Best Desk Bike for Every Situation: 2020 Buying Guide

Winter is near, and it’s almost time to take your bike inside for the winter, but don’t worry you can still cycle indoors! If you’re always at your desk, or spend hours and hours a week at the office, a desk bike sounds perfect for you!

What is it?

A desk bike is a seat-less bike that goes under your desk, or can be placed anywhere you are sitting. Instead of having to hit the trail or the gym, you can get your cardio in at your leisure. Stick it under your desk and cycle while responding to emails or typing up the quarterly notes. You can even roll it in front of the couch and bike a few miles while you binge on Netflix!

What does it do?

A pedal bike can give you a full aerobic workout from the comfort of your couch, desk, or even while sitting down for dinner. Using a pedal bike helps increase your metabolism, helps you burn calories, and gets your heart rate up—all without having to throw on sweats.

10 Best Desk Bikes to Keep You Active!


DeskCycle- To Improve Your Health

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The DeskCycle has multiple resistance ranges and eight calibrated resistance settings to make your workout full customizable. The magnetic resistance keeps your workout tough, but is quiet enough that no one even knows you’re working out! The LED display keeps you in check, ensuring that you hit all your workout goals.


  • 8 calibrated resistance settings
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Ultra-quiet
  • LED display


  • If you have a drawer under your desk, you’ll have to significantly lower your chair
  • If your chair has wheels, you’ll have to maneuver it to fit your chair and desk comfortably

Pedal Exerciser by Vive- For the Beginner


The Pedal Exerciser by Vive  is compact and easily moved, fitting under any desk. You can completely customize your workout with the adjustable resistance settings, and the Pedal Exerciser is low impact, and great for beginners. Large LCD display shows your rotations per minute, calories burned, time elapsed, speed, and distance traveled.


  • Compact design
  • Nonslip, non-marking feet
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Nonslip pedals
  • LCD display


  • Resistance may not be intense enough for healthy individuals
  • Toe straps are stiff

MagneTrainer- For Those Who Need to Save on Space

The MagneTrainer Mini Exercise Bike is compact and lightweight, and has a sturdy steel frame to ensure that it doesn’t wobble or teeter while in use. Magnetic resistance allows you to intensify your workout on the sly—your coworkers can stay focused on their work while you stay focused on yours.


  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Electronic monitor display
  • Runs on a single AA battery
  • Ultra-quiet magnetic resistance
  • Sturdy steel base


  • Vinyl plastic pedals can be stiff
  • Pedals can be difficult to assemble

Exefit Desk Exercycle- For the Budget Conscious

The Exefit Desk Exercycle  can be used with either your hands or feet, making it a multipurpose machine. The anti-slip rubber feet keep your bike perfectly balanced and sturdy all throughout usage. The LCD display screen shows time elapsed, distance traveled, the count of movements made by cycling during different sessions, total calories consumed.


  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • LCD display
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Adjustable pedal size


  • You might have to adjust your desk or chair to accommodate the Exefit
  • Adjustable pedals can become stiff

Stamina In-Motion- To Switch Things Up; An Elliptical


The Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is a great alternative to an elliptical at the gym. Different from a traditional desk bike, the elliptical is quiet, easy-to-use, and a low impact design that can fit perfectly under your desk.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low-impact design
  • LCD monitor tracks stride, exercise time, and calories
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Non-slip pedals


  • The short stride can feel less rhythmic
  • Not a substitute for a real elliptical

FitDesk 2.0 – Lose the Desk Altogether

The FitDesk 2.0 lets you cycle on a full-size bike—with a desk attached. Better suited for those who work from home, or someone who does a lot of work on their laptop, the FitDesk 2.0 is a durable, built to last piece with a high-quality gearbox. Not only does it alleviate the need for a desk, the FitDesk 2.0 is quiet, with a twin belt, high-velocity flywheel to keep you upright, active, and focused.


  • Nonslip desk
  • Easy access drawer
  • Digital resistance meter that tracks mileage, calories, and time
  • Adjustable seat back
  • Quiet operation


  • The seat is not comfortable for long use without the extra seat cushion (sold separately)
  • Larger computers may wobble on the FitDesk 2.0

Vive Portable Pedal Exerciser- For a Low Impact

The Vive Portable Pedal Exerciser allows you to switch it up, by varying the intensity of your workout, all from the comfort of your desk! Not only can you pedal away during the work day, the Vive Portable Pedal Exerciser is lightweight enough to put it on top of the desk and tone your arms as well! The non-slip rubber will keep it in place no matter how you use it, and you can burn calories whichever way you like!


  • Digital LCD display tracks calories, RPM, speed, and time
  • Adjustable tension
  • Non-slip rubber feet pads
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Can start to squeak with constant use
  • May need to adjust chair to use comfortably

Stamina InStride Cycle- Best Basic Model

The Stamina InStride Cycle makes picking out a desk bike as painless as can be. The basic model has an electric progress monitor to check how you’re doing, as well as sturdy rubber straps to keep you in place. If you want to switch it up and push yourself, the adjustable tension knob takes the fuss out of workout intensity, making it as easy as a twist, so that you can get back to pedaling!


  • Adjustable tension knob
  • Basic, no fuss model
  • Great for someone just starting out
  • Sturdy rubber straps
  • Electric progress monitor


  • Takes up more space than other models
  • Can begin to click with constant use

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical – For Shorter Desks


The FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical provides an alternative to pedaling; get the workout without hitting your knees on the bottom of your desk. The FitDesk Elliptical can be used with desks as low as 25 inches tall, while the quiet operation ensures your coworkers—and you—stay focused and on task. The foot shifter allows for hands-free tension adjustment, so you can keep your hands on your keyboard!


  • Foot shifter tension adjustment
  • Ultra-quiet machine
  • Built in wheels and grab handle
  • Easy to transport
  • Rolling foot massager built in


  • Can begin to squeak with constant use
  • Does not come fully assembled

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise Bike- For Extra Stability


The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise Bike is the perfect desk bike for someone who needs a little more stability when they use a desk bike. It comes with a handle for both stability and portability, and has safety pedal straps to give riders extra support. The LCD display keeps track of your time, speed, ODM, distance traveled and calories burned!


  • LCD display
  • Handle for stability
  • Pedal straps
  • 8 level micro tension controller
  • Ultra-quiet machine


  • Pedals do not allow for a wide range of motion
  • Can knock and click with constant use

Our Top Picks

Picking a desk bike can be tough, so we’ve narrowed it down for you:

  1. The DeskCycle is the perfect all-around desk bike. Not only is it quiet and easy to transport, the DeskCycle has multiple resistance ranges and eight calibrated resistance settings to make your workout fully customizable. No matter what kind of workout you prefer, be it using your hands or feet, the DeskCycle is an overall do-it-all machine. It’s even great for swimmers who are looking to strengthen their stroke!
  2. The MagneTrainer is an ultra-quiet machine, and perfect for use in discreet settings—like on a conference call, or in the cubicle next to the nosy coworker! It is both compact and lightweight, and has a sturdy steel frame to ensure that it doesn’t wobble or teeter while in use. Whether it’s the office or in front of the TV, the MagneTrainer is so quiet and easy to use, you’ll never miss a minute of your favorite shows!
  3. The Pedal Exerciser by Vive is perfect for beginners! Customize your workout with the adjustable resistance settings, and the Pedal Exerciser is a low impact desk bike. This bike is perfect for someone who has never biked before, or someone who wants to stay active no matter what they’re up to. For someone looking to strengthen or someone who isn’t able to sit on a traditional bike, this is the perfect starter machine!

No matter which desk bike you choose, pedal on, get fit, and have fun!

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