Super High And Can Cause Injury


Check Dirt Devil 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner on Amazon


Buying Guide – What To Look Out For

Steam cleaners are getting more and more popular with each day. Naturally, more and more companies are also popping up and producing a variety of products to match each other. Although there are numerous models available on the market now, most steam cleaners can be categorized in one of three sorts: handheld, mop and cylinder. The distinctions between these sorts are described below.

Every type has its own advantages and disadvantages that may depend on your own requirements.

The three types of steam cleaners:

  • Handheld: These are small in size and easy to use on the go. Good for cleaning tiles, windows, etc.
  • Mop: This style comes with a long handle and are perfect for mopping floors. Water is stored in the handle column.
  • Cylinder: This type is the bulkiest of all, since it carries the most water. It comes with a flexible hose and several nozzles/attachments to clean different types of surfaces.

There are a few specifications which you should know about so that you are able to buy a steam cleaner that is really usable for your purposes. These include:

  • Water Tank: The larger the water tank, the longer the cleaning life of steam cleaner per refill. A smaller tank may only last for eight to ten minutes, however, a larger tank can easily accommodate more than thirty minutes of cleaning. Depending on your frequency of use and the scale of cleaning required, you may want a large, medium or small water tank.
  • Power & Temperature: The higher the power and, consequentially, temperature, the more steam is generated by the system. If you have a large scale and difficult cleaning task at hand, you may want to go for a higher power machine.
  • Steam Cut Type: If you want to look for a machine that does not leave any traces of water after the cleaning job is completed, you should look in to one that has a trigger gun which cuts off steam supply as soon as it is released.

Note: Steam cleaners cannot be used as carpet cleaners – some can be utilized to spot clean rugs, but nothing more. In any case, to do a profound carpet cleaning job you would require an independent carpet cleaner.

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