Block Out Loud Noises and Snoring with Good Ear Plugs

Do you have a sleeping partner that is keeping you up nights with his or her bear-like snoring? If so, you may be able to benefit from one of the ear plug packages described in the article below.

Here we have reviewed four of the top-selling ear plug products currently available for purchase, complete with some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with each product. We have also provided an ear plug buying guide that will help you understand exactly what to look for when shopping.

Best Ear Plugs For The Money (2018)

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Earjoy Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

The noise cancelling ear plugs from Earjoy are some of the most highly-rated and cost-friendly ear plugs on the market today.

Guaranteed to fit snugly into any ear canal, these ear plugs boast a flexible silicone base. Whether you plan to wear your ear plugs for a short nap on a plane, train, bus or automobile, or for extended periods of sleep, the Earjoy ear plugs never cause any pain or irritation.

The ear plugs are perfect for blocking out medium to high level noises, making even the loudest of environments friendly to your ears. This package includes 3 pairs of reusable ear plugs, each with a different purpose.

The first pair is designed to block out noises like snoring, outdoor work equipment, appliances, etc. while you sleep, making every night’s (or day’s) sleep as quiet as can be. The second pair is designed to protect your ears from water, making them perfect for swimming or when taking a bath. And the third pair helps block out ambient noise at places like concerts and even at work, enabling you to concentrate on the job at hand without a bunch of unnecessary distractions.


  • Price. These earplugs are one of the most affordable products on our list.
  • Versatile. This package includes 3 pairs of reusable ear plugs, designed for sleeping, swimming and blocking out ambient noise.
  • Guaranteed. With a lifetime money-back guarantee, this a virtually worry-free purchase.


  • Cordless. With no cord, the Earjoy nose cancelling ear plugs can be easy to lose.
  • No carrying case. Unlike other products in this category, there is no carrying case included with the Earjoy ear plugs.
  • No instructions. According to some Amazon reviewers, the ear plugs did not come with instructions, leaving people wondering which ear plugs were for which activity (sleeping, swimming, and industrial).

Woowexx Noise Canceling Ear Plugs

Made by the Woowexx Corporation, these great noise canceling ear plugs include a convenience package that includes cords and a handy carrying case.

To go along with these two cords are two sets of ear bud-style ear plugs, both of which are reusable. Made from silicone, the Woowexx ear plugs are multi-functional: they help block out nearby and faraway sounds when sleeping, such as snoring and construction machinery and they help keep the ears protected against dust, debris and water, when swimming or bathing.

Billed to be “no-itch” “allergy safe” ear plugs, these offerings from Woowexx are also great for travel—especially airplane travel, concerts and for workers who regularly use loud machinery and tools. The ear plugs are triple-flanged for user comfort, and the cord and carrying case make it easy to keep track of the ear plugs throughout the day.

Woowexx offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee—if you are not satisfied with the product you can return the ear plugs and accessories for a full, no-questions-asked refund.


  • The unique design of these ear plugs help them remain in the ears while sleeping.
  • The ear plugs are allergy free and safe to use.
  • The cords and carrying case reduces the chance of the ear plugs getting lost.


  • According to some users, the tips of the ear plugs are very fragile and can come off while cleaning.
  • Not designed to block out “very” loud noises.
  • They have been described as “sticky and thin,” and thus not very comfortable.

ALMA Noise Reduction Ear Plugs 

The ALMA noise reduction ear plugs package includes two pairs of “25 decibel” ear plugs.

The ear plugs are a must for those coping with a noisy, snoring sleeping partner, as they are ideal for blocking out medium noise levels and for muffling louder sounds—such as those produced by trains, airplanes and noisy lawnmowers and weed trimmers.

The ALMA noise reduction ear plugs also work great for musicians.  They allow them to play and enjoy live music Hi-Fi audio at safe levels, while blocking out high decibel portions that can damage the ear.  The ear plugs are hypoallergenic and non-toxic, made from the highest grade medical silicone.

