Sew Many Options: 10 Best Sewing Machines for Kids

Do you have a budding sewist in your house, or maybe someone who just wants to learn how to hem their own pants? If your answer is yes, we’re here to help. Finding the right sewing machine for kids can be a difficult task because of all the attachments, levers, tension knobs and an automatic needle threader.

When it comes to your children, or the young hobbyist in your life, we know that you’re only looking for the best machines to pass on your love of sewing. We’ve broken it down for you, and compiled a list of the 10 best sewing machines for kids! From the brands you know and love, to a few lesser-known, up-and-coming retailers, we’ve covered the 10 top machines to help you and your child make memories – and beautiful projects – together!

Singer Simple Sewing Machine- Heavy-duty beginner model

The Singer Simple Sewing Machine is perfect for beginners of all ages. With an adjustable stitch length and width, it helps keep your budding seamstress’s seams strong without bunching. Easy to learn on, it has thirty-two built-in stitches to learn from the basics on up. Not only is the Singer Simple Sewing Machine an ideal machine for beginners, it also grows with them as they move up to masters of the craft.


  • Thirty-two built-in stitches and six essential basic stitches
  • Machine intro DVD to help guide them along—with complete instructions as well as a Quick Start Guide to get them going!
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Automatic one-step button hole feature
  • Heavy-duty metal frame for durability


  • Inserting the bobbin in correctly the first time can be a challenge, but once you figure it out, it comes naturally
  • Foot pedal can be tough to master as it is very sensitive
  • Not heavy-duty enough to sew through many-layered projects

Janome 11706 Hello Kitty-Small and Portable Machine

The Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine doesn’t just look pretty, it’s also an ideal machine for beginners and kids—and helps them create beautiful projects. With eleven stitches, your child won’t get overwhelmed with too many options, and can learn and master the basics of sewing on this machine. The free arm feature is best for children who want to learn on a machine that has the space to work on bigger projects, and have enough room to really watch each stitch.


  • Eleven stitches (Two stretch stitches and built-in buttonhole)
  • Heavy-duty sewing capability
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Smaller model that is perfect for beginners and children


  • Manuevering the bobbin can be tough the first time without assistance from an adult or experience seamstress
  • The instruction booklet left some to be desired; you can avoid this by looking at videos online
  • Mainly directed towards girls

Next1 Mini LSS-505- Best Compact Sewing Machine


The Next1 Mini LSS-505 is a compact machine with a built-in sewing light, drawer and foot pedal to help your child move from needle and thread to a sewing machine master. The space-saving design fits wherever you need it to, and the portable design with a built carrying handle allows you to take the Next1 Mini wherever you want to go! Whether it’s to a class at the craft store or just onto the kitchen table, the Next1 Mini is the best choice for your child to learn how to sew!


  • Twelve pre-set stitch patterns so your child can learn the basics—and master them
  • Two speeds (high and low) to help your child elevate from beginner to master
  • Built-in light, thread cutter, and measuring tape and tension dial
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Compact size is perfect for little seamstresses in training


  • It can be hard to assure the correct needle direction for beginners
  • Cord is short, so an extension cord may be needed
  • Instructions can be difficult to understand for younger children; adult supervision is needed

Haitral Portable Mini Sewing Machine- Best for simple projects


Bringing both portability and ease of use to the table is the Haitral Portable Mini Sewing Machine. Perfect for younger children, the Haitral has simple, easy to understand instructions, adjustable speed, and a top drop-in bobbin to take all the fuss out of sewing.


  • Drop-in bobbin feature
  • Simple instructions
  • Adjustable speed
  • Mini machine is lightweight and portable
  • Best for simple projects


  • Limited amount of stitches
  • Does not work on thick fabric
  • Only works for smaller projects

Singer 1234 Portable Sewing Machine-Best basic machine

The Singer 1234 has an easy threading system to ensure your beginner gets it right on the first try! The Singer 1234 covers the basics of sewing, and features a simple stitch selection that allows your child to switch from stitch to stitch with the flick of a lever. The free arm option is great for beginners who are interested in moving on to bigger projects, while the automatic bobbin winding system takes the work out of learning to sew!


  • Online machine owner’s class available to learn the step by step basics of operation
  • Free arm feature
  • Automatic bobbin winding system
  • Easy threading system
  • Six built-in standard stitches to help your beginner master the basics


  • Does not work well on heavy fabrics
  • Only works well for basic projects
  • Does not grow with the child; limited amount of stitches only geared towards beginners

Brother XM1010- Easy stitch selector dial

The Brother XM1010 is a full-sized yet lightweight machine that is specifically designed for beginners who are looking for simple, everyday projects. With 10 built-in stitches that include the blind hem, zigzag, and stretch stitches, this machine is both easy to use and practical for the beginning sewist.


