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Thanks to the magic of infrared technology, you can now reap all of the benefits of your traditional health club sauna from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere else you choose.  Portable infrared saunas, as with other types of sauna therapy, can help you detoxify and heal your body while melting away the cares and worries of the day.  These saunas, which are so portable they can be taken anywhere, can potentially save you hundreds of dollars each year in health club dues, and enable you to sauna when and where you please, at times that are most convenient for you.

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To help you select the perfect portable infrared sauna for your particular needs and budget, below we have reviewed several of these products, and listed the many benefits and disadvantages associated with each.  We have also included a brief Buying Guide at the conclusion of this article – a guide that will show you some of the factors and characteristics to look for when shopping for a portable infrared sauna.

SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa

The SereneLife Portable Sauna offers all of the benefits of sauna therapy from the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home.  This unique sauna dome, which can easily be moved from one room to the next, features adjustable heat settings to accommodate all users.  The moist heat of the SereneLife Sauna offers many benefits, including:

  • Soothes aching muscles
  • Rejuvenates feet thanks to the included foot mat
  • Helps prevent fatigue caused by overwork
  • Detoxifies the body from harmful chemical and pollutants
  • Melts stress away after a long day
  • Helps promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle

The SereneLife Sauna package comes with a portable and very comfortable chair.  The sauna spa can be set up virtually anywhere, and it is much less costly than some of the bulkier non-portable sauna models that essentially serve the same purpose.

Let’s take a look at what people are saying about the SereneLife Portable Infrared Sauna:


  • Reaches optimal temperature very quickly
  • The included chair is very safe and sturdy
  • Easy and quick setup


  • At only 37 inches in height it is not very practical for taller individuals
  • Tested high in terms of Electromagnetic energy (EMFs)
  • Some complain that the sauna no longer got hot after several uses

Radiant Saunas Oversized Rejuvenator Portable Sauna

The Radiant Saunas Rejuvenator Portable Sauna truly lives up to its title:  refreshing and “rejuvenating” you with its even dry temperature that mimics the sensation of a genuine wood or cabin-style sauna.  Unlike some traditional saunas, which are known to heat the air – sometimes dangerously – the Radiant Saunas Portable Sauna relies on 4 ETL-approved, energy efficient carbon fiber heating panels, which collectively work to safely raise your body temperature without heating the sauna environment around you.  The result is a stress-reducing and toxin-freeing session that has to be experienced to truly appreciate.

Quick and easy to set up, the Radiant Saunas Spa is fully insulated and padded for your comfort.  It boasts a quality-made sauna compartment with a padded and double-lined neck collar with a comfortable and convenient hook and loop closure.  The sauna package comes with a canvas Director-style chair made of tough tubular steel for strength and durability, and the handy sewn-in packets are perfect for storing items like keys, phones and the hand-held controller.  This state-of-the-art, easy-grip controller has six automatic timing options, five levels of pre-set heat temperature options (150 degrees maximum) and a built-in thermostat that allows you to continuously monitor the temperature throughout your sauna session.


  • Roomy –  This Radiant Sauna product boasts an oversized cabin that can comfortably accommodate larger individuals.
  • Extra Infrared Panel – While most portable infrared spas have but two or three panels, this Radiant Saunas product has 4 very powerful infrared panels for quick heating and maximum results.
  • Soothing Interior –  Colored chocolate brown on both the inside and outside of the sauna, this product is very soothing and low-key aesthetically, which adds to the relaxation.


  • Pricey –  At the MSRP, the Radiant Saunas Oversized Portable Spa is the most expensive product on our list (although there are other products in the marketplace that are much more expensive).
  • Plastic Smell some users have complained that the Radiant Sauna Oversized spa emits a “burnt plastic smell” as it is heating up.
  • Weight Limit on Chair – The included chair in this Radiant Sauna package has a weight limit of 220 pounds, which may exclude some heavier users.

Durherm Portable Home Steam Sauna Spa


If you’re looking for a space-saving spa that can offer some of the same results and benefits of the larger, over-sized spas, look no further than the Durherm Portable Home Steam Spa.  Perfect for smaller spaces and apartments lacking in room, this sauna boasts a bathtub-like design (a lay-down sauna), an automatic timer and an 800 watt steam generator that produces temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Durherm Portable Home Steam Sauna Spa comes complete with one foldable sauna tent, a set of PVC support tubes for easy and quick setup, the aforementioned steam generator and a manual that explains the setup and all the benefits one will receive from this great product.


  • Emits therapeutic moist heat much like a full-size steam room
  • Heats up quickly and holds temperature well
  • Based on the MSRP, this is the best value portable sauna on our list.


  • Plastic construction makes the product a bit flimsy
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Size does not accommodate larger users
  • Cover tends to shrink after washing

Portable Infrared Saunas: A Buying Guide

As you can see, portable infrared saunas are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, styles and prices.  Certain portable saunas are equipped with one or more carbon fiber heating panels, while others are designed with separate heating zones to produce the desired heat – and the desired results.

Some portable infrared saunas are designed to be used while sitting in a chair of some kind (many companies include the chair in their package), while others require you to lie down while using it, much as you would in a bathtub.

So with all these styles, shapes and options available, what exactly should you look for when purchasing one of these portable sauna products?  Take a look:

Panels versus Heating Zones

As we mentioned, some portable saunas rely on heating panels to produce the desired heat.  Made of carbon fiber, these heating panels are very, very effective, but they typically cannot be controlled separately.  This one-size-fits-all approach to heating means that the entire sauna will register the same heat. Other portable sauna options, such as the infrared heating blankets, rely on different heat “zones” rather than panels.  In these products, it is possible to have a higher temperature at, say, the lower part of your body, and a less intense heat towards the top.


How hot would you like your portable infrared sauna to be?  This is an important question, and one you must ask yourself before making a final purchasing decision.  A good majority of the portable saunas on the market have a maximum temperature of roughly 150 degrees.  However, there are some that can get measurably hotter, and some, of course, that cannot reach 150 degrees.  Determining how hot you wish your sauna to be, then, is an important decision you will need to make.

Remember, with infrared technology, the heat that is produced is merely heating the skin and not the air within the portable sauna.


There are essentially two basic styles when it comes to portable infrared saunas:  the seated variety and the type in which the user lays down.  Both of these can be very effective, and the specific type you choose is more a matter of preference than it is effectiveness.


As you can see by just the few products we reviewed above, portable infrared saunas comes in many different sizes, from the large oversized saunas with plenty of room to move about, to the more compact seated models and those in which you are forced to lay down.  The size you choose is also a matter of preference; just keep in mind that the larger saunas usually come with a much heftier price tag.


Portable sauna packages can be very basic to very elaborate, the latter of which is typically loaded with features – features that may or may not be important to you.  Some sauna packages, for example, include a chair for you to use during your session.  However, if you already have a standard canvas chair, this may be a feature you can do without.

Other features to consider when purchasing a portable infrared sauna include:  hand-held heat and timer remotes; sewn-in pockets for storing keys, phones, etc. heated foot pads for soothing aching feet; holes for your arms; and washable neck collars, among others.

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