Keep the Bugs Away with These Zappers

Are flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects becoming a problem at your home or place of business?  If so, you could probably benefit from a quality bug zapper – one that can solve your pest problem without the use of odorous and dangerous chemicals and without any messy, unattractive pest strips.

To help you find just the right bug zapper for your situation, below we have reviewed several of the most popular products in this category – including their pros and cons – and provided a Bug Zapper Buyer’s Guide that points out the various factors you should consider when buying one of these helpful units.

Best Bug Zappers On The Market (2018)

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Bug Zapper Reviews

1. Hoont Electric Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper

Boasting high intensity 20-watt ultraviolet bulbs, the Hoont Electric Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper is effective against a wide variety of creeping, crawling and flying pests.  A death trap for bugs like flies, the zapper is designed with a highly charged metal grid, one infused with high voltage electricity that kills bugs on contact.

Instead of using harmful pesticides that can stink up your house, or unattractive strips that simply look disgusting and unhygienic, you can easily control your pest problem using the aesthetically pleasing Hoont Electric Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper.  Once the device is plugged in, it immediately goes to work with no mess and no fuss.  To keep it out of reach of children, the bug zapper comes complete with a ring that allows you to mount it on the wall.  However, it can also be used as a free-standing unit.  The insects that meet their fate in the Hoont Zapper are collected on a tray at the bottom of the device – a tray that can simply be removed every so often for cleaning, and easily replaced once cleaned.

The Hoont Electric Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper has a five foot cord that reaches easily from the wall to any standard electric outlet, and the 20-watt bulbs do a fantastic job at attracting bugs from over 1,000 feet away.  The device is ideal for a variety of locations, including inside your home, the patio, schools, hospitals, restaurants and office buildings – or anywhere that pesky flies and flying insects become bothersome.


  • Quiet.  Unlike some bug zappers, which make an annoying noise when bugs are caught, the Hoont Electric Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper merely traps the insects with no noise.
  • Easy to Mount.  There are a variety of mounting options with this bug zapper, which comes complete with some of the mounting hardware.
  • Indoor/Outdoor.  The Hoont Electric Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper can be used either indoors or outdoors for a variety of flying or crawling pests.


  • Small Range.  The 1,000 foot range of the Hoont Electric Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper is relatively small compared to other bug zappers.
  • Questionable Effectiveness against Mosquitoes.  According to some users of this product, it is “great at attracting flies, but not so much when it comes to mosquitoes.”

2. Aspectek 20W Electric Indoor Bug Zapper

Using two powerful ultraviolet bulbs (10 watts each), the Aspectek 20W Electric Indoor Bug Zapper is the perfect device for defending your home against a wide range of annoying insects: including flies, mosquitoes, moths, and others.  Much like the previous model, this bug zapper uses the UV lights to attract the bugs into the unit, where an electrical grid makes them wish they didn’t enter.  The unit is equipped with a handy, easy-to-clean mesh screen that protects you and your family from accidentally touching the electrified grid.

Maintenance on the Aspectek 20W Electric Indoor Bug Zapper is always a snap.  The dead insects can be cleaned from the collection tray just by snapping it off and replacing it the same way;, and the 2-watt bulbs can be changed once the device has been unplugged for about 2-3 hours – ensuring all of the electricity has left the grid.  Boasting the highest kill rate on the market, the Aspectek 20W Electric Indoor Bug Zapper is also one of the safest zappers in the industry – as rated by the CE and RoHS certification boards.

The Aspectek 20W Electric Indoor Bug Zapper has openings in both the front and the back, allowing it to attract and catch insects from both sides. Its compact design makes it very mobile and portable and it can even be used outside provided there is a screened area with a roof.  Installation of this unit is very simple and hassle-free, as it essentially comes ready to go right out of the box.  Once plugged in, the electric grid goes to work killing insects across the bug spectrum with its 2800 volts of electricity, and the grill is even self cleaning to ensure it is always ready for the next flying pest.  And finally, with a range of 6,000 square feet, the Aspectek 20W Electric Indoor Bug Zapper is one of the widest ranging zappers on the market.


  • Mesh Screen.  The protective mesh screen on the Aspectek 20W Electric Indoor Bug Zapper will help keep you and your family safe from the electric grid.
  • Easy installation.  Because this unit is essentially ready to use right out of the box, the installation is fast and easy.
  • Good Range.  With a range of 6,000 square feet, no bug within that perimeter is safe from the Aspectek 20W Electric Indoor Bug Zapper.


  • Indoor only.  Unless you have a roofed or screened-in patio, the Aspectek 20W Electric Indoor Bug Zapper can only be used indoors.
  • Bulky.  Some customers have complained that the unit looks a little bulky and awkward when hung.

3. Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device

One of the most effective bug zappers on the market for attracting and killing and wide variety of flying insects, the Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device boasts a whopping 1,200 watts of ultraviolet light power to lure indoor insects at a range of 1,200 square feet, and to control outdoor insects from as far as 2 acres away, effectively putting a bug-free force field around your home and yard.  The unit, which stands just over 26 inches in height and has a diameter of 13 inches, can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and can be used for both residential and commercial settings.  The bug zapper is a great tool to have mounted where flies and other flying insects tend to congregate:  including around pet yards, pools and other locales where there is standing water; around dumpsters and trash receptacles; and even in barns where the fly problem can be atrocious.

The industrial-sized Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device features a glow-tube, glow-panel reflector that uses ultra-violet lights for maximum attractiveness to insects and superior catch capability.  The AC-powered “killing grid” generates an incredible 5,600 volts and 2.5 amps of power, and the 67-inch power cord makes it easy to hang the device almost anywhere insects tend to be a problem.  The removable collection tray makes emptying and cleaning the device easy, and its 360 degree design allows it to lure and catch insects in every direction.  The attractive, yet strong plastic housing not only helps the unit withstand any weather condition, it will also look great wherever you decide to place or hang it, especially when compared to disgusting fly strips and other types of zappers.


  • High End.  The Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device looks and operates like a high-tech piece of machinery, and is extremely effective.
  • Indoors/Outdoors.  The bug zapper works great both indoors and outdoors.
  • Powerful.  With 5,600 volts of zapping power, the Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device is one of the most powerful zappers on the market.
  • Easy to install.  The zapper comes ready to use right out of the box.


  • Large.  The Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device is one of the largest devices of its kind on the market today, which might be a problem in smaller homes or apartments.
  • Premium Priced.  Due to everything the Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device can do, it may not seem budget-friendly at first glance (but it’s worth it).

Bug Zapper Buyer’s Guide

Nothing is worse than when flies disrupt your outdoor BBQ, or when mosquitoes invade your evening solace on the deck or patio.  However, you no longer have to be a prisoner to these uninvited pests.  Below we will show you the various factors to consider when purchasing a high-quality bug zapper to combat the problem.

Types of Bug Zappers Available

In the category of bug zappers, there are several different types to choose from.  Here’s a brief look at three of them:

Insect Traps

An insect trap attracts insects (flying and non-flying) into the unit with light, and then utilizes a vacuum to suck them into a chamber – where they will eventually die of dehydration.  This chamber can then be emptied about once a week.

Bug Zappers

Like the insect trap, a bug zapper lures the insects with UV light – in this case, flying insects only – and an electrified grill kills them on contact. These grills put out a variety of voltages, so be sure to read the box and the instructions very carefully. With these units, the bugs fall into a collection tray that must be emptied every so often.

Electric Bug Swatters

Shaped like a fly swatter or tennis racket, an electric swatter utilizes DC (Battery) power to electrify the “strings” of the wand.  When an insect is swatted with this, it is electrocuted and dies.  These devices are very portable, but they do not collect the dead insects – you will have to pick them up individually.

Indoor, Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor

Bug zappers are designed to be used indoors, outdoors, or sometimes both.  Once you identify where your bug problem exists, you can select the right type (or types) for you.

Noise Level

Do you like the noise a bug zapper makes when an insect is killed?  Does it feel like an accomplishment?  If so, you should definitely look for one with an exaggerated noise level.  If not, there are many indoor-based models that are ultra-quiet and make virtually no noise whatsoever.

Chemical Attractants

Most bug zappers use UV lights to attract bugs like flies and moth.  However, certain flying insects are not necessarily attracted to the light, which is why some manufacturers also include chemical attractants that give out an odor to attract other insect species.

Design/Protective Features

Bug or insect zappers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  Many are shaped like a bird house, while others have more unique designs.  Some even have protection features, like wire mesh that will protect you and your family from accidentally getting zapped. Be sure to check out a variety of different zappers before making your ultimate purchase.

The Proper Range

Range is very important in a bug zapper, and a larger range does not always mean better protection.  Keep in mind that you are only trying to protect your house from the bugs – and not the entire neighborhood.  Therefore, carefully measure both the inside and outside of your home and yard, and select a bug zapper that is as close to that range-in square feet-as possible.

Built-in Timer

A built-in timer is a unique and convenient feature when you are, for example, only trying to catch the flies during the daylight hours when they are most active, or zap the mosquitoes during the evening when they are most active.  The timer will allow you to set your zapper for only those hours you need it, which will save on electricity and protect your peace and quiet from the noise some bug zappers can make.

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