Have Fun This Summer With A Backyard Badminton Set

The summertime: It’s a season to which we all look forward every year. Warm weather, friends and family, and the smell of backyard BBQ are just some of the aspects that make this season so appealing. And while waiting for those steaks, burgers and dogs to reach their optimal temperature, what could be better than a relaxing and spirited game of backyard badminton? Badminton is a wonderful family sport that can engage players of all ages, sizes and ability levels, and unlike other sports, where you need a specialized court or field to play the game, a badminton set can be erected anywhere, including in your very own backyard.

If this sounds like a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, you may just be in luck. Here we have reviewed several of the most best-selling and popular badminton sets currently available; sets that contain all the necessary parts and pieces you need to create the perfect backyard badminton court. We have also included a Badminton Set Buyer’s Guide, in which we will discuss the various things to look for when buying one of these products, along with several factors you should consider before making a final purchasing decision.

Best Badminton Sets for the Money (2018)

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Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set

If backyard sports are your games of choice, the Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set is definitely a must-have product. This set comes complete with everything you need to set up a regulation badminton (or volleyball) court, including a tough, all-weather nylon net; two fully adjustable poles that can be erected at different heights; boundary lines with metal stakes, 4 high-quality badminton rackets, 3 easy-flight shuttlecocks or birdies, and a Baden Match Point Volleyball made from quality materials. It also comes with a carrying case which allows you to transport your badminton/volleyball set to the backyard of a friend or family member, the park or even the beach.

Whether you prefer badminton, volleyball or both, the easy set-up of the Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set allows you to easily set up the correct court and transition between games. The top-of-the-line aluminum poles are very sturdy and durable. They are powder coated to resist rust in all weather conditions, and the nylon rope that holds the poles in place is super strong.

Perfect for family get-togethers, picnics, day trips, summer camps and more, the grab-n-go Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set will keep your summer fun and extremely active.


  • Strong Poles. The materials used to make the poles on the Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set are very strong and durable.
  • Combo Set. Unlike some other sets, which are packaged just for badminton, this set allows you to create a regulation volleyball court as well—and even includes the volleyball in the purchase price.
  • Powder Coated. The powder coating on this badminton/volleyball set enables the poles to withstand any and all weather conditions.


  • Small Carrying Bag. Some reviewers have complained that it is difficult to fit all of the included gear into the carrying bag once it has been removed.
  • Problems with Net. Because this is a combo badminton/volleyball set, and because the regulation net size for volleyball is longer than that of badminton, the net, when playing badminton, is too long and has to be wrapped around the poles.

Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set

One of the higher end badminton sets in terms of quality, the Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set is made by a manufacturer whose name is synonymous with a wide range of sporting goods and apparel. This set includes all the necessary gear to erect a regulation badminton set in your backyard, including:

  • Two well-made aluminum poles
  • A mesh net made with 1.2 inch thick nylon
  • Four tournament-quality badminton rackets
  • Four birdies or shuttlecocks—2 competition quality goose feather shuttlecocks and 2 practice birdies
  • Handy carrying bag
  • Boundary Lines
  • And more…

Made to withstand all the demands of the game and the weather, the Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set has poles that are powder coated for long-lasting durability, a premium nylon net that can weather smash after smash, and waterproof tarpaulin tape at the top of the net that will never tear or fray.


  • Very complete package. The Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set is a very inclusive package that includes everything you can think of to set up a badminton court, right down to the boundary lines and net tape.
  • Durable Net. The weather-resistant net is made from thick nylon mesh that can withstand all the pressures of the game.
  • Tournament Quality Rackets and Birdies. Unlike some of the other lower end badminton kits, the Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set includes rackets and shuttlecocks that are actually used on professional courts.


  • High End. The high-end nature of the Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set may not appeal to those looking for a more basic set.
  • Small Carrying Bag. Like the set we reviewed above, the Champion Sports set has a bag that is not large enough to fit all the pieces easily.

MD Sports Complete 4-Player Badminton Set

Perfect for badminton fanatics on a budget, the MD Sports Complete 4-Player Badminton Set is the perfect kit for children, teens and even adults looking for some energetic outdoor fun. The set comes with 5-foot poles—the perfect height for badminton—and an easy-to-use slip-on net measuring 20 feet by 2 feet. Also included are four ultra-light badminton rackets, two plastic shuttlecocks, and other setup accessories.

The MD Sports Complete 4-Player Badminton Set is super easy to setup, with very few parts to mess with. Once users erect the telescoping PVC poles and the slip on net that needs no tying or adjustment, play is ready to begin. A great set for children’s birthday parties, summer camps and family BBQs, this affordable set can create lots of fun-filled memories while keeping your children active and on the go.


  • Quality Rackets. The rackets that come with the MD Sports Complete 4-Player Badminton Set are of good quality and fairly sturdy.
  • Lightweight. The badminton set is extremely lightweight, from the poles to the rackets.
  • Quick Assembly. When you want to play badminton NOW, the MD Sports Complete 4-Player Badminton Set is definitely the set for you.


  • PVC Poles. The PVC construction of the poles makes the MD Sports Complete 4-Player Badminton Set much less sturdy than those sets with tough aluminum poles.
  • Poor Quality Shuttlecocks. The shuttlecocks in this set are very flimsy and can break easily.

Badminton Set Buyer’s Guide

There are a wide variety of badminton sets on the market today, ranging from very high-end sets made for competition, to sets that are primarily made for children and family games. Given this variety, there are many things you should consider when shopping for these sets, including the factors we have covered below.

Pole Quality

The quality of the poles in a badminton set should be a top concern when shopping for one of these kits. Generally, poles are made from either aluminum or plastic (PVC). For durability, we recommend those sets with tough, powder coated aluminum poles, as these will last much longer than their plastic counterparts.

Net Quality

Although most badminton sets have nets that are made of nylon, you should definitely consider the thickness of that nylon when purchasing a kit. With nylon, thicker typically equals higher quality, which means it will last longer. Also, consider the taping at the top of the net. Those sets with waterproof tarpaulin tape at the top are some of the best.

Racket and Shuttlecock Quality

The quality of the rackets and shuttlecocks in your badminton set will usually determine how long it will be useful and enjoyable to you. Although you may have to spend a little more, you may want to decide on a set that includes “tournament quality” rackets, and at least some shuttlecocks that are designed for competition—and not just practice.

Ease of Setup

If you are merely purchasing a badminton set for some summertime backyard fun, you may want to look for a set that promises easy setup—such as those with a slip-on net.

What’s in the Package?

While most badminton sets will include poles, a net, rackets and shuttlecocks, others are more complete, containing things like rope, boundary lines, metal stakes, etc. If you truly want to set up a tournament quality badminton court, look for a set that contains ALL of the required elements.


As you saw from our reviews, some badminton sets that are currently available for purchase can also double as volleyball sets. Along with rackets and shuttlecocks, these sets also include a regulation size volleyball net, proper boundary lines and even a high-quality volleyball.

Last Word

Whether you are purchasing a badminton set to ready yourself for genuine tournament or competition play or just for some summertime fun, the sets that are currently available can differ greatly in terms of scope and quality. However, by following the advice in this buying guide you should be able to confidently select just the right set for you and your family.

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