19 of the Best Generators for Home and Camping

Whether you’re caught in the middle of a horrendous hurricane or simply enjoying the great outdoors with camping and other activities, a generator for home and camping can be your best friend.

In the recent past, our neighbors in the Bahamas underwent the most devastating destruction brought on by Hurricane Dorian.  In addition to the Carribean island, the Carolinas took quite the pelting from Dorian as well. It was estimated that over 200,000 residents were without power.

Natural disasters can cripple even the best of us,  and the lack of power can make the situation almost unbearable. 

Bare necessities such as our everyday appliances – television, space heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners, washers and dryers, electric stoves, and of course lights… start to take on a new level of importance. 

For  those who rely on electricity to maintain health-related appliances and medical equipment, being without power could be a matter of life or death. There’s no denying that generators do save lives during a power outage. 

Whether generators are used during a disaster or for camping, purchasing one ahead of time is a great idea. Then you can rest assured that you will always have power when you need it.

Below are some of the best generators on the market. We’ve highlighted some of the best features that show why they stand out.

At 48 pounds, WEN 56200i is a super quiet choice in a generator for people who have a low tolerance for noise. The enables the user to have their lights and electronic devices charged without the loud noise associated with typical generators.

This generator comes with a one-gallon tank that produces 6 hours of power at 50% load for your small appliances. It comes with two-three prong input of 120V, a 5V USB port, and a 12V DC outlet and 51-decibel operating noise level.  In addition, it offers an automatic shutdown when it’s low on fuel to protect your devices from damage.

First off, Generac Standby generator is expensive, and unless you live in a big house or are powering a commercial space, then you might opt for something smaller and more portable. This heavy-duty generator has solid steel construction and is ideal in all weather conditions. With a full tank of gasoline, Generac will power your home for weeks if need be. This generator will power several air conditioner units with other appliances in a home simultaneously without any problems. If your home is very large or you’re just looking for high-performance, you may want to consider the Generac 7043.

At 170 pounds, this recoil start generator is excellent for emergencies, camping or tailgating. It comes with a collapsible handle, and wheels for effortless movement. It produces 8000 watts of power, lasting for 10 hours at 50% load with an 8.3-gallon capacity fuel tank for all sizes of appliances during a blackout and can even power an RV.

Other features are two-120V outlets, a 30A 120V twist-lock outlet, a 30A 120/240V L14-30R, and a 50A 120V/240V port.

This solar/lithium powered generator is practical and safe. And because it doesn’t use fuel, it ticks all the boxes for efficiency, eco-friendly, portability, and noiselessness. While it will not light up your whole home, it is a great power source during storms and hurricanes, camping and fishing or other outdoor activities.

Whether you want to charge it through a wall outlet or use the power from the sun, you will see the value in this generator to maintain your devices and small appliances.

It produces a power of 288 watts, and with 3 AC outlets, 4 DC Ports, 4 USB port, this generator will charge your laptops, phones, drones and electric toys, small refrigerator and the lights in your home or RV. If the sun goes down and you are far from a power source, Aeiusny generator comes with a lithium battery too.

At a little over 440 pounds, the WL 18000VE generator is exceptional for all appliances and will comfortably power a mid-size home without problems. The Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine has a starting power of 18,000 watts and an operating power of 15,000 watts producing enough power to last 14 hours at 50% load.

Furthermore, it comes with different sized prong plugs allowing you to plug just about any appliance directly to the outlets without any need for an adaptor.  Even though the WINCO doesn’t have collapsible handles, it will serve you well for camping, other outdoor events and of course,  your home.

If you need a stable power source during a storm for your home and all your appliances, then the Briggs & Stratton is the choice for you.  You will need the services of a professional to install a switchboard in your home that will bring power when the generator is on.

Producing the power of 20,000 watts, this generator automatically cools itself maintaining a reasonable temperature during operation to prevent overheating or fluctuations in power supply.

Other features include very low noise level at 68 decibels, keeping noisy vibrations down fairly low when it’s in operation.

Generators don’t have to be loud, heavy and consume fuel. The Yeti 400 is a solar-powered generator that allows you to charge your mobile device, watch television, laptops, and lights when in a blackout.

This small device may not charge large appliances in the home, but it will be able to perform basic light duties at home or while camping. One big advantage of the Goal Zero Yeti is the fact that  it doesn’t need fuel or oil, which allows you to use it inside your home–zero-emission and noise.

The champion portable generator is a lightweight device that runs on a 171cc engine to produce starting watts of 3100 and an operating wattage of 2800 for 8 hours at 25% load. If you want clean energy, quiet operation and less maintenance, the Champion inverter is your best buy. With just .6 quarts of oil, this generator will run smoothly providing power to charge your basic electronics during a blackout. The higher the amount of load, the noisier it becomes. Otherwise, the 3100 watt generator is very quiet.

