The Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, choosing the right hair dryer is vital. If you use the wrong kind of dryer you could potentially damage your hair. Hair dryers give off an intense level of heat and fine hair is very sensitive to damage. While most people envy finer hair for how sleek and shiny it is, the truth is the wrong styler could easily ruin that.

Here are some of our top picks for the best hair dryers for fine hair, as well as some tips and advice for caring and styling your hair.

It IS important to understand what to look for. Fine hair is very sensitive; it’s sensitive to damage and excessive heat. The wrong kind of hair dryer could cause frizz due to overheating, or it could leave your fine hair with flyaways and burnt looking ends.

Consider the following before buying a hair dryer:

Smoothness: Most hair tools make a lot of claims; the promises made are what make us reach for them. One of the most important promises you should look for is smoothness. A hair dryer that claims to give you sleek and smooth hair will be able to avoid any frizz or flyaways.

Ions: Ions are one of those scientific-sounding things that are actually pretty straightforward. Hair dryers that generate more ions are going to work to give you silkier hair. Fine hair can look gorgeous as long as it’s silkiness it maintained, so you need to find a dryer that’s going to achieve that.

Cool Shot: Most hair dryers will come with this, but always make sure it’s there. A cool shot is ideal to help avoid overheating. Your fine hair is very sensitive and prone to damage, so you need to take all the precautions needed. A cool shot can be ideal to give your hair breaks between the severe heat you place on it.

Hair Dryer Reviews for Fine Hair

Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watts Hair Dryer

Considering how much time we spend with a hair dryer in our hands, it’s understandably intriguing to hear of a hair dryer that apparently feels weightless. The Rusk W8less Hair Dryer claims to be the first revolutionary hair dryer that weighs next to nothing. But, does it work?

Main Features

Powerful, yet lightweight
Ideal for use with hair of any length
Uses far-infrared heat to reduce drying time
Cool shot button
7 heat/speed settings
8” Cord
Removable Rear Filter
Concentrator nozzle

This tool really is not gimmicky at all. It delivers. The Rusk W8less hair dryer feels extremely light in your hand which just makes the hair drying process a lot easier. The lightness works to help you perfect each section of hair and glide across it easily.

In terms of fine hair, this hair dryer is perfect. Not only does it come with a cool shot to help you cool your hair down during the process, but the far-infrared heat and 2000 watts really work to smooth your hair down and avoid any frizz. It works amazingly to give you a silky smooth finish.

I love that this comes with 7 heat/speed settings to really help you out, it’s perfect for fine hair because you can stick to a lower heat setting to avoid damage.

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Carrera2 Dryer

Porcelain is rarely a word we see when it comes to hair tools, that’s what makes this hair dryer so interesting. BaByliss is a classic brand in the world of hair tools, and this time they’ve really found a way to stand out with their unique formulation

Main Features

Porcelain ceramic and ionic technology
1900 Watts
State-of-the-art professional AC motor
Rubberized housing
6 heat/speed settings
Extremely narrow slide-on concentrator
Cold shot button

The first thing you notice with this is the unusual rubberized exterior, and this was actually one of my favorite things about this dryer. This texture actually really helps you get a good grip on it and makes the process a lot smoother.

The most important element here is the porcelain ceramic technology. The way the porcelain works is that it works to avoid overheating your hair, it doesn’t strip your hair of moisture like most blow dryers do. This works to heat your hair whilst avoiding any possible harm. That makes this is a top pick for finer hair.

Ionic technology is also at play with this hair dryer, which is why it also achieves the sleek and smooth finish you’re looking for. It  has a cold shot option which makes it the perfect package.

6th Sense Styling Technology Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

This French brand’s high salon quality hair dryer just had to make the list. The Professional Ionic Hair Dryer makes the claims we’re looking for, and adds professionally styled hair to the list.

Main Features

1600 Watts
Dual ion generator
Unique on/off switch; ON gives you sleek hair, while OFF builds more volume
Salon design includes patented ergonomics that ease the hand, arm and shoulder strain associated with normal hair dryers.
10 foot cord
Anti-shock buttons
2 heat and speed settings
2 different concentrator nozzles

The 6th Sense Hair Dryer works miracles to give you professional results, and understandably so since it’s typically a salon used hair dryer. This dryer produces a more thorough and luxurious look.

The Dual ion generator is one of the highlights of this tool. There is actually a button on the hair dryer to turn on the Ion generator, and once it’s on it works to give you an insanely gorgeous finish. The ion generator is what gives this tool that extra edge and takes things one step further to achieving seriously silky hair.

Alternatively, you can switch that generator on if you’d rather build volume. This is also an amazing option if you have fine hair but want a big blown out style, this tool gives you many versatile options.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer

BaByliss PRO has given us yet another option to work with. This hair dryer is part of their infamous Nano Titanium range, a range that has seriously excelled when it comes to straighteners and curlers. But how did it do when it comes to hair dryers?

