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Meditation is a calming process designed to make those practicing the art feel more at one with the universe. And central to the practice of meditation is the meditation cushion upon which practitioners sit. According to instructors, a great meditation cushion can make all the difference in terms of the effectiveness of the exercise—which brings us to this article.

Below we have reviewed several of the hottest-selling and most popular meditation cushions currently available for purchase, including the advantages and drawbacks associated with each cushion. We have also compiled a Meditation Cushion Buying Guide, in which we will highlight and explain the various factors and characteristics you should definitely consider when buying one of these relaxation-promoting products.

Best Meditation Cushions & Pillows for the Money (2018)

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Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion

Made by a company that is renowned for its yoga and meditation products and accessories, the Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion is the result of 30 years of dedicated experience. The cushion features the traditional round design that is typically used in Zen meditation, and it can also be purchased in an extra-large oval shape for those who require or desire a bit more space. The meditation cushion is available in a variety of different materials, including 10-ounce Cotton Duck, 16-ounce planet-friendly hemp, or 10-ounce organic cotton fabrics filled with organic buckwheat that is manufactured in the United States.

Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion - Yoga - Multiple Colors, Sizes and Fabrics - Organic Buckwheat Fill - Made in USA

One of the great things about the Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion is that the fill is completely removable, which makes for easy cleaning. The buckwheat filling removes the problem of inflatable cushions, which can be very uncomfortable. Moreover, you will never have to worry about inflating and deflating your cushion every time you want to meditate. Very portable, the cushion is designed with an easy-carry handle, allowing you to take your cushion with you wherever you go.


  • Aesthetically pleasing. The exterior of the Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion is designed with beautiful and serene yoga patterns, and it is available in 42 different shades.
  • Refillable. The design of the Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion gives you the freedom of refilling whenever it is required.
  • Eco-friendly. The buckwheat filling in the Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion is very planet-friendly.


  • May be prone to infestation. When not properly cared for, the buckwheat hull of the Bean Products Zafu Meditation Cushion can be prone to mites and other unwelcome critters.
  • Can cause a bit of mess. According to some reviewers, occasionally the buckwheat dust from the cushion can spill out onto the floor, causing a bit of a mess.

Dharma Objects Traditional Tibetan Yoga Meditation Cushion

More of a meditation mat than a classic cushion, the Dharma Objects Traditional Tibetan Yoga Meditation Cushion is made with the finest cotton materials and filling. This cotton makeup is very hassle-free, with no need to inflate or deflate the cushion, and you won’t have to worry about any mess or mite infestation that can rarely happen with buckwheat filled cushions. This mat is also much sturdier than an air-filled cushion, and will therefore allow for more serene meditation sessions with fewer distractions.

DharmaObjects Traditional Tibetan Yoga Meditation Accessory Cotton Mat Cushion

The Dharma Objects Traditional Tibetan Yoga Meditation Cushion is available in a wide range of vibrant colors and some very interesting patterns, thus giving you the opportunity to customize your mat to fit your personality. The cushion comes with a handy carrying bag, making it quite portable. Some would say the mat bears a resemblance to those used traditionally in India, and all would agree the cushion makes a grand statement. The perfect mat for beginners who don’t want the hassle of inflatable cushions or the mess of traditional Zafu cushions, the Dharma Objects Traditional Tibetan Yoga Meditation Cushion is a great buy for the money.


  • Cotton-Filled. Because the Dharma Objects Traditional Tibetan Yoga Meditation Cushion is cotton-filled, cleanup is a breeze and there is never a worry of infestation.
  • Portable. The Dharma Objects mat comes complete with a handy carrying bag for easy portability.
  • Available in many colors. The Dharma Objects Traditional Tibetan Yoga Meditation Cushion is available in 29 vibrant colors and a whole host of traditional patterns.


  • Durability Issues. Because the cover of the meditation mat is so thin, it may wear out faster than the other cushions on our list.
  • Not as comfortable as thicker cushions. Because the Dharma Objects Traditional Tibetan Yoga Meditation Cushion is fairly flat, it is not as comfortable as the more classic meditation cushions.

Alexia Meditation Seat

The Alexia Meditation Seat is one of the more comfortable cushions on our list. The reason for this is the patented internal foundation of the Alexia seat, which helps your body find the ideal sukhasana pose—also referred to as the “easy seated pose.” This pose is used both in meditation and yoga as a way to ease hip tension and reduce stress, both physical and mental. The Alexia Meditation Seat is unique in that it forces you to raise your hips, while angling those hips forward. This promotes a pose in which the back is totally straight and the legs are folded comfortably underneath you—without the added pressure of your body weight.

Alexia Meditation Seat

The Alexia Meditation Seat is handcrafted into a lotus shaped design. This shape helps to support your lower body ergonomically, and provides total, all-in-one support for your lower back column, knees, insteps and feet. The meditation seat is made from only the highest quality materials, including vegan leather, and it is available in a variety of different colors to match your preferences. Although this is the most premium-priced meditation cushion on our list, we think you will find it is worth every bit of the money for the excellent way in which it supports your body.


