Easy Lawn Watering with an Expandable Garden Hose

Are you sick and tired of heavy, awkward hoses that always seem to kink or leak when you need them most? Do you wish there was a simpler solution for your everyday watering and washing needs? Well, now there is—in the form of an expandable garden hose.

To help you become more familiar with these items, below we have reviewed several of the best-selling and most popular expandable garden hoses currently on the market today, and highlighted some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with each of these items.

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We have also compiled an Expandable Garden Hose Buying Guide, in which we have outlined some of the factors and aspects you should definitely consider as you shop for—and ultimately purchase—one of these types of hoses.

Canopy 25-Foot Expandable Retractable Garden Hose

Lightweight and resistant to kinks, the Canopy 25-Foot Expandable Retractable Garden Hose is made from flexible materials that ensure a hassle-free watering experience.

Update: This product is currently out of stock now, so you may want to check one of our favorite alternatives.

Measuring 25-feet when fully expanded, the coiled hose can reach into most areas of your yard and garden, and when finished, it retracts for easy and compact storage. The pipe of the hose is made from a strong double layer of crack-resistant latex—latex that outperforms that of other products in this class.

The Canopy 25-Foot Expandable Retractable Garden Hose is equipped with heavy-duty nickel pipe fittings that are designed to withstand even the highest water pressure without leaking. Best of all, the built-in shut-off valve is a very convenient feature that will save you from having to walk back to the water connection source every time you need to shut down the flow of water.


  • Crack-resistant. Made using a double layer of latex, the Canopy 25-Foot Expandable Retractable Garden Hose is very crack resistant.
  • Lightweight. With a weight just over one pound, the hose is light enough for anyone to use, including children and seniors.
  • Great maneuverability. The latex and tough covering on the Canopy 25-Foot Expandable Retractable Garden Hose are very flexible.


  • Poor water stream. Some users have lamented that the Canopy 25-Foot Expandable Retractable Garden Hose produces a low stream of water even when fully extended.
  • May leak. The hose may leak at the user end when a sprayer or sprinkler is attached.

Joey’s Garden GHNBV Expandable Garden Hose

The Joey’s Garden GHNBV Expandable Garden Hose is a very durable option for homeowners, boasting strong brass connections that are guaranteed to be leak proof.

The inner lining and fabric of the hose are also very tough and durable, and users will never have to worry about rips, tears or other damages. The hose extends to 50 feet when fully expanded, and once the water shuts down it retracts to a small size that can be easily stored away.

At 2.5 pounds, the Joey’s Garden GHNBV Expandable Garden Hose is one of the most lightweight 50-foot hoses on the market today. As a bonus with this purchase, users will also receive a free carrying bag, which makes it easy to take this great hose wherever you need it.


  • Durable Design. With brass fittings, crack-resistant latex and a tough cover, the Joey’s Garden GHNBV Expandable Garden Hose is designed to last.
  • 12-month warranty. The garden hose is backed by an impressive 12-month warranty against any manufacturer defects.
  • Free carrying bag. Purchasers of the Joey’s Garden GHNBV Expandable Garden Hose will also receive a free carrying bag.


  • Faucet connection leaks. When secured improperly, the hose can sometimes leak near the water source connection.
  • Can retract during use. When the water pressure is too low, the Joey’s Garden GHNBV Expandable Garden Hose can begin to retract prematurely.

FitLife Best Expandable Garden Hose

One of the premier hoses of its kind, the FitLife Best Expandable Garden Hose is guaranteed to never tangle, twist or kink.

Available in many different sizes, the largest FitLife hose measures 100 feet when fully expanded and weighs a measly 4.5 pounds, making it very easy to maneuver. When the water shuts off, the hose retracts into a basket or hose reel until it is needed again.

The FitLife Best Expandable Garden Hose features a triple layer of latex wrapped by a high density outer covering of polyester fabric. It is made with standard US ¾ inch brass fittings and comes with premium washers that prevent leaks on both sides of the hose. Endurance tested to 1,100 to 1,200 uses under a water pressure of 145 PSI/10 Bar, the hose is burst-free crack-free and leak-resistant and is guaranteed to last.


