Best Sewing Gadgets: My Top Picks! (2020)

There’s always a lot of talk about the best gadgets coming out. Often, these gadgets are high end electronics that can cost into the hundreds. But what about sewing gadgets?

A lot of people look to sewing machines or embroidery machines when considering sewing gadgets. But let’s look at the definition of gadget: “a small mechanical or electronic device or tool.”By that definition, there are many different types of sewing tools available on the market that are exceptionally useful and budget friendly!

Below are 15 of the best sewing gadgets that can be found on the market.

Laser Guided Scissors

The name of this ingenious little tool brings up images of high tech laser guided missiles.

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Just as in the missile, the laser on these scissors is meant to guide path of the tool in a straight line. Now, these scissors are still subject to human error but the laser line that is projected across the item being worked on. These scissors might feel a bit bulky to some users as the laser definitely adds extra weight so that is definitely a factor to consider. The laser is powered by the small coin shaped lithium batteries that are often found in watches. These are not super common batteries so be sure to keep a few on hand if these scissors are a go-to for projects or you may find yourself without the laser.

Handheld Portable Sewing Machine

To many, this may not be a tool for a serious seamstress. Why not just use a more advanced sewing machine?

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The case for this gadget is in convenience. For those that are on the run when they notice a hem pulling out, this machine can be a life saver. It’s also great for sewers who are always cutting it close on project deadlines. I see this happen a lot with cosplayers who are trying to finish up hems and small details in airports on the way to the convention. This gadget is can be battery powered by conventional AA batteries on some models but can also come as hand powered models so it is super easy to keep running. The stitches may not be as straight or polished as a traditional sewing machine but in a pinch it is a sewer’s best friend.

12 in 1 Sewing Tool

12 in 1 sewing tools are great for sewers with small work spaces or those that have trouble keeping track of all their tools.

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These are also great for travel as they pack a lot of useful tools into one tiny item. Most of the 12 in 1 tools come with the following items: a magnifying glass, a measuring tape, a thread cutter, tweezers, a piercing tool, a knit picker, a regular needle threader, a long needle threader, a seam ripper, a stuffing tool, a punch needle and a safety pin. Even if you only use half of these tools, the convenience is well worth the purchase.

Bobbin Buddies

Have you ever grabbed a spool of thread and then spent hours trying to find the bobbin that went with it? Or maybe you lose the bobbins altogether and have to wind a new one. Do you end up with 8 black bobbins and no white ones because you always have to wind new bobbins?

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If any of these sound familiar, Bobbin Buddies will be your saving grace. This simple little item keeps your bobbin and the spool of thread together. They come in fun colors and will quickly become the little item that you never knew you couldn’t live without.

True Grips

Anyone who has ever used a transparent ruler or template while sewing or quilting knows how frustrating it is to have it slip while you are cutting. It can ruin a whole square in quilting and can ruin clothing pieces in sewing.

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With True Grips, that worry can go out the window. These ingenious little dots adhere to the bottom of transparent rulers and templates and help keep it in place during cutting. They are removable if you decide you don’t want them later. However, it is doubtful that crafters will fail to see the value in these.

Gypsy Cutting Gizmo

Quilters will find this tool particularly useful. It is a cutting tool that stands on a table and allows the user to cut apart chains of quilting squares without having to pick up scissors.

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This also eliminates the risk of accidentally snipping your pieces. These have also been used to cut apart chains or small stuffed animal parts so even sewers can find uses for it. The best use may be for trimming thread tails off of projects.

Swatch Buddies

Anyone who has ever tried to find a coordinating fabric for a project or has tried to match the perfect button to the color of a fabric knows how useful swatches can be.

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Swatch Buddies have little plastic cards with reusable adhesive on them. Then the consumer can place pieces of fabric from their stash onto the card and take it with them whenever they go craft shopping. With the little labels that come with it, you can also note how many yards you have so if you find a pattern you will know if there is enough fabric in your stash to complete it.

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

Fabric glue pens are an amazing tool to have on hand.

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They are great for basting fabric pieces together and even allows for repositioning. One of the most lauded uses has been for paper piecing. You can stick te paper to the fabric and not worry about pinning or losing the paper piece. It starts out colored and dries clear so you don’t have to worry about it showing up on your project later on.

Wonder Clips

Wonder Clips are the brand name for sewing clips. These little tools are great to add to your sewing box.

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They originated with sewers who would use them to help with binding but all sewers have found them quite useful. They can hold onto fabric just like pins but without the risk of stabbing yourself in the hand. They also don’t leave pin marks so are perfect for silks and leathers. They can also handle the thicker sections of fabric where pins would normally bend.

Pilot Frixion Pens

Most crafters are familiar with chalk pens and water soluble fabric pens.

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However, there are some drawbacks to these methods. Chalk lines disappear quickly with only a little bit of movement. They are great for short term marking but for quilt appliques and longer clothing projects, it tend to be too short lived. The blue water soluble pens stay on for longer but have a reputation for not completely washing off of a project even after going through the washing machine. Frixion pens are a differetn options. They are marketed as erasable pens and are actually meant for office work. However, they have quickly become a favorite of sewers. They come off of fabric with a little bit of rubbing, require no water, and stay put until they are rubbed off. They come in many different colors which is great for tailoring and are available in many locations.

Quick Turn Tools

If you’ve ever tried to turn a small strap or thin waistband, you know what a time consuming process it can be.

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Many people have tried chopsticks, safety pins, and dowels. The Quick turn tools eliminate this hassle. They are a set of tube and dowels that allow you to quickly turn straps the right way out quickly and easily. Over the course of several projects, it can save you hours. It is a very simple concept but works so well you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Peel Spool Huggers

Have you ever gone to grab a spool of thread and found out the tails is tangled with a whole bunch of other threads?

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Or have you ever left a spool of thread out and found that one of your pets has snagged on the tail and spread half the spool across the house. If this sounds familiar, you need Peels. Peels are simple little silicon strips that you wrap around spools of thread to keep the tail in place and prevent unraveling. You’ll never have to have pins sticking out of your spools again and you’ll never have to struggle to find the tail of the thread. They come in many different colors at brighten up your supplies.

Elastic Threader/ Bodkin

The Elastic Threader or Bodkin are both tools used to put elastic into casings.

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Whether it is for sleeves or waistbands, every sewer has experienced the irritation of trying to feed elastic through a casing using a safety pin. It’s easy to lose the pin or pull the elastic all the way through. These two tools solve that problem. Both have an end to attach to the elastic which is then fed through the casing. The hold is generally better than a safety pin and the tool is easier to grip and guide through the casing.


This little piece of plastic seems so simple yet it is so useful.

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Anyone who has hemmed jeans or tried to go through thick fabric knows how irritating it that the sewing foot jumps around as it goes over the fabric. This little device prevents that from happening which produces a smooth and polished stitch.

Bias Tape Makers

Anyone who has tried to match their fabric to commercially available pre-made bias tape knows how difficult it can be.

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Additionally, bias tape generally has limited fabric choices and usually only comes in solid colors. These little devices allow you to make your own bias tape. Now you can make bias tape in the exact fabric you are using including prints or specialty fabrics.

Regardless of what type of projects you work on, gadgets can be a blessing. They can save time, reduce frustration, and make sewing a more enjoyable hobby.

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  1. I previously had a device to remove pilling, that is little tufts or balls of fabric that form on fabric. The device was battery powered and was like a small rotary electric razor that had a perforated guard. I lost it in a recent move to a seniors residence and I haven’t been able to locate another one. I would appreciate any help in finding a replacement.


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