Best Hands Free Dog Leash For Running

If you enjoy to run and are also a dog owner, you might like the idea of combining the two; running with your dog. Whereas you can easily run with your dog on a regular leash, that is, holding the leash in your hand, it’s not ideal.

Why You Should Consider A Hands Free Dog Leash

  • Freedom for your arms and hands. If you like to move your arms in a certain way when you are running or jogging having a leash in your hand will become awkward, restricting your movement. Also, if you have your hands free to use it is easier to do other things like hold a water bottle, or adjust your playlist if you are running with an iPod.
  • You have a powerful dog. Although you should be confident in your ability to control your dog whilst out and about, sometimes the distraction of something else is too overwhelming for your pet to ignore. By having the leash secured around your waist you will have more control and strength, as well as there being a less likely chance of the sudden pull on the leash injuring you.
  • You already have an arm/shoulder injury. Perhaps you have weak upper limbs, or you have already suffered pain in that area. By not putting any additional stress on that area you will prevent any further or potential damage from occurring.
  • You want to train your dog. Having both hands free whilst still having total control over your dog is an excellent opportunity to take part in some training. It can be hard to hold on to a lead in one hand while trying to treat reward your pet with the other. This is especially true if you are clicker training, you can get yourself in quite a muddle! Using a hands free leash is particularly useful if you want to train your dog to not chase after cyclists and joggers.
  • You walk/exercise your dog while pushing a stroller. It’s nice to be able to take your dog out alongside your child/children. By using a hands free leash you can put both hands on the stroller and have total control without the risk of your dog pulling your arm and in turn the stroller. Leashing your dog around your waist when pushing a baby or young child in a stroller is a far safer method.
  • You enjoy hiking and other off road activities. If you regularly go out hiking and climbing it makes sense to include your dog. Having your hands available is essential if you need to hold on to rocks or other objects to steady yourself. Having the leash around your middle will also lessen the chances of your dog pulling you over in any mud.

What To Look For In A Running Leash


The durability of the leash is vital. You want to make sure it is made from a strong material that won’t fray and break on you at the most inopportune moment. Make sure you weigh your dog before purchase and get a leash that is suitable for their weight range. A bungee style material is preferable as not only do they allow the dog to run a little further ahead without creating too much tension on the lead, they also act as a brilliant shock absorber, protect your back and hips from injury should your four legged friend decide to randomly run on with a little too much gusto.


You will need to factor in your height when choosing the length of a dog running leash. If you are a tall person you will need a longer lead, and conversely if you are shorter you will require a short lead. Many leashes are adjustable, or are made out of bungee style cord, making them ideal for all heights. This will also allow other family members to take part in exercising with the dog.


Choosing a color for your dog leash goes beyond what coordinates with your running gear 🙂 Consider getting a brightly colored leash, or at least some with reflective material on it to ensure that other people can easily spot you, especially if you are running at dusk or night. You can further protect your safety by attaching a safety light to your dog’s collar and/or lead.


Some leashes come with accessories such as multiple storage pouches to store away treats, keys, phones etc, as well as a carry pouch to store the leash in when not in use.


A harness isn’t preferred by everyone, but it is worth doing your research to find out why they might be kinder to use on your dog, especially when running with them, and even more so if they are a puller (you might want to look into a no pull dog harness).

Hands Free Dog Leash Reviews

Tuff Mutt

Main Features

  • 48″ lead length
  • Bungee cord lead
  • 2 easy access handles for added control
  • Easy glide belt clip
  • Reflective thread
  • Choice of 5 colors
  • 100% money back guarantee

The Tuff Mutt ticks all the boxes when it comes to buying a durable and effective dog running leash. With the actual lead part made from bungee cord, placed between two handles that you can access at your hips to control where you dog is running. This is a really nice feature, enabling you to move your dog to one side if they keep on running right in front of you. Likewise, the dog can happily move from side to side via the belt clip that can slide along the belt you have around your waist.

The lead is 48″ in length allowing your dog enough freedom to run ahead while still giving you the opportunity to control where he is.

The lead also has some reflective thread running through it making it suitable for running in darker conditions, but you might still want to attached a flashing light if you decide to run at night.

YouThink Hands Free Dog Leash

Main Features

  • Multiple ways to use leash (including as a double dog leash)
  • Suitable for dogs up to 150lb
  • Includes a treat pouch, silicone portable water bowl, waste bags, waste bag holder
  • Made from strong dual bungee material
  • 37″ lead, extendable up to 64″
  • Adjustable belt for different waist sizes (26″ to 48″)
  • Easy glide belt clip
  • Reflective stitching
  • 60 days money back or replacement and 1 year warranty

This dog leash set from YouThink offers excellent value for money. Not only do you get a high quality leash and waist belt, you also receive some bonus gifts, including a silicone portable water bowl that collapses for easy storage, as well as a storage pouch to put it in. The creators of this leash set have really thought of everything by also including some waste bags as well as a waste bag holder. The storage pouch that comes with it is large enough to fit in all the essentials you might need to take with you.

Comfort hasn’t been compromised either, the adjustable waist belt is padded, making it a comfortable fit around your body.

Pet Expert

Main Features

  • Lead made from bungee material
  • Suitable for dogs up to 150lbs
  • Reflective stitching
  • Extra handles on waist belt for extra control
  • Lead length – 62.2″
  • Waist belt fits up to a 42″ waist

Pet Expert have produced an economical option for hands free dog leashes. The lead is essentially all you need to run hands free with your dog. The bungee cord lead is suitable for holding dogs up to 150lbs, as well as having extra handles to control your dog should you need to.

The reflective stitching and brightly colored leash will ensure you are seen by others.

The only thing that lets this leash down is the waist belt isn’t made from padded material so could hurt if you don’t have sufficient clothing underneath to protect you. Other than that a great budget buy for running with your dog.



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