Choosing The Best Dog-Proof Trash Can for the Kitchen

Dogs like trash—it’s a universal truth. Whether you have a big dog who enjoys munching your discarded supper from the standing position, or a little dog that has figured out that an upended trash can often equals a tasty midnight snack, the kitchen trash can be a receptacle of great frustration and tornado-like messes when a canine shares your household.

And as we all know, some of the trash in that kitchen waste trough can be unhealthy or harmful when ingested by greedy dog appetites, making them feel sick or worse if they happen to gain entry. Fortunately, there are now several manufacturers that have come up with a workable and reasonable solution to this dilemma—a solution in the form of “dog-proof trash cans” for the kitchen.

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To help you avoid any additional messes or potentially dangerous trash can scenarios at the hands (paws) of your pooch, below we have reviewed several of the most popular and bestselling dog-proof trash cans, including the advantages and drawbacks associated with each product. We have also included a Buyer’s Guide, in which we will discuss the various things you should look for—and the factors you should consider—when purchasing a dog-proof trash can for your home.

Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

To look at the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can, you might never know it can hold up to 16 gallons of trash easily. That’s because its sleek, tall design belies this fact. Along with this large capacity—which makes it great for large families and busy households—the trash can is equipped with a lot of nice features, not the least of which is a slide lock, which locks the lid in place, making it virtually impenetrable to dogs and small children. The strong and very durable hands-free steel pedal is carefully engineered to last for years—or up to 150,000 uses/steps over its lifetime.

As its name implies, the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can has a semi-round shape design, but the back of the can was made flat to ensure it will fit snugly against any wall. Thanks to the company’s patented SHOX technology, the slow-close lid is quiet and simple to use, and the wall bumper it is equipped with is designed to protect your walls and appliances from scratches and dings. The trash can works perfectly with 13-gallon size trash liners—the standard for larger kitchen-size trash cans.


• Scratch-Proof. The Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can is made of tough black plastic that will never scratch.
• Large Capacity. This 50-liter (13-Gallon) trash can typically go for days without being emptied.
• Flat Back Design. The Flat Back Design makes the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can fit great against any flat wall.


• Light. The lightweight design of the Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can may make it easy for pets and small children to tip it over.
• Not great in corners. The flat-back design that makes this trash can perfect against walls, is not very stable in corners

Home Zone Stainless Steel Rectangular Step Trash Can

The tough and sturdy Home Zone Stainless Steel Rectangular Step Trash Can is designed to look great in any kitchen, but it can also be used in other rooms of the house, as well as in the garage. Its uniquely-designed slow-close lid works great in preventing pet accidents, and makes it a breeze to drop all of your trash at just one step of the stainless steel pedal—a hands-free pedal that will keep the lid open while depressed, drop it slowly upon release, and is built to truly stand the test of time.

Aesthetically pleasing thanks to its shape and stainless steel makeup, the Home Zone Stainless Steel Rectangular Step Trash Can also includes a removable plastic pail that utilizes a rubber band to hold the bag into place. Collectively these features ensure a tight fit when used with any standard size trash liner and a hassle-free emptying experience.


• Slow-close Lid. The slow-close lid gives you more than enough time to dump the trash you have.
• Durable Pedal. The durable pedal—good for thousands upon thousands of steps—ensures your hands will never come into contact with the trash can.
• Aesthetically-Pleasing. The stainless steel design and rectangular shape of the Home Zone Stainless Steel Rectangular Step Trash Can makes it a great looking addition to any kitchen.


• Bulky. The bulky design of the Home Zone Stainless Steel Rectangular Step Trash Receptacle can make it hard to manipulate.
• Lid may stick. The lid can stick in both the down and up positions, according to some reviewers.

Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can

If you’re looking for a smaller trash can that looks great in any room, look no further than the Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can. Ideal for small kitchens, bathrooms, under desks and under sinks, the trash receptacle includes a lockable lid that deters hungry pets and curious toddlers. It also has a sturdy steel pedal that opens and clothes the lid smoothly, and the classic round shape and stainless steel finish make it look like just another appliance.