They are very comfortable to wear and easy to clean.  Users can preserve this cleanliness by storing their ear bud-style ear plugs in the included premium aluminum case—a portable case that is water resistant and attaches to a keychain for the user’s convenience.


  • The handy keychain case makes storing and transporting the ear plugs very easy.
  • The ear plugs work well at blocking out medium-level noises, such as snoring.
  • The positive acoustic filtering rating makes these ear plugs perfect for musicians.


  • Based on MSRP, these are one of the pricier ear plug packages on our list.
  • The second pair of ear plugs, designed to mute or reduce louder noises, is thin and has problem staying in the ear.
  • NRR Rating of 25 is considerably lower than some of the other ear plugs on our list.

***ALMA noise reduction ear plugs is currently unavailable online so you may want to check Mack’s Ulta Soft Earplugs instead as it is also one of our to faves.***

Deliyee Soft Foam Ear Plugs

The Deliyee Soft Foam Ear Plugs are a great option for blocking out unwanted sounds while you sleep, making it possible to get a full and uninterrupted night of rest in a near silent and undisturbed environment.

These Deliyee foam ear plugs are perhaps the best value on our list, especially when you consider that the kit includes 25 pairs of single-use ear plugs. Perfect for those who dislike the idea of having to clean their ear plugs between each use, we highly recommend them for anyone on the go and for anyone who must regularly deal with harmful noise that can be potentially damaging to the ear.

The Deliyee Soft Foam Ear Plugs have the highest possible noise reduction rating (NRR) of 33, a figure that suggests they can block out all manner of medium to high decibel noises while sleeping. Measuring three millimeters in length, and made from soft foam, they are easy and comfortable to insert into the ear, and once they expand they become very effective sleeping aids.

People will experience little to no irritation with the Deliyee ear plugs; and the handy bedside jar and convenient pocket carrying case means users can consistently keep these ear plugs clean and ready to use.


  • Value. You get 25 pairs of ear plugs for the money, which makes this product a great value.
  • Soft. The foam makeup of the Deliyee ear plugs make them very comfortable to wear.
  • Versatile. Because their shape can be manipulated, they are perfect for all-sized ears.
  • Handy. The bedside jar and pocket carrying case makes these ear plugs very handy to use.
  • Highly Rated. NRR rating of 33 is the highest awarded by OSHA.


  • Foam ear plugs have the tendency to expand “too much” in the ears, and can hence fall out when sleeping.
  • Not recommended for swimming due to their makeup.

Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs: Buying Guide

When shopping for ear plugs, there are several things you should look for/inspect before ultimately making a purchase decision. Below are just a few factors/characteristics to consider:

1. Fit. When it comes to ear plugs, the phrase “one size fits all” is not very accurate. While foam ear plugs can generally expand or contract to offer a good fit in most ears, some of the other styles, which can be quite narrow, can fall out or wedge themselves loose during sleep.

2. Material. Ear plugs are typically made from foam or silicone. And while both can offer benefits in noise reduction, you should try out both styles before making your final purchase.

3. Noise Reduction versus Noise Cancelling. There are essentially two types of ear plugs marketed today: noise reduction and noise cancelling ear plugs. Noise reduction ear plugs will merely muffle outside noises, while noise cancelling ear plugs are suppose to block out all unwanted sounds.

4. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is a unit of measurement used to determine the effectiveness of hearing protection devices to decrease sound exposure within a given working environment. This rating represents the potential to reduce noise in decibels (dB). Ear plug ratings will typically have a NRR between 22 and 33, with 33 representing the best noise blocking capability.

5. Hypoallergenic. Those who have problems with skin allergies and irritation should definitely look for an ear plug product that is completely hypoallergenic.

6. Reusable vs. Single-Use. Silicone ear plugs are generally reusable, but they do have to be cleaned regularly. Foam ear plugs are generally intended for a single use, as they tend to lose their shape once used.

7. Cords/Carrying Case. Some ear plugs come complete with a cord that will protect them from falling or getting lost. You may also want to consider a package with a pocket or keychain-based carrying case for easy storage and transportation.

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