  • Ergonomic Design. The ergonomic design of the Alexia Meditation Seat helps to promote the best in posture while reducing overall stress.
  • Durable. The fabrics and leather used to make the Alexia Meditation Seat are very durable, which makes for an extremely long-lasting cushion.
  • Many colors to choose from. The Alexia Meditation Seat is available in a variety of different lively colors and patterns.


  • Premium Priced. The Alexia Meditation Seat is the priciest meditation cushion on our list, so it may not be the best choice for the budget conscious.
  • No carrying case. Unlike the previous product, the Alexia Meditation Seat does not come with its own carrying case.

Meditation Cushion Buying Guide/Things to Consider

If you are currently in the market for a meditation cushion of some kind, there are several factors you should consider before buying—factors other than price. Here we will explain some of these factors in more detail to help you make the perfect choice for your needs.

What Type of Meditation Will You Be Doing?

The type of meditation on which you plan to embark is a major consideration when shopping for a meditation map. If you plan to do Zen meditation, for example, some of these techniques require that you assume a kneeling position. Thus, you will need a cushion that properly supports your knees. The rounded Zafu cushions are typically the mat of choice for this type of meditation.

Other meditation techniques require that you sit, such as the sukhasana pose. For this you will need a meditation cushion that is shaped more like a seat—one that supports your whole body while in the seated position. Still other techniques, such as shavasana, require that you lay down while meditating. When performing this technique, a meditation or yoga “mat” might be called for.

Once you decide on the type of meditation you plan to do, finding the perfect meditation cushion will be a lot easier.


Meditation cushions are available in plenty of different sizes, from small to XXL. When shopping, you should definitely look for a cushion that is large enough to easily accommodate you, but not so large that it becomes ill-fitting.


Meditation cushions are available in a variety of different colors and patterns. Hence, you may have to shop around a bit before you find just the right cushion—one that matches the décor in your home, and your personality.


As we mentioned above, meditation can be accomplished in several different positions, from sitting to kneeling to lying down. Below we will highlight all of these positions and the meditation cushion that best accommodates them.

  • Kneeling. If meditating from the kneeling position, the best meditation cushions are the Zafu cushion, Yoga Bolster, Rectangular Meditation Cushion, or Meditation Bench.
  • Sitting. When sitting to meditate, a chair-like cushion is usually best, such as the BackJack Chair, which provides the ultimate in support to the back, arms and lower body.
  • Lying Down. When lying down to meditate, such as in the shavasana style, your best bet is probably some form of yoga mat—one with enough cushioning to provide total comfort.

Do You Have Special Requirements?

If you are currently nursing an injury or if you have some type of chronic condition, you should definitely look around for a mat or cushion that best addresses your physical requirements. For instance, if you have lower back problems, make sure you purchase a meditation cushion that supports your spine and posture.

How Does It Feel?

Last but certainly not least, meditation is intended to be a peaceful and serene activity. However, that peace may not be possible on an ill-fitting cushion that does not provide comfort to you. For this reason, we highly recommend you try out several different types of cushions—for several minutes at a time—just to make sure you can achieve the highest level of comfort.

A First-Timer’s Guide To How To Do Meditation

Many people may think that meditation is a very simple task of sitting quietly only. However, it is a rigorous activity which may take you weeks, months or even years to perfect. Practice makes perfect even in meditation and the more you practice the better you become.

If you are a beginner, it is very important to look for meditation programs to guide you through meditation. These programs guide your thoughts in order to achieve the desired effects. Many people think that meditation is meant for relaxation only. However, meditation can also help in building your discipline and will power.

Building up

An easy way to do meditation is building up to a long mediation session. Though it may not have the immediate punch you get from all day practices, it is much easier to perform. All you have to do is to start with very brief meditation methods which are very brief and may take as little as one minute and later extending the duration as you continue.

Comfortable position

The most important thing you need to consider is making sure you are comfortable before starting your meditation session. If you are uncomfortable, you will not be able to shift your focus in order to mediate. Shifting your focus is what is what you need when you are meditating.

Make sure that your body is not in a position that can lead to discomfort or cramping. To make your body comfortable, look for a comfortable seat and make sure that you choose a position that you can hold for a longer period of time.

Avoid distractions

Make sure you eliminate all the distractions before you start. Distractions like your mobile phone ringing may break the momentum and deny you the benefits of mediation. You can avoid this by turning off your phone or changing its mode to silent. You can also turn off the TV or radio.

Practice guided breathing

This is a very easy thing to do. All you have to do is to look for a breathing pattern and maintain it. This will help make your mind clear of any stress and lower your heart rate in order to make you relax. For example, you may choose to breathe in to the count of 4 and count to five as you breathe out.

Focus your attention on one thing

Another important thing you need to do is to focus on a specific part of the body. You can decide to focus on your right thumb for example. Anytime your attention shifts, try to bring it back by focusing on your right thumb or any other part of the body you choose.

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