The finish on the Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can resists smudges and prevents fingerprints, making cleanup a snap. It also includes an inner bucket that lifts out easily. This inner bucket keeps trash from accumulating on the inside of the can, and makes it easy when it is time to dump it.


• Great for corner spots. The round design of the Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can makes it great for corner spots in the kitchen.
• Small. This mini-trashcan is the perfect choice for small spaces like apartments or for storing it under a desk or sink.
• Great Warranty. The 10-year warranty on this trash can is one of the best in the industry.


• Lid may stick occasionally. Some users have reported that the lid on this trashcan can sometimes get stuck in the open position.
• Difficult bag removal. Due to its compact size, it may be difficult to retrieve very full bags from this trash can.
• Must Dump Often. At only 7 gallons, this can will need to be dumped more often than some of the other trash cans on our list.

Dog-Proof Trash Can Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a high-quality dog-proof trash can for your kitchen (or anywhere else in the home), there are several factors you want to consider, as well as a number of things you may want to look for prior to making your final purchase. Some of these aspects include:


Trash cans for the kitchen come in various sizes, and it is those sizes that give each trash can their overall capacity—the amount of trash that can fit into each can. The exact size you select is, of course, a matter of preference, but you should keep a couple of things in mind when picking out a size, including:

• Family size. If you have a large family, it usually stands to reason that you will accumulate more than your fair share of garbage, and will thus require a trash can that is larger in size—13 gallons or more. Conversely, single individuals or couples may be able to get away with a smaller and lighter trash can—like a 7 gallon can, as they are bound to accumulate less trash than households with a lot of residents.

• Location. The location of the dog-proof trash can—where it will be—is another consideration when picking out a properly-sized can. If the trash can is going to be in the kitchen, you may want to choose something smaller than an outdoor-based trash can, as the latter can be very large and not very aesthetically pleasing. Also, the size of a kitchen trashcan should be dependent on the intended proximity to the larger cans in the garage or backyard. That’s because very small dog-proof trash cans will need to be emptied more frequently than larger kitchen trash receptacles.


Most dog-proof kitchen-based trash cans are made from one of two materials: plastic and stainless steel. Both of these materials have advantages and disadvantages.


Plastic trash cans are fairly durable and very lightweight, making it easy to empty the can into larger trash bins. When upended, perhaps by a pet, plastic trash cans will usually not scratch your kitchen flooring, but they are usually easier for pets to access, especially larger pets that have been known to chew through the low-grade plastics used to make some of the less expensive trash cans.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel trash cans are heavier to empty than their plastic counterparts, but if you use a trash can liner this should not be a huge concern. Stainless steel is also more durable than plastic, thus making it harder for a pet to access the trash; and with many different designs, some of these trash cans can actually be very aesthetically pleasing, even matching the stainless steel décor of your kitchen.


The stability of your trashcan should perhaps be your primary concern when you have pets in the house; the last thing you need is to have your trash can tipped over in such a way that the odorous and messy trash gets strewn across the floor. In most cases, the sheer weight of stainless steel dog-proof trash cans make them more secure and stable than their plastic counterparts. This extra weight, particularly with small dogs, can actually prevent the can from being upended. However, you should also consider factors such as how tightly the lid fits on the can, how it fits against walls and in corners, and how well the bottom of the trash receptacle sits on your kitchen floor underneath.

Ease of Use

It goes without saying that a dog-proof trash can will have to have some kind of lid to keep the trash away from your pets. With that in mind, you should definitely consider how easy the trash can is to use. For example, will you need to lift and replace the lid every time you want to throw something away? Or does it come equipped with a foot pedal that opens the lid automatically? Other features that make trash cans easier to use include slow close lids that give you time to dump all the trash, and plastic pail liners that make it easy to dump the can when full.

The dog-proof trash can you ultimately select is something you will use every day so it only makes sense to purchase one that is both easy to use and protects your floor from curious or hungry pooches.


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