Best Beekeeping Suit Buying Guide 2020

Beekeeping is a popular hobby, not only is it a rewarding pastime, it’s also beneficial to our environment and world. And of course the honey tastes pretty good!

You will need some essential beekeeping equipment to get you started, and top of that list should be a beekeeping suit.

But which one should you get? Read our beekeeping suit reviews and buying guide to help you choose the best one for your needs.

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What To Consider When Buying A Beekeeping Suit

There is quite a varied range of suits available for beekeepers, varying in cost, material and features. Spending the money on a quality beekeeper suit is recommended. Not only will the protection offer you peace of mind when you are tending to your bee hive, but the comfort of the suit will make the experience more enjoyable.

Main Features

Many of the suits share similar features, and you should look for the following as a minimum;

  • Ample pockets to store any equipment
  • Hood and veil
  • Elasticated at the ankles and wrists
  • A quality material providing enough protection from stings

The Fit

Always go by the measurement chart provided by the manufacturer. Different brands will run at different sizes. Measure yourself to make sure you make an accurate choice when choosing a size. Remember you will want a bit of space in the suit to allow you to wear clothing underneath, but not have it too large or you’ll be tripping over it and feeling uncomfortable. Make sure the arms and legs are going to be long enough so that they don’t ride up and expose any skin areas.

Beekeeper Hat and Veil

Making sure your head and face is protected should be a priority. Many suits have a detachable hood and veil making it necessary that there is adequate protection to close any gaps around your neck. Veils can vary from suit to suit. A popular choice is that by Humble Bee, a veil with 360° mesh for maximum ventilation and viewing in those hot summer months.


The type of fabric the suit is made from is an important factor. The main thing is it must be able to protect your body from stings. Most are made from polycotton; a mixture of cotton and polyester. This type of fabric will protect you whilst being easy to clean. A ventilated choice might be preferable if you feel you might overheat in anything else. They usually are made from two layers of fabric with a foam insert in between to protect you from any stings whilst maintaining air flow.

What Else You Need

Aside from the suit, you will also need to buy some beekeeping gloves to protect your hands and arms. Make sure you get some that have extra protection and are long enough to overlap the suit around the arm area. If they can attach to your suit in any way that is even better.

Beekeeper Suit Reviews

Humble Bee Aerated Beekeeping Suit

Main Features

  • Made from premium 100% synthetic fabric with lightweight foam insert
  • Heavy duty brass zippers
  • Double stitched pockets
  • Polycotton cuffs
  • Various sizes to fit both men and women
  • Elasticated waist, ankles, thumb and foot holds.
  • 360° mesh for unobstructed viewing
  • Deluxe carry case included
  • 7 pockets

Humble Bee are one of our preferred brands of beekeeping suits. They pack in a variety of features to ensure that their products meet all the needs of both beginner and more advanced beekeepers.

This particular suit has comfort in mind with material made from a 100% synthetic fabric. The design has been cleverly thought out with the inclusion of a lightweight foam woven in between the fabric. This ensures you are kept cool in the warmer months without compromising protection.

Humble Bee provide elasticated wrist and ankles, together with thumb and foot holds. The extra thumb and foot holds give you the extra protection by ensuring the arms or legs don’t ride up and risk exposing any skin.

Another feature that we really like is the 360° mesh in the hood. This not only gives you extra ventilation but provides maximum viewing opportunity. It also allows more light in to the hood area, making the experience of wearing a beekeeper suit more comfortable.

The suit also comes with a deluxe style carry case made from a tough canvas cloth with a strong brass zipper.

And as a nice added bonus Humble Bee donate 10% of earnings to not-for-profit organizations such as bee conversation projects and any groups that improve and encourage local beekeeping activities.

Humble Bee produce 3 styles of suits;

Aerated 420 (the above reviewed suit) Check it out on Amazon >>

Ventilated 430 (4 pockets, made from 50% cotton/50% synthetic with 100% synthetic (220gsm) ventilation panels Check it out on Amazon>>

Polycotton 410 (10 pockets, made from 50% cotton/50% synthetic) Check it out on Amazon >>

NATURAL APIARY – Apiarist Beekeeping Suit

Main Features

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Material – 65% cotton, 35% polyester
  • Reinforced extra thick collar
  • Elasticated arms and ankles
  • Detachable veil
  • Large pockets
  • Key fob

The beekeeping suits from Natural Apiary are a popular choice, offering maximum protection and practicality. The choice of sizes (from XXS up to XXXL) together with a choice of 5 colors (white, camouflage, khaki, pink and sand) makes it a suitable choice for everybody.

The deep pockets are useful to carry items and the cotton/polyester material makes it an easy suit to wash in a machine. The elasticated arms and ankles are a necessity, ensuring that no bees can sneak up sleeves or trouser legs. You can be confident that this beekeeping suit will provide you with maximum protection.

Mann Lake Economy Beekeeper Suit

Main Features

  • Available in medium, large and x large
  • 60% cotton and 40% polyester
  • Elasticated around wrists and ankles
  • Elasticated loop around thumbs
  • 5 pockets
  • Heavy duty zip at ankles
  • Self supporting collapsible hood/veil

This is another heavy duty beekeeping suit to help protect you from bee or wasp stings. As with other styles the elasticated wrist and ankle areas give you the extra protection from any over inquisitive bees, as do the added elasticated thumb loops that help to keep your sleeves pulled down.

There are 5 pockets in total, 2 on the chest with covered flaps and a further 2 located in the hip area. There is also a pocket on the leg which is perfect for storing any additional hive tools.

The heavy duty zippers located on the ankles make it easier to put on and remove the suit.

The self supporting veil offers lots of protection with a double layer of material on the back of the hood.


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