Main Features

Powerful 2000 watts for faster drying
Ions reduce frizz & static
Leaves hair shiny, smooth & silky
6 heat settings
6 speed settings
2 fan speeds
Removable filter for easy cleaning
Lightweight, ergonomic handling
Cool shot button
Concentrator nozzle

The BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Dryer is seriously impressive. This dryer releases such a powerful flow of heat using the nano technology; it’s crazy how quickly this can dry your hair. It really makes the process much faster. It  comes with 6 heat and speed settings, so you can really personalize it according to your needs.

The cold shot option on this dryer works amazingly well, often with hair dryers the cool shot is just less hot – but this one is actually really cooling. The cold shot will help avoid damage on your hair, but more importantly it can help you lock in your style.

Ionic technology is at play here as well, and it really works amazingly! This hair dryer will remove any and all frizz, and it really works to avoid getting flyaways. It heats your hair enough to make it extra smooth and sleek, but it luckily also works to avoid stripping your hair of any moisture.

Remington AC 2015C T Studio Silk AC Professional Hair Dryer

Remington is another classic brand that has impressed its fans for as long as we can remember. They always deliver quality products at an affordable price point. Their take on hair dryers are no different.

Main Features

Silk Ceramic Grill
1875 Watt motor
3 heat settings
2 speed settings
Diffuser attachment
Concentrator attachment
Cool shot
Removable air filter
Hang loop
Soft touch paint
Advanced Ceramic technology
Ion generator

This hair dryer is a fine haired girl’s dream, the perfect end to the list!

The Remington T Studio Silk AC Professional Hair Dryer has all the qualities you could need to handle your fine hair. It has the intense heat needed to dry efficiently, while also offering alternate heat settings if you have more sensitive fine hair that really can’t handle intense heat.

It offers an Ion generator option that really works. The advanced ceramic technology and the ceramic grill are what really allows this tool to generate more ions, and it’s these ions that are going to grant you frizz free and silky sleek hair!

The T Studio Silk hair dryer comes with two attachments; there is the concentrator attachment which is ideal for precise styling and to help you apply more heat to areas that need it, but it also comes with the diffuser attachment that is more general and can help give you bouncier curls and more texture.

Both of these options are ideal for all hair types but specifically for fine hair – the diffuser can really help you achieve some volume while drying your hair.

My one concern was that the dryer was slightly loud, and a few users have complained of this. But they have also all agreed that the results that are given really make it worth it.

The loudness is coming from the salon professional AC motor, but it’s this exact motor that helps give you a powerful airflow for amazing results.

Styling Tips & Tricks for Fine Hair

Here a few dos and don’ts when it comes to styling your fine hair:

DO Use this Shampooing Method

There are a few specific ways you can wash your hair to help avoid it looking flat or too greasy which are both very common ailments when it comes to fine hair. To begin with, you can focus the shampoo at the very roots, allow it to flow down to the rest of your hair naturally and then don’t apply it directly to the ends. This is a method hair stylists swear by to help clear up any greasiness, but avoids stripping your hair of the moisture it needs throughout its lengths.

DON’T Use Conditioner

Now this is a shocking tip that’s hard to accept, but what I really mean is that you should avoid using it on your roots! Conditioner does amazing things for our hair and it can keep your ends sleek and smooth; but applying it right at the roots can give you oilier hair faster, and it can also leave you with a lot of flatness up there.

DO Use Heat Protectants

As I’ve mentioned earlier, fine hair is extremely prone to damage. It’s really important to treat it well and protect it as much as you can. That is why it’s an absolute must for you to use heat protectants before ever styling your hair to help avoid as much damage as possible.

DON’T Back Comb or Tease

Fine hair can often be limp, that is why fine haired girls are often doing whatever it takes to get some volume in there. While I agree that volume is necessary, back combing is not the way to achieve it. Back combing can really damage your hair and lead to breakage. The best ways to achieve volume is to use a good texturizing spray or to blow dry your hair with your head upside down. This gives your roots some elevation and can help fake volume.

DO Get Layers

Having layered hair is the best way to help with your fine hair. Layers are infamous for faking volume and texture. If you have layers, any hairdo will instantly look more textured and voluminous. Get layers put in and your styling process will always be easier and have amazing results.

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  1. As someone with thin hair, I have to say that it’s been a huge challenge for me when it comes to finding a hair dryer that works with my hair.

    • I have thin, fine, straight, limp, flyaway, static hair with a bit of frizz. I have just bought the Revlon Salon Performance Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer. With the ion ON leaves me with very greasy looking and feeling hair only after a few hours of drying. I’m going to try with the ion OFF but it may be the ceramic that is making my hair greasy. What is a really good hairdryer for my hair type, I’m literally pulling my hair out 🙁


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