  • LED light sewing area
  • Built-in free arm for larger projects
  • Includes instructional DVD to help your child get to stitching
  • 4 included sewing feet
  • 10 built-in stitches including auto-size buttonhole feature


  • Cannot adjust the bobbin tension
  • Limited stitch variations
  • No pressure regulator

Janome Merlot Sew Mini Sewing Machine- Best budget-friendly machine

The Janome Merlot Sew Mini Sewing Machine is not only the best machine for your budget, it can also grow with the user. Perfect for beginning to intermediate seamstresses, the Janome Merlot Sew Mini Sewing Machine sews at a slow speed for beginners, and can be adjusted as they master the art of sewing! With just a few basic stitches, this machine is no-frills, helping the budding young sewist in your life master the basics.


  • Foot pedal
  • Perfect size for little hands
  • Basic stitches that are great for those looking to enter the world of sewing
  • Eight built-in stitches
  • Tension adjuster


  • No LED lit area
  • Foot pedal can be touchy
  • Not durable enough to be used as a long term machine

Brother LS2125i Everyday Sewing Machine- Both versatile and practical

The Brother LS2125i Everyday Sewing Machine lives up to its name! Perfect for the beginner who is excited to start everyday projects, this full-size machine has ten built-in stitches and an automatic four-step buttonhole option. Convertible from free arm to flat bed usage, the Brother S2125i Everyday Sewing Machine is both versatile and practical. The carrying handle makes this lightweight machine portable, and easily carried from class to class or room to room.


  • Ten built-in stitches including zigzag, blind hem, and stretch stitches
  • Automatic four-step buttonhole feature
  • Carrying handle makes this machine portable and easy to transport by even the littlest of hands
  • Free arm or flat bed usage
  • Tension control dial


  • Does not perform well when used on heavy fabrics such as denim or canvas
  • Does not come with instruction manual so online videos are needed to learn how to operate the machine
  • Can be loud when used at a slower sewing speed

Janome 2206 Sewing Machine-Convenient options make sewing easy

The Janome 2206 Sewing Machine is great for both the budding young seamstress or someone returning to sewing after a long hiatus. While the machine is full-sized, it is perfect for children who are looking to master the basics before moving on to a more complex machine with more options. The Janome 2206 brings convenience to sewing by including extras such as a built-in thread cutter and snap-on presser feet to take the work out of picking up a new hobby.


  • Six built-in stitches to master the basics of sewing
  • Manual thread tension control and built-in thread cutter
  • One four-step buttonhole feature
  • Front-loading vertical hook bobbin system
  • Retractable spool pins


  • Stitch chart can be hard to understand without looking online (First stitch is a tight, second stitch is medium standard stitch, and third stitch is a more loose stitch)
  • Speed control can only be done with a foot pedal, which may take some time and patience to master
  • Machine can begin to jam on heavier fabrics

Mini Electric Sewing Machine- Best used for simple projects


The Mini Electric Sewing Machine is great for those who are just learning the art of sewing—such as little ones or beginners. The machine is lightweight and easily portable, and can be powered by both batteries or plugged directly into the wall. You can sew all types of fabrics in all different weights—from silk to denim. The large gap between the top of the machine and the base allows for children to observe and then begin to sew on their own without craning their necks to see what they’re working on. This machine only has one basic stitch and is best used for simple projects and learning the basic art of using a sewing machine.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be used with both AC or battery power—for sewing at home or on the go!
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Perfect for very young children
  • Can be used on various types of fabric


  • Only one basic stitch—should only be used for the easiest of projects
  • No reverse stitch
  • Not durable enough to be used as an everyday model that will stand the test of time

Our Verdict

We know how hard it can be to choose the perfect sewing machine for the child in your life. With safety concerns, ease of use, and portability being large factors in the purchase of your sewing machine, narrowing it down can be tough. We took the work out of choosing the best sewing machine for kids! Here are our top three choices.

  1. The Brother XM1010  is a full-sized yet lightweight machine specifically designed for beginners who are looking for simple, everyday projects. With an LED lit sewing area, instructional DVD, four included sewing feet and 10 built-in stitches, the Brother XM1010 is the best sewing machine for kids on the market!
  2. The Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine is both a small and portable machine that will make all the little girls swoon! Since this machine is three quarters the size of a regular machine, it is perfect for little hands to master. Featuring eleven stitches – two stretch stitches and a built-in buttonhole feature – this Janome will have your youngster well on their way to creating beautiful, one of a kid sewing projects in no time at all!
  3. The Singer Simple Sewing Machine is one of the easiest machines to use on the market. Not only is the Singer Simple Sewing Machine the perfect model for young sewing enthusiasts, it also can grow with your child as they move from simple to more difficult projects. Featuring thirty-two built in stitches, an automatic needle threader, and a heavy duty metal frame, the Singer Simple Sewing Machine is an all-around great machine that does it all!

No matter which sewing machine you chose for your child or the young sewing enthusiast in your life, we’re sure you’ll have a blast teaching your child how to create beautiful projects – and memories – along the way!

Happy sewing!

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