Best Inflatable Movie Screen For Backyard Movie Night

Having an outdoor screen is the ultimate way to watch a movie. Just imagine, you can invite your family and friends over, or even the whole neighborhood, if your backyard is large enough, and all lay out under the stars watching your favorite movie or TV show!

In this article, we review the best inflatable movie screens available to purchase for home use, including screens for all budgets and spaces available.

Mega Screen Inflatable Projection Screen by EasyGo (14ft & 16ft)

EasyGo offer inflatable screens in two different sizes, 14ft and 16ft. Both sized models inflate once plugged in and can reach full size within 2 minutes.

It comes with ties to anchor it down into grass, but not all users have reported the need to do this every time, it will largely depend on weather conditions.

Like many inflatable projection screens this make needs to have the motor running to keep it inflated. However, it is not a noisy motor and won’t be heard during viewing.

This particular model comes with a very useful carry bag to fold it away and store it when not in use. As it is lightweight you can even take it away with you on a camping or RV trip and invite the whole campground to watch a movie with you!

This screen supports front projection only.

What We Like: Super easy to set up and take down, screen detachable from the frame, lightweight and portable, fantastic value for money.

What We Don’t Like: Nothing not to like with this model.

Holiday Styling 16ft Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

This 16ft screen is similar in design to the above reviewed EasyGo model. It has the thick black frame that helps to protect the screen from any damage, as well as the same quick inflate and deflate time.

Ropes and pegs are provided to anchor your screen down into the grass should you need to, as well as a blower that is required to inflate it.

The screen is made from a white cloth material that attaches to the black frame with velcro. Attaching it to the base with velcro will ensure that the material can be pulled tight enough to avoid any creases.

Although this screen can support both front and rear projection, it is recommended by the manufacturer to project from the front as some viewing might be obstructed by the frame from the back.

What We Like: Really easy to put up and take down, great value for money, lightweight and portable.

What We Don’t Like: Not a lot not to like, the only thing is a storage bag isn’t included in the purchase. Separate ones can however be bought.

Loch IWS200 – 24 Foot Diagonal 

If you want a really super huge movie screen, you can go really large with this 24 foot model.

Incredibly for the size of the frame it only takes 50 seconds to inflate using the blower included in this movie screen package. Also included in the package is a storage bag, ropes and stakes. For the size of this screen it would be advisable to tie it down, even if the weather seems calm.

The screen is suprisingly lightweight and portable which is ideal for easy to storage. Owing to the size of the screen it can be viewed by a large number of guests making it suitable for larger family gatherings and community events.

This model supports both rear and front projection.

What We Like: The size – perfect for viewings with more guests, easy to erect.

What We Don’t Like: Screen isn’t detachable making it a little harder to clean.

Inflatable Movie Screen Buying Guide

What Else You Might Need

To play your movie or TV show you will also need a projector connected to a laptop or other movie playing device.

Ground stakes – if they are not included with your movie screen purchase you should consider buying some from your local hardware store. Even if the weather seems calm it will be much safer to have it all tethered down to the ground to avoid any accidents.

Storage case – some of the above packages come with storage bags. For the ones that don’t you will need to either purchase one separately or find another way to store your screen to avoid it getting damaged. Large garbage bins work well.

Budget The great news is you can easily set up your own home movie theater for under $500, and if you already have a projector, your set up costs will be even lower with some high quality movie screens coming in at under $200.

Maintenance and Care

It makes sense not to leave your movie screen erected outside any longer than it needs to be. Not only will it be subject to the weather elements, it might also be targeted by any local wildlife! The good news is, if you buy one of the screens with quick deflate times, this won’t feel like any trouble at all.

If you do need to clean the screen, you can either wipe it down gently with a cloth or put it in a washing machine on a cold gentle cycle. This is assuming you have a movie screen made from cloth like material – always refer to the manufacturers instructions to be sure.


Make sure that the location you intend to erect the screen has sufficient space to put it up and have a decent distance for viewers to sit back and watch it, they won’t want to have to crane their necks and be right up in front of it.

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