  • Brass fittings. The brass fittings on the FitLife Best Expandable Garden Hose are 100 percent leak proof.
  • Durable construction. Made with a whopping three layers of tough latex and a strong outer covering of polyester, the hose is built to last.
  • Many sizes available. The FitLife Best Expandable Garden Hose is available in sizes of 25 feet, 50 feet and 100 feet.


  • Longer hoses may not fully retract. Sometimes, according to users, the longer, 100-foot FitLife Best Expandable Garden Hose does not fully retract when the water shuts down.
  • Short warranty. Unlike other hoses, which offer a warranty of 12 months or more, the warranty on this hose is only 180 days.

Expandable Garden Hose Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying an Expandable Garden Hose

If you’re tired of dealing with bulky, heavy and impossible to roll standard hoses that can leak and kink you should definitely consider buying an expandable garden hose. However, before you spend money on just any old hose, there are a few factors and characteristics you should definitely consider. To assist you in buying the perfect expandable hose for your lawn and garden, below we have listed a few of those considerations.


When it comes to choosing the perfect expandable garden hose, perhaps the most important consideration is the length of that hose. Although you may be tempted to buy the longest hose available, keep in mind that longer hoses are not only heavier and more awkward to move and store, they also tend to be much pricier than their shorter counterparts.

Of course, buying a shorter hose than you actually require is not a very smart move either. With that strategy, parts of your garden and yard may have to go un-watered because the hose will not reach, and you may be tempted to stretch and pull a short hose past its limits, thus damaging the connections and make it susceptible to leaks.

Instead, you should first measure from the hose connection to the point in your yard or garden that is furthest away from it. This will enable you to deduce the ideal size garden hose you need, and prevent you from buying one that is either too long or too short.

Material Used to Make the Expandable Garden Hose

Back before garden hoses were available in expandable materials, they were commonly made from vinyl, rubber or a combination of the two materials. Vinyl was the least expensive hose type, but it was vulnerable to cracks, kinks and splitting. Rubber hoses were more durable than their vinyl counterparts, but they were also very pricey.

Expandable garden hoses have taken some of the hassle out of watering, but they can still vary in terms of the quality of materials. Expandable garden hoses are typically made from layers of stretchable latex that are covered with tough, weather-resistant fabric (usually, but not always, polyester) to protect the vulnerable inner layer (s). Hoses that are not well made may only have a single layer of latex, and/or may be covered by a cheap fabric that does not stand up to heavy use or various climates. Hence, you should look for a hose with at least a double or triple layer of latex—underneath a tough, weather-resistant fabric.


The strength of a hose is measured using a rating called “burst pressure.” This measures the pounds per square inch (PSI) of water that a hose can hold before it bursts and begins to leak. When shopping for an expandable garden hose, try to look for one with a burst pressure that is at or above 350 PSI—which is the standard for most of these kinds of hoses.

Hose Thickness

Hose thickness refers to the size of the hose, measured in diameter, when it is fully expanded. The standard for most hoses in terms of thickness is ¾ of an inch; although some hoses can expand to 5/8 of an inch or greater. Naturally, the thickness of the hose will determine how much water can flow through it. If you are merely planning to use your expandable garden hose for projects around the house, the standard ¾ inch thickness is all you should need.


The fittings on a garden hose are defined as the two ends, one of which screws onto the water connection source and the other to a sprayer, sprinkler or other watering device. Fittings can be made from a variety of materials, including brass, copper and plastic. We recommend you skip over any hose with plastic fittings, regardless of price. Plastic fittings can get chipped or broken and thus ruin the functionality of your hose. Copper fittings, with a new washer on the inside of each, are of much higher quality than brass, although the latter material will do in a pinch.


Although all expandable garden hoses are—or at least should be—flexible when the water is shut off, they tend to have various degrees of flexibility when the water is running. Try to select a hose that is flexible enough to go around corners and into hard to reach areas, but no so flexible that it kinks every time you turn a corner.

ON/Off Valve and Other Extras

Some expandable hoses come with an on/off valve on the hose itself, which allows you to stop the flow of water without walking all the way back to the water connection source. This is a very nice feature that can save you a lot of time when working in your garden.

Other extras that may come with your expandable garden hose include a carrying bag for easy portability; a sprayer of some kind; and even extra washers that will ensure years of leak proof connections.

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