7 Reasons To Have A Home Sauna

Saunas are a significant expenditure, but once professionally installed, it’ll add value to your home and health. Here are some reasons why you may want an in-home sauna installed – or maybe even a portable infrared sauna if you don’t want something permanent.

1. Convenience. Any sauna – even ones that are privately owned – will have a litany of rules when it comes to procedures, time limits, and acceptable levels of clothing. In your own home, you have your own rules. You can enjoy your sauna whenever you like, for whatever reason you see fit, with or without a towel. With a home sauna, you are no longer required to dress up, leave your house, and deal with strangers or staff. Weather, traffic, and crowds are no longer a factor.

2. Cleanliness. Most facilities do their best to ensure cleanliness so that everyone can enjoy their sauna experience. However, you never truly know how clean a sauna is, you’ll have to trust the staff and their method of sanitizing the sauna. With an at-home sauna, you’ll be well aware of the sauna’s cleanliness, since you will be doing most of the maintenance.

3. No Fees. There is also a monetary benefit to an at-home sauna. Saunas may have an upfront cost for it to be installed in your home, but you’ll start to save money in the long-term.

4. Complete Control of the LoylyLoyly is a Finnish word that denotes the heat of the sauna, the steam derived from throwing water on heated stones. Essentially, the loyly is the unique experience you gain while being in a sauna. In your sauna, you’ll be able to control how much steam you want at any time of your session.

5.  The Health Benefits.

  • Improving cardiovascular health. The reduction of stress is linked to a reduction of cardiovascular issues. A study by the sauna’s home country, Finland, followed 2,315 men between the ages of 42 and 60 over the course of two decades. The study has found that people who use a sauna may have a lower risk of death stemming from cardiovascular disease. 878 from the survey experienced some sort of cardiovascular ailment or death from coronary artery disease. Participants who used the sauna about three times a week were 22 percent less likely to suffer sudden cardiac death, than those who went only once a week. Enthusiastic users who used a sauna four to seven times a week were 63 percent less likely to experience cardiovascular diseases. Even though there needs to be more research, with more factors being counted for, there seems to be an association between heart health and the semi-regular use of a sauna. Keep in mind that a sauna should not be a replacement for a healthy exercise and diet plan.
  • Helps with muscle aches and pain. Another study looked at how bathing in a far-infrared sauna can help penetrate muscles and alleviate small aches and pains. Recovery after strength training improved with 30 minutes in a far-infrared sauna. You do not need to use a far-infrared sauna to enjoy the relaxing experience of a sauna. The steam, sweat, and hot ambient temperatures are enough to relieve most small muscle aches.
  • Better breathing. The hot air of a sauna feels soothing to the lungs, providing temporary relief from a cold or bronchitis. The extreme conditions of a sauna mean that the air is almost sterile, with regular use of a sauna being associated with lower occurrences of coughs and colds. There are also respiratory benefits to a sauna – they may offer relief for those who are suffering from sinusitis, a type of ailment that causes inflammation in one of the sinus membranes.
  • Flushing toxins out. Many people do not actively sweat enough. Not only is sweating designed to cool our bodies during strenuous activities, but it also helps flush out toxins from the body.  During a sauna session, blood vessels dilate, blood flow increases, and you start to sweat. By proxy, the sweat will carry out every toxins to the surface of the skin, to be evaporated away or to be washed off.
  • Induce deeper, better sleep. The relaxing nature of a sauna is linked with better sleep. It can help decline levels of endorphins in your body, lulling you to sleep.

6. Adding Value To Your Home. A sauna has a high perceived value for potential home buyers – they will be pleasantly surprised that a sauna unit comes with the home. For the most value, it’s important that the sauna is properly maintained, and it’s designed with quality features and professional installation. Anything short of a professional looking sauna could quickly diminish its value in the eyes of a potential buyer.

7. Guaranteed Privacy.  Maybe you are a little shy or feel awkward being scantily clad with strangers around you. Co-ed saunas may not be your thing due to privacy concerns. In your own home, you are assured absolute privacy when using your sauna. You also can pick and choose the company you’ll invite over for a sauna session.\

image credit: boggy22 (Deposit Photos)

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