Sleep Better with Noise Cancelling Curtains

Nothing is worse than outside noise when you’re trying to catch some much-needed shuteye.

Whether your night job forces you to sleep during the daylight hours, or you are just trying to sleep in on Sunday morning after a long week of work, unwanted sounds, such as barking dogs, lawn care equipment, construction noise, trains and the blaring of horns, can make it near impossible to sleep.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, you now have some options for blocking out these unwanted sounds: noise cancelling curtains. Noise cancelling curtains help to block out sounds to a certain degree, and some even work to block out light and even insulate your room.

To illustrate this, below we have reviewed several different brands of noise-cancelling or soundproof curtains, and listed the pros and cons associated with each of these products.

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We have also included a handy Buying Guide for Noise Cancelling Curtains, which details everything you should look for when you set out to buy the perfect set of curtains for your bedroom.

Moonbeam White Sound Proof Curtains

If you’re forced to rest within a noisy environment, especially during the daylight hours, getting to sleep and staying asleep can prove very challenging to say the least. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied with the Moonbeam White Sound Proof Curtains.

Although no curtain can entirely block out noises from outside a window, this particular offering by the Moonbeam Corporation can reportedly reduce the noise level by 7 decibels, effectively blocking or at least muffling those pesky outdoor sounds that would otherwise keep you awake.

The Moonbeam White Sound Proof Curtains are a three-in-one room solution. Not only do the curtains help reduce noise significantly, they also block out the light by about 90 to 100 percent, and insulate the window and thus the room from both cold and hot temperature extremes, helping you sleep cozily and comfortably at any time of the day or night.

In addition to the sensory benefits offered by the Moonbeam White Sound Proof Curtains, customers can also expect up to a 37 percent reduction in their central heating costs and a measurable drop in air conditioning costs each and every year. The heavy fabric of the curtains is also very elegant and appealing, with very discreet stitching throughout.


  • Aesthetically pleasing. Compared to some of the other soundproofing curtains, the Moonbeam curtains look great in any room.
  • Many different sizes available. The Moonbeam White Sound Proof Curtains come in various sizes to fit any window.
  • Performs 3 functions. Not only are the Moonbeam Curtains great for soundproofing, they also work to darken and insulate any room.


  • Pricey. Based on the MSRP, the Moonbeam White Sound Proof Curtains are very expensive compared to other curtains on our list.
  • Soundproofing Questions. According to several customers, the claims of 7-decibel noise reduction are greatly exaggerated.

Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Home Theater Curtains

The dual-panel Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtains have a lot of great features that are absolutely worth mentioning. Their foam backed construction makes them very effective against unwanted light and unnecessary noise, blocking out nearly 100 percent of the light and the sun’s damaging UV rays and dampening outdoor ambient noises significantly.

There are also many thermal/insulation benefits associated with these curtains, thus helping them make a positive dent in your heating and cooling budget throughout the year.

Made from multiple passes of soft white foam, the material of the Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtains is an enemy of light and sound; of hot and cold. The visible or outward facing part of the curtains looks very elegant and classy—a velvet-looking fabric that mirrors those curtains used in movie theaters and screening studios.

Those interested in creating a home theater room—one void of intrusive light and sound—would be wise to purchase the Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtains. They are made entirely of polyester, and are easy to maintain and care for: completely machine washable and permitted to tumble dry on the low setting.


  • Great Blackout Curtains. The Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtains are great at blocking out light, giving a total blackout effect like those found in upscale hotels.
  • Easy to Care for and Maintain. The curtains are machine washable and can be dried either in the dryer or on a clothes line.
  • Home Theater Perfect. Those looking to create a home theater will love these curtains—the way they look and perform.


  • Ironing Required. Unlike some curtains on our list, the Absolute Zero Velvet Blackout Curtains must be ironed to maintain their shape and good looks.
  • Length. The length of these curtains may not be ideal for all windows.
  • Limited Color Options. These curtains only come in black.

Nicetown Blackout and Noise Reducing Curtains

Available in a wide variety of colors, the Nicetown Blackout and Noise Reducing Curtains are some of the best-selling curtains of this kind on the market, largely for their affordable price and effectiveness.

Although imported, the Nicetown Blackout and Noise Reducing Curtains are made from fine polyester and have the ability to block out 80 percent to 90 percent of light and harmful UV rays. All Nicetown curtains contain a microfiber-based thermal coating that enables them to maintain a constant room temperature without expensive cooling and heating systems.

Most importantly, their unique design helps them block out unwanted noise, allowing users to get a good night’s—or day’s rest while also providing much needed privacy from peering eyes. The Nicetown Blackout and Noise Reducing Curtains are ready to use right out of the box and their unique maintenance-free makeup means they never have to be ironed.

Lastly, the curtains come with durable grommet rings for tying them back when you want the light and sound to come through, making them one of the most versatile sets of curtains on our list.


  • Great Value. Based on the MSRP, the Nicetown Blackout and Noise Reducing Curtains are the most affordable on our list.
  • Many Options. The Nicetown curtains come in a wide variety of colors, making them ideal for every room of the house.
  • No Ironing. The curtains are easy to care for and never need ironing.


  • Poor Noise Reduction. The noise cancelling ability of the Nicetown curtains is not everything it is cracked up to be.
  • Displayed Colors vs. Actual Colors. The colors for the curtains shown online do not always match the color that comes in the box.

Noise Cancelling Curtains: Buying Guide

Getting startled awake by the neighbor’s dog or noisy weed whacker is nobody’s idea of fun, especially when there are a few more hours—or even minutes—left on the alarm clock. This is where noise cancelling curtains can come in very handy. However, before you set out to buy the first pair of soundproof curtains you come across, you will first need to know a few more things about these items and what to look for when purchasing them. To help you with this, below we have compiled this Buyer’s Guide, which details many of the aspects and characteristics common to these products.


While some manufacturers offer their customers a wide array of colors from which to choose, others merely offer one or two colors when it comes to soundproof curtains, such as black or white. A quick internet search can usually help you find just the right color to match your preferences and your bedroom’s color scheme.


Thermal or insulated curtains can help keep your bedroom/house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. These types of curtains can also have a positive impact on your energy bill. This is something you definitely want to keep in mind when shopping for noise cancelling curtains.

Proper Length

The proper length is everything in a curtain. Not only do curtains of the proper length look more aesthetically pleasing, they are also more effective at blocking out sound and keeping your room insulated. Before you set out to shop for noise cancelling curtains, make certain that you measure all the windows you’d like to treat.

Blackout Curtains

Noise cancelling curtains that can also serve as blackout curtains can add an extra measure of peace, calm and privacy to your room. Although a good majority of soundproof curtains can also double as blackout curtains, this is not the case with every curtain you will find.


Some noise cancelling curtains may need to be dry cleaned or treated with certain substances/chemicals in order to keep them clean. Needless to say, this can be a huge hassle that you do not need. Instead, try to find those soundproof curtains that are machine washable and do not need to be ironed after washing.


The material used to make your noise cancelling curtains will play a big role in how those curtains look and function. Most noise cancelling curtains today are made of polyester, which is a great all-purpose and washable fabric that rarely needs to be ironed. Other materials, such as cotton or even velvet may require a lot more care and attention.

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