It has no wheels, but this lightweight generator will light your space up during a storm, at camp or when enjoying outdoor events.  It is easy to install, and the recoil function starts the generator with just a single pull. 

With a starting power of 4000 watts and a running power of 3000 watts, the DS4000S will conveniently power your television, refrigerator, a small cooling or heating unit and the lights when you go camping.

At 13 pounds, this generator will run for 20 hours depending on the load it is carrying on a full tank of gas without any power surge at home or outdoors. 

Although the Honda EU3000iS will not carry large appliances in your home, it will keep your devices (laptop, phones) charged and the lights on too.

This is one of the best emergency generators on the market that will keep your home powered for almost 10 hours producing 5000 watts of power on a full gas tank. 

The GP550 runs on an OHV generator with starting watts of around 7000 and running watts of 5500 which is great for small homes and sensitive electronics. While it doesn’t have a switch over function, it does possess a variety of power outlets of different voltages for your appliances.

This two-stroke recoil start generator is an economic power supply unit for your home in the event of a blackout or for camping. 

At 1200 watts, the power produced by a 72cc engine will conveniently power a small refrigerator, small appliance and lights for up to 8 hours on 50% load with a single full tank.

With a one year warranty, this single-cylinder engine comes with 2(120V) outlets and a single 12V DC output to power small, less sensitive devices in the home.

At 200 pounds, this power generator from Westinghouse is safe, semi portable, and easy to use. It produces enough power during emergencies. With a starting watt of 9000, it runs on 7500 watts of power for 11 hours on 25 percent load on a 6.6-gallon fuel tank.

The WGen comes with two start options: a push-to-start button, and recoil to start button with a 4 stroke engine that’s great charging your electronic devices, small appliances and powering your RV during a campout. It also comes with 4 (120V) power outlets and an L14- 30R 120/240V AC twist-lock outlet to power outdoor lights during an event or camping.

Yamaha is known for producing anything that moves, and as a standard name in motorsports, it is no wonder why this eco-friendly gas-powered generator is compliant in all 50 states of the US for its zero-emission, fuel and noise efficiency as well as  ease of use.

Fitted with a muffler, this Yamaha generator operates in silence allowing you to enjoy a quiet time anywhere it is used; it produces clean power and is great for small appliances and lights throughout the house or at a campsite.

There is absolutely nothing better than knowing you have full control of your power source and can easily substitute the fuel when you run out of another.  The R4400DF from Rainier allows you to do just that. A powerful generator producing 3600 watts when operational will work for 18 hours straight at 25 percent load with 65 decibels and minimal emission. 

It is a great source of power when waiting for the electricity to return after a storm, or for use when camping.  Aside from the dual fuel option, it also has dual starting mechanism – the electric push to start, and the recoil pull to start. Either way, the Rainier generator is easy to start and functions just fine in any circumstance.

Get ready to beat the darkness with this made in the USA generator for emergencies, dur storm outages or for camping.

This EPA certified generator produces 15 Horsepower and works for 11 hours at 50 percent load on an 8-gallon fuel tank capacity. 

It uses an electric key start and comes with wheels for easy movement to and from the venue with low noise production of 76 decibels.

Furthermore, it comes with 4 (120 volts) AC outlets, a 120 volts twist-lock outlet, a 120/240 volts twist-lock outlet and a 12 volts DC to power all your appliances and the house during a storm.

We all have priorities, and if your desire is a small, clean, quiet and portable power source that will charge your devices and power your camp light, then think Generac inverter generators.

This inverter generator produces raw power which is transformed from DC to AC, controlled by a computer inverter module. The engine speed, fuel consumption, and sound are minimal, depending on how much load it is carrying when operational. 

As mentioned above, the 6719IX 2000 will charge all power-sensitive devices without any power surge. You can take it with you anywhere with its compact and lightweight design. It will run for almost 5 hours with a full tank of fuel.

For homeowners, restaurants, condos, hospitals, and large establishments, Kohler is a name associated with reliability and efficiency. This single phase 20,000 watt power system produces an unbelievable 64 decibels of noise when it is running and stays so in all conditions.

It comes with the option of automatic transfer switch allowing your premises to have light within seconds of a blackout. It provides the choice of propane gas or natural gas, with less power surge for delicate and power-sensitive home appliances and electronics.

This is one heavy-duty generator built to outlast the storm and hurricane and pretty much any weather condition. It will not only power your whole house and appliances, it also produces clean energy for your power-sensitive devices and small appliance around the home.

With a massive 12,000 watts, the XP12000EH gives you the option to run on either liquid propane or gasoline. Although the XP12000EH is a heavy generator  with its powerful air tires and collapsible handles, it can be easily moved around to anywhere you need power.

Well, there you have it, our list for some of the best generators on the market to help you weather the storm or or simply enjoy outdoor activities like camping with friends or family.  Don’t be caught off guard and left in